Lan Ching was a busy man after all, and he returned back to the company the next day.

But before he left, he ordered the four assistants to treat Shi Sheng well. Excluding the two assistants of the original owner, Xiao Fu and Xiao Bao, the other two assistants were very familiar with Lan Sheng too.

If Lan Sheng needed anything, they would have quickly accomplished the task. All while monitoring her under the orders of Lan Ching.

“Sis Lan, here’s today’s schedule,” Xiao Bao said. He was a cute boy, and with his capabilities at handling tasks, many people liked him.

“I’m not going for the opening ceremony,” Shi Sheng said without even lifting her head.

“Eh?” Xiao Bao startled. How can she do that?

Shi Sheng squeezed her phone, as if she wanted to crush it. “They dare take away my main lead role, how can I just not rebel a little?”

Xiao Bao thought for a moment and replied, “I’ll go speak to Brother Liang and Sister Mei.”

Those two were the other assistants sent by Lan Ching. Shi Sheng did not know their names and just came up with two random names for him to address them.

Oh yea, I should tell Sis Chen too…

Along with Xiao Fu, he was the lowest in the hierarchy. But he was rather pleased that someone he knew was working alongside him.

“Don’t’ tell Sister Chen, or else I’ll cut your salary,” Shi Sheng reminded as Xiao Bao walked out.


Even if I don’t tell her, won’t she figure it out when she watched the news?

Is Sis Lan just gonna ignore this trouble? She’ll still be scolded when Sis Chen finds out anyway...


But he underestimated her skills to avoid being scolded. Once the news was announced, she ordered all her four assistants to switch off their phones.

Chen Yuan could not even contact her.

If she was not as preoccupied as she was now, she would have definitely come to City D and punish Shi Sheng.

How dare she ditch the opening ceremony for ‘Proud Sun’?! Not picking up my calls, she’s just…

But the crew sure are out of their mind. The female lead role was meant to be hers. Just why did he suddenly give it up to that rookie?


“Miss Lan, we’re currently shooting a film between the female lead and the male lead. Go rest for a moment while you wait for your turn…”

Shi Sheng held her head up high proudly and walked into a private makeup room full of vigor.

The other crew who saw her were awestruck by her entrance.

“Was that Movie Queen Lan?”

“It seems like it… I heard that she was living on the same floor as us, but I’ve never seen her the whole day and I thought they were lying to me… I would have never thought that it would be her…”

“Who’s she portraying as?”

“There’s only one role that hasn’t attended any shoots yet…”

“You must be kidding me. That’s not a good role, is it?”

Wen Qiao’s eyes lit up as she listened to the crewmen talking. 

Her scene was over and she walked away under the lights. It was now Shi Sheng’s turn.

Her character was indeed not too good to portray. Drugging, fighting, rebelling… Those were the acts of insufferable scum.

However, she did look good in that dress up of hers. And she even had a mysterious vibe to it.

The male lead role was given to Movie King Jiang Bai Yu who was at the peak of his career right now.

Oh, and he was the scumbag the female lead of this world married back in the first timeline!

“Xiao Sheng, your look…” Bai Yu examined Shi Sheng and tried his best to hide his laughter. “You’re changing your style…?”

Shi Sheng just eyed him, “Why do you care?”

Jiang Bai Yu was known to be an infamous playboy. As long as he noticed a pretty girl, he would immediately try and hook up with her.

I’d better distance myself from these sort of man.

I would definitely not use someone like him to nurture my sword. I would feel sorry for my precious blade if that’s the case. Shi Sheng thought.


“Miss Lan, I’m really sorry about the incident. As you know, the cast is decided by the scriptwriter, Ai Wei Si…” the director was a slightly plump man and was a strict man. He spoke with clarity, even if they are all lies.

Shi Sheng just kept an indifferent face, “Director Zhong, I’m just someone who came in through the backdoor, there’s no need to apologize.”


Even so, you’re still a powerhouse by yourself, he thought.

“If so, I’ll begin to explain about your scene,” the man began to explain the details of her role to her.

As he spoke, her face was full of annoyance and impatience.

How could she change so much after becoming a Movie Queen? She used to speak so nicely to me back then… Why is her attitude so different now? the director thought to himself.

“Let’s begin the shoot!” Director Ahong ordered right after completing his explanation.

Shi Sheng’s character was an arrogant person, who had a condescending look on everyone. It was as if the whole world belonged to her.

And surprisingly, Shi Sheng brought that aspect of the character out wonderfully. And Jiang Bai Yu was so taken aback by her performance he messed up his act many times.

“Can you even manage the role?” Shi Sheng’s patience was at rock bottom and she could not hold back any longer. “We’re already here for so long! How many more times do you have to fail?”

Jiang Bai Yu did not expect her to scowl at himself and was even more shocked at her rude personality.

Isn’t that my line?

Did she take the wrong medication today? Director Zhong thought. [TL: Chinese proverb to explain someone’s sudden personality change.]

But Jiang Bai Yu was still no good and was NGed many times [TL: NG is the abbreviation for No good]

He felt so intimidated he was on the verge of tears. Of course, this was not his first time working with Lan Sheng, but he had never seen this side of her.

But this time, her aura was so strong she overpowered him completely.

“Xiao Bao, gimme my phone,” Shi Sheng shouted.

Everyone looked at her confused, unsure about the meaning behind her actions.

Xiao Bao snuck across the masses and handed her phone to Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng turned on her phone, and noticed that the internet connection here was weak. She then asked, “What’s the WiFi password here?”


Everyone’s eyes widened. Just what does she want to do? Capture the Movie King’s clumsy act?

Xiao Bao handed her the password.

Shi Sheng found a spot to sit down and looked at Jiang Bai Yu. Acting like the bitch she was in the movie, she spoke in a harsh manner, “Jiang Bai Yu, I hope that when I’m done with my game, you have managed to collect yourself.”



But before they could say anything, the popular in-game background music had begun to emerge from her phone.

Oi, Movie Queen Lan! You’re doing this wrongly!