Everyone looked at Shi Sheng playing her games and were speechless. I thought that she would record the Movie King NGing, but who would have expected that she was just playing her game.

But she’s gaming during working hours, why isn’t the director doing anything!


Director Zhong allowed everyone to rest and called Chen Yuan personally.

He suspected that this was Shi Sheng’s revenge for not choosing her for the main female lead role.

But even after he asked Chen Yuan tentatively for any information, he could not come up with a conclusion.

The entire place’s atmosphere felt extremely odd.

But it was not her fault. After all, it was Jiang Bai Yu who was making all those mistakes.

And everyone looked at the culprit of the incident. How can he even be in the same class as Shi Sheng? Why can’t you even do your task well?

But the man could not do anything besides shifting his expression between embarrassment, anger, guilt while the others watched in amusement.

Wen Qiao was standing far away as she snickered at Bai Yu. She was extremely elated to see the man that shredded her heart once be embarrassed in front of everyone.


“Sis Lan, it’s Sis Chen’s call,” Xiao Bao handed her his phone. “You pick it up.”

Shi Sheng slid her fingers extremely fast on her phone. “I’m busy.”

Xiao was speechless. You’re only playing your game. How can you be busy?

“Sis Chen, Sis Lan told me that she was busy….” Xiao Bao explained.

Chen Yuan just ordered him to hand the phone to Shi Sheng’s ear.

“Madam Lan, just what do you think you’re doing?” Chen Yuan’s temper was at its limit. “Just now Director Zhong gave me a call… blah blah blah”

“Are you even listening to me? What are you doing? Why is it so noisy?”

“Killing people.” Shi Sheng simply blurted out those two words.

Xiao Bao’s hand shook when he thought of Chen Yuan’s look on the other side of the phone.

But the call ended with her rage.

Shi Sheng’s game was also completed. Looking at the two words, ‘Victory’, on the screen, her mood was improved greatly.

Director Zhong saw her keeping her phone and immediately asked the crew to begin shooting.

Even so, Jiang Bai Yu was still messing up his scenes. And Shi Sheng got so furious she decided not to shoot for the day.

It was not easy to get Shi Sheng’s attention for the shoot, but now that she was adamant about not filming, there was nothing the other people could do as she ordered her assistants to follow her back to the hotel.

“It must be really serious this time…” Wen Qiao’s manager, Fang Lang looked at Shi Sheng’s direction and muttered.

Wen Qiao just smiled. Someday, I would get to that height just like her!

With Shi Sheng’s departure, the director could do nothing but film the other scenes with Jiang Bai Yu and Wen Qiao.

Jiang Bai Yu lost his face, and his bad mood carried onwards. He was not that pleased to shoot the scene with Wen Qiao anyways, and so he began to trouble Wen Qiao in their scenes together.

And she was scolded so many times to stop the shoot.

After the tenth time or so NGing, even the director could not take it any longer. He took out the megaphone and roared, “What’s going on with you, Wen Qiao?! Why is your expression so stiff? He’s supposed to be the man you love, not your enemy. But why do you look like you want to kill him?!”

“I’m sorry, director,” Wen Qiao apologized politely.

Director Zhong could easily see that Bai Yu was personally making things hard for Wen Qiao, but with his identity as the Movie King, how could the director afford to offend him?

He had some name for himself in the industry as well. He was already not happy that Lan Sheng was switched out of the female main lead role. But who knew the Movie Queen would return to the scene and cause trouble? And his anger only ballooned.

In the end, he could only push his anger onto Wen Qiao.

“What are you apologizing for? Don’t expect to return if we can’t get the scene right today.” Just as Director Zhong’s words ended, all the crew grunted in displease.

They had already wasted so much time with Jiang Bai Yu and Shi Sheng just now, and once again, they’re wasting so much time!

It was 11 o’clock already by then. By the time they were done, it would already be dawn. And there was still another shoot tomorrow, and their sleeping time was definitely reduced greatly.

Wen Qiao noticed their sulking anger and ordered Fang Lang to buy some supper for the crew.

And their anger only reduced a little.


When Shi Sheng came the next morning, they were filming a fighting scene.

When Director Zhong wanted to send out a stunt double, she rejected the offer.

She had more experience in fighting than he had experience eating. Back when she was young, she had already been practicing dances and had superb flexibility. That level of fight that they were going to have was nothing to her.

But Director Zhong was still a little worried. But when the shoot began, his worries faded away.

Even the martial instructor beside them nodded in agreement, “She is a talent for martial arts!”

Shi Sheng did an elegant side flip and landed perfectly on the pile of junk beneath her. The steel beam swiped down and the metallic ornaments on her body rang.

Her eyes flashed. The fresh blood from her arms flowed down the metal beam and dripped onto the ground.


The man behind her fell with a dramatic crash.

Everyone fell silent. 

“Wow, so cool.”

It was unsure who broke the silence.

“Cut!” Director Zhong returned to his senses. “This one is a pass!”

“Sis Lan,” Xiao Bao and Xiao Fu walked up to him. “Are you injured?”

She threw away the steel beam in her hands and wiped the red liquid off her arms with the towel handed to her by Xiao Bao. She picked on Xiao Fu’s eyebrows, “Little brat, do I look I will have trouble?”

And she pointed at the man behind her, “But he should be in trouble!”

“Sis Lan, you were so cool just now!” Xiao Fu admitted.

That dashing moves, the sharp look, and the fresh colored hair all gave off the air of a professional.

She’s too cool!

Shi Sheng wiped off the sweat in between her eyes, “I’m always cool.”

“Sis Lan is the best,” Xiao Fu gave her eyes of admiration too.

Xiao Bao reminded her, “You go first. The director is gonna change the set.”

Shi Sheng saw Wen Qiao looking at him from beside the director.

She just pulled her lips and blew out a whistle.

Wen Qiao blushed.

Perfect. My mission is done!

Shi Sheng’s moves also attracted the whistles from the crewmen beside her.

Wen Qiao had an unreadable face, but her eyes were burning with passion.

She’s no doubt the movie Queen. Seems like I do have to improve myself.

In the next few days, Shi Sheng did her own stunts without a double.

And unbeknownst to her, a group of die-hard fans of hers was born.

Chen Yuan called her a few times a day, so often that Shi Sheng wondered if her manager was gonna crawl out of her phone and choker her to death.

On the other hand, Shi Sheng’s was tormenting the director to her will. When she was not adding new scenes, she was ordering him to reduce her workload. Of course, she did nothing of that sort to Wen Qiao’s scenes, and were purely for herself.

And her explanations were so reasonable the scriptwriter could not go against her points.

After all, there’s no use in fighting with her, Ai Wei Si thought.

So why not let her do as she please?

And she did.

When it was her turn, she acted however she liked. However, she could even lead the other actors partnering with her as if everything was planned.

It was totally godly.

It was even better than my script, Ai Wei Si thought.

“I’m regretting a little now,” he said as he watched the dashing silhouette amaze him.

Ai Wei Si’s Chinese was not too good and had a thick Western accent.

Her performance is superb. If she acted as the main female lead, the movie would definitely be much better!

But he was overthinking it.

Shi Sheng could only act so well because the role fit her tastes.

If she were to take up the boring role of the main lead, she would confess-

Sorry, I can’t do it!!!