Shi Sheng did not have any interest in the entertainment industry. So unlucky of me to be forced to comply with the original owner’s demands!

Chen Yuan had gone out earlier, leaving Shi Sheng was lazily watching the television.

As of now, the male lead was still overseas and had yet to meet the female lead.

Shi Sheng took out her phone and texted Lan Ching.

Lan Ching walked out of the meeting. While massaging his temples, he felt his phone ring.

Turning it on, he immediately saw the message posted on the front.

[Brother, do you have time to eat? My treat.]

Lan Ching’s exhaustion was wiped off in an instant and he replied,

[How can such a celebrity like you have time to treat me to a meal? You choose the location. Btw, do you need me to pick you up?]

[I’ll come pick you up instead.]

Lan Ching looked at those few lines. Just what is she playing at?

Lan Ching ordered his secretary to cancel all his appointments after this, who nodded obediently. 

It must be Miss Lan inviting President again. There’s no other reason for him to push aside all his jobs.

Everyone in the company gave Lan Ching a nickname - ‘Crazy Siscon’.

Shi Sheng parked his car under Lan Ching’s company building, waiting for him to appear.

The music playing in the car had a fast tempo, and Shi Sheng wondered just where did the original owner find them.

“Ka - Chak--”

There was someone pulling on the door handle outside. Shi Sheng tilted her head to see a man pulling his cap low, as if he was hiding his identity from Shi Sheng.

Such a ruffian look. He must not be a good person, Shi Sheng thought as she watched the man’s retarded behavior.

Does she not know how to unlock the door? the ‘ruffian’ thought.

He realized that she had no intention to open the door for him and ran away, followed by a group of people dressed up like him.


Teens these days, she complained.


“Ji-- Ji--”

Shi Sheng unlocked the door after confirming that the person outside the door to be Lan Ching.

With a sleek move, Lan Ching closed the door. 

He had a fresh, sunny look. Despite his young age, he seemed like a confident yet caring man.

“Do I have something on my face? You’ve been staring me since I’ve come up the car,” Lan Ching touched his face suspiciously.

Shi Sheng just smiled. “Nothing. I just realized that my brother is much more handsome now.”

“Heh. Something must’ve happened for you to say that. Speak, what do you want?” Lan Ching scoffed, realizing that he fell for his sister’s tricks.

Shi Sheng curled her lips and started the car, “I was just praising you.”

Just how many times did the previous owner toy with his brother? Just by praising him, he realized that something was amiss.

“Then I do have to thank Your Royal Highness for your kind words,” Lan Ching took off his suit and threw it to the backseat. 

“Oh yea, may I know just where are we heading, Your Royal Highness?”

“We’re going to the Yi(怡) Hong Pavilion,” she teased. [TL: Yi Hong Pavilion was commonly used to state a brothel]


And they arrived at Yi Hong Pavilion. 

Yep, it was the Yi(一) Hong Pavilion. But it was not a brothel as one would assume. [TL: The pronunciation for ‘一‘ and ‘怡’ are the same, and people would joke about the restaurant being a brothel]

“Your Royal Prince, we’re here.” Shi Sheng tugged at Lan Ching who had fallen asleep.

Lan Ching rubbed his eyes and stretched before walking out of the car.

This restaurant only served the elites. The security is good and there’s no way journalists could appear here.

Shi Sheng walked out without a disguise, supporting Lan Ching as they walked in.

As they waited for their food, Lan Ching asked persistently once more, “Sister, if you have anything, remember to tell me. You’re making me worry.”


But I just want to treat you to a meal.

Your imagination is just too good.

But she did not say that.

“Do you know Su Mu Yuan?” Shi Sheng realized that if she did not say anything, Lan Ching would definitely not feel good for the whole day.

“Su Mu Yuan? Which Su Mu Yuan?”

How many Su Mu Yuan’s do you think there are?!

“It’s the one from Tomorrow Entertainment.”

“Ah, it’s him,” Lan Ching furrowed his eyebrows and glared at Shi Sheng. “He’s my university classmate. I remember that he’s still overseas, when did you meet him?”

“University classmate?” Such a thing didn’t appear in the plot I received.

“I guess so. When I was studying overseas, we were in the same class for a few months. But after that, didn’t I came back?”

It was the period when Lan Ching’s parents died and required him to return home and inherit the company.

“Why are you asking about him?” Lan Ching scrutinized her. “My sister couldn’t have fallen for him, would she?”

Shi Sheng flipped her eyes. He’s really overthinking this.

“My contract is ending, isn’t it? I was just hoping to get more background information on Tomorrow Entertainment,” she simply blurted out an excuse.

“Your contract will end in a year. Stop bullshitting.” Lan Ching cut her off. “Tell me, are you really into him?”

As the Crazy Siscon, he had managed all her partners. So how could he not know about her background?

“Su Mu Yuan is not a simple man. You can’t handle him. If you want to find a boyfriend, at least find those that are easy for you to toy with. He’s totally beyond your league blah blah blah…”


What a vulgar scum.

Finally, the food was served. Shi Sheng used that as an excuse to shut her brother up.

But after they completed, Lan Ching’s chant continued.

“I was just asking,” Shi Sheng replied blatantly.

“You sure?” Lan Ching shot out an ‘I don’t believe you’ look.

“Yes. If I lie, I’ll… gain ten kilograms.”

Once such a divine oath was sworn, Lan Ching could do nothing but stop his childish rants.

Such a difficult brother.

Lan Ching fell silent and finally said, “Fine, I’ll believe you.”

Shi Sheng sent Lan Ching back to the company and added, “Bro, do you know the higher ups in the ‘Proud Sun’ crew?”

“What about it?” Lan Ching lifted his head away from the phone.

Of course I do, didn’t she go for their audition? With her skills, she should have gotten the main cast… but why did she ask that question though?

“I see. I want to go through the backdoor,” she said with a grim face. [TL: she wants to get in the movie without proper methods.]

Lan Ching’s phone fell with a “Thud” underneath the car.

“Babe, are you sick?” Lan Ching said as he put a hand on her forehead.

She wants to go through the backdoor?

Back when he begged her to do so, she firmly said that she would not do that to prove her real capabilities.

But now, she went back on her words?

“Hurry up and start the car. What are you waiting for?” she patted his hand.

“You didn’t get the character for ‘Proud Sun’?” Lan Ching managed to speak after a while.

“I’ve been had.”

After hearing her say that, Lan Ching calmed down. It was very common for that to happen in the entertainment industry. As long as they had the skills, anyone could trick the other person.

But now that it happened to his sister, he would never tolerate that.

Lan Ching picked up his phone, his Crazy Siscon mode turned on. “As long as I’m here, you can pick any character that you like.”