With Lan family’s influence, as soon as Lan Ching stood up, Chen Yuan immediately received a call from ‘Proud Sun’ movie crew requesting Shi Sheng to audition for the second female lead.

Chen Yuan hung up the phone, her face stricken with cold sweat, “Is there something wrong with their brains? Letting you partner up with a rookie.”

“Sis Chen, Time.”

“What time?” Chen Yuan walked towards the sofas in front of Shi Sheng.

“Time for the audition.”


It wasn’t the movie crew that ruined their brains, so did Lan Sheng!

“Sheng Sheng, although this is the second female lead role, her personality is not likable and her ending is not good too. Considering your value, why do you need to take it up?”


It’s a spot Lan Ching bought his way for me to get, not going will surely be a waste.

“Sis Chen, I’m just there to bless others,” Shi Sheng said with an inexplicable expression.

She was planning to scout the female lead!

Chen Yuan tried many methods, but she could not convince Lan Sheng not to go.

And she could only accompany her there.

The audition went really well. The role was a little peculiar and it was very hard to find a suitable candidate. That was why Shi Sheng picked this role.

In the original timeline, the cast for this character was picked in a rush. Not only did it not attract any praises, but there were also many critics against the character! 

The shooting will begin in a week and the location would be someone far away.

Chen Yuan had other celebrities under her, so she dispatched two assistants to follow Shi Sheng.

How could two assistants be enough? I’d better call two other assistants from Lan Ching, Shi Sheng thought.

‘Proud Sun’ was an ethical play that focused on human nature. Its first shooting location would be at D City’s movie studio.

Shi Sheng did not come alongside the movie crew, but rather Lan Ching’s personal drive.

Yep, the Crazy Siscon would be sent outstation in D City for half a month.

But Shi Sheng suspected that he was here just to see her shoot.

And to make her life easier, Lan Ching even wanted to book the hotel nearest to the studio.

But by the time they arrived there, the director was already there, so they just put their tabs under the movie crew’s budget.

“Babe, what do you want to eat tonight?” Lan Ching asked while he looked outside of the glass panels. He was totally smitten.

Shi Sheng was silent, “Aren’t you here to work?”

“I’m not some superhero and still have to eat right?”

“Suit yourself.”

As they prepared to go outside, the skies began to darken and-


Thunderous storms began to pour rain down. Lan Ching sulked and ordered the food off the hotel services.

When they were done, Lan Ching nudged at Shi Sheng’s brain. “Babe, sleep earlier. Your brother is going to make some money to feed you.”

“Goodnight brother,” her face was all innocent.

After he left, Shi Sheng called Chen Yuan who was ranting on the other side.

This woman is not even forty yet. How can she act like a total grandma?

Shi Sheng immediately hung her off. That was when the noise began.

Shi Sheng looked outside to see a crowd gathering around two girls.

One of them was blocking the room door, like she was preventing intruders from entering the room.

“I like this room. So what’s wrong with me taking it? After all, I’m still your senior,” it was a girl wearing a bright red skirt who spoke. She had a think layer of makeup on and looked really striking.

And her voluptuous breast tempted anyone to just go up there and tear the clothing apart.

“Miss Meng, it’s the director’ who assigned the rooms. If you have anything to say, go look for him,” the person who answered replied in a calm manner.

The other girl was in her sportswear, and with her hair tied in a ponytail, she looked especially spirited.

She looked cute, and the tear that was forming near the corner of her eye only amplified that effect.

It was Wen Qiao, the female lead.

The one in the red dress was Meng Shi Ran a tier two actress that was expected to upgrade to tier one this year. 

I heard that she’s here as a cameo character.

She had powerful people backing her up, and she was known throughout the industry as someone who bullied others. Anyone who messed with her did not reach a good outcome eventually.

Wen Qiao’s room was bigger and slightly more lavish than Meng Shi Ran’s, so it was natural for her to be unhappy.

If it was any other celebrity, they would not say a thing if Shi Ran wanted to take their rooms.

But she faced Wen Qiao, who swore to never give away any of her belongings to anyone.

Just soo coincidentally, the two of them met up with one another.

“Why do I have to see the director? Just hand this room over to your big sis Meng.” 

The people present were part of the movie crew. Seeing the two battling each other out, someone would definitely warn Wen Qiao.

Meng Shi Ran was famed in the industry, but Wen Qiao was still a rookie. It would be disadvantageous for her to compete with Shi Ran.

But she just sucked in a deep breath, “There’s more than one room here. If Miss Meng wants to, just switch to a new room. Why do you specifically want mine? Miss Meng, I Wen Qiao never offended you, so why are you troubling me?”

Shi Ran was taken aback by her words.

Anyone could see that Shi Ran was specifically targeting her, but for her to state it so openly, rumors of Shi Ran bullying a rookie would definitely spread.

“It’s only one room. There’s no need to fight over it. There should be another one on this floor. I’ll change that for you, Miss Meng. Is that fine?” a crew member spoke out.

Shi Ran felt that she had lost all her reputation and grabbed onto the door.

“I just want this one.”

“Then… Wen Qiao, would you like to change another one?”

Compared to Shi Ran, they were more willing to offend the rookie.

Wen Qiao looked at Meng Ran, who glared at her full of bloodlust.

The rage in Wen Qiao’s heart was burning, but luckily someone pulled her back in time.

Finally, she decided to swap rooms.

But when the crew went ahead to check, they were informed that someone had been occupying the other room.

Now that was awkward.

Wen Qiao had already stepped back once, if she did it another time, people would regard her as an easy target.

“Are we going to ask the other customer?” someone suggested.

“We can only do that it seems.”

Never did they expect that even a rookie was that hard to court.

If only she was not the main cast for the movie, everything would have been so easy to deal with.

Finally, a representative was chosen to negotiate with the other customer. And when he opened the door, everyone present was shocked.

It was Lan Sheng.