“Sister Lan…”

Lan Sheng had entered the industry since young and had participated in many major productions like this one.

So the veteran crewmen knew her fairly well.

Back when they heard that the main role was given to the rookie rather than her, everyone in the crew was shocked.

And this sight before them was even shocking.

“En.” she leaned on her doorframe while nodding at them as a courtesy.

Wen Qiao obviously knew who she was-

The target that she hoped to surpass in the future.

“Sister Lan, do you have a shoot in City D as well?” someone asked carefully.

Shi Sheng raised an eyebrow, “Didn’t the director inform you guys?”

Her room key was handed by the director himself.

The director came to the hotel way earlier than the rest of the crew. Back when Lan Sheng arrived with Lan Ching, the director was already here. And her card was given to her by the director back then. And as a gold sponsor, Lan Ching got another key for his own room as well.

This bunch of retards, what did the director tell them?

Shi Sheng shifted her shoulders but stayed quiet.

The atmosphere was really awkward.

She leaned on the doorframe without any intention to leave. The person who knocked on her door just now nodded his head and turned to knock on the door opposite her room. 

~several rhythmic knockings~

The door opened and a towering silhouette stood in front of it. The two top buttons of his shirt were unbuttoned, revealing his collarbones. His hair was dripping wet and on that long neck of his laid a dashing face.

The girl who went to knock on her door did not expect to see a handsome man standing in front of the door and was startled.

“Is there anything?” Lan Ching was the sunny type of person. Even if he was not smiling, others would feel comfortable around him.

“That…” she could not say anything.

How can she force such a handsome dude to swap rooms with that bitch Wen Qiao?!

Lan Ching looked outside and when he saw the crowd, his eyes glistened.

Then he noticed his sister leaning on the doorframe watching this interesting show. He wiped his dripping wet hair, his natural and cool movements caused the girl’s hearts to flutter.

“If there’s nothing, I’ll go to sleep now.”

His voice was that mellow.

Ahhh! His voice is music to my ears! With a blush, the girl in front of the door spoke, “Ah... nothing…”

Lan Ching smiled and stepped back to close the door.

When it was almost shut, he peeked out and ordered Shi Sheng, “Sleep earlier.”

“No problem, Your Royal Highness,” she jeered.

Lan Ching shook his head and shut the door once and for all.

“Ka- thak-”

The girls’ hearts shattered along with the sound of it closing. The girl who knocked on his door was still in a daze. And she realized that she did not say anything about Wen Qiao’s request…

Wait, Lan Sheng knows him?

Everyone on this floor is part of the crew. Is that hottie a new member of the crew?

He’s really handsome!

Everyone was hopping around in excitement with that thought.

The others may not recognize him, but Wen Qiao had the luck to see him once. However, he died way too early for her to know that he was Lan Sheng’s brother.

“You all sure are useless. Panicking just after meeting one guy.” Shi Ran’s voice broke the silence.

Meng Shi Ran had sen Lan Ching before, and found out that her was really flawless.

He was considered a genius in business too. After his graduation, he inherited his parent’s business and did not let anyone take advantage of him.

Such a man is truly amazing.

Too bad he’s not my type.

But just how does he know Lan Sheng?

Lan Sheng had been in the industry for a long time, and many people had to call her senior. That included Shi Ran of course. During those years, it was not surprising for her to meet Lan Ching…

“Sister Meng, now that there are no other rooms, can you return to your original room?” Wen Qiao’s words were like a knife stabbing at Shi Ran, her tone harsher than it was before.

But Shi Ran persisted, “I still want this room.”

“Don’t go too far.” Wen Qiao replied coldly.

The two continued to bicker and ignored everyone around them. The crew had no choice but to contact the assistant director, who quickly rushed up from the bar downstairs.

He was a frail man with black-framed glasses. His suit looked formal and he had a cautious look. 

I can offend Wen Qiao no problem, but that Shi Ran is totally out of my league, he thought as he rode the lift. Along the way, she walked past Shi Sheng’s room and his expression softened, “Miss Lan, did it bother you?”

“Not really, but it interrupted our Royal Prince over there,” Shi Sheng pointed over to the room opposite hers.

He had come here with the director this morning, so he naturally knew who the ‘Royal Prince’ she was speaking of.

No one would have expected that the Movie Queen was actually affiliated with Lan Industries.

The assistant director turned over and apologized, “I’m sorry for troubling you, Mr Lan. I’ll resolve this immediately.”

The fight immediately stopped right after he stepped in.

If only Wen Qiao was a normal rookie, the problem would have been resolved easily. But she was specifically appointed by the scriptwriter to be the main cast, how could he offend her? Once this movie was aired, how can he face the consequences of offending her?

After some talks, he finally assigned her to a suite on the same floor as the director.

Although it may seem a little inappropriate, it was the best option considering Lan Sheng and Lan Ching sleeping on this floor. But even so, he had offended Shi Ran and would definitely face some consequences after.

Before he left, he apologized to Lan Sheng and hoped that she would relay his apology to Lan Ching as well. He waited until he confirmed her expression before going up.

Once Shi Ran left, the others followed as well, all except for Wen Qiao who looked over at Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng was smiling in her mind, but none of that was shown on her face. And she just kept her apathetic look.

Wen Qiao could not help but sneeze and feel a little bit intimidated.

After all, the role of main female lead should be Shi Sheng’s…

And it was because of her success with that role her fame soared even further, out onto the global scale.

Wen Qiao felt guilty, but she needed to play that character to reach her own goals. After all, it’s just one role, it should not affect her too much.[TL: or would it?]

Wen Qiao pushed the door handle down and got into her room, completely away from Shi Sheng’s gaze on her.

If there’s a chance in the future…

I’ll definitely compensate her![TL: I’m laughing as I translate HAHAHAHA. This is truly the best description for a bitch.]