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Shi Sheng’s final scene was shot outdoors.

The male lead and female lead for the movie were chased by people and caught up by the character Shi Sheng was playing. To protect them, she fought alone in the rainy night and died eventually. 

The director had been waiting for so long for a rainy night to shoot the scene. 

Shi Sheng was still in her leather suit, with clanging metal objects on her body. 

“Xiao Sheng, let’s try to make it in one shot,” said Director Zhong.  

He had a love-hate relationship with her. But from how he addressed her, he was quite fond of this Movie Queen who spoke with a sting in her words and always grabbed his line. 

“No problem.” Shi Sheng shook her neck and glanced at Wen Qiao and Jiang Bai Yu who were not far away, “As long as they can keep up with me, one-shot is totally ok.” 


Sure enough, she is still so annoying.

He then held an umbrella and went to negotiate with them.

“Miss, take some medicine to prevent colds,” Sister Mei passed the medicine to Shi Sheng. 

Got to fight in such heavy rain, I should do some prevention anyhow. 

Shi Sheng glanced at Sister Mei. She curled her lips and took it. 

“Sis Lan, please be careful later in that dark and dangerous place,” Xiao Fu was worried and urged Shi Sheng. 

“No worries. They’re all dead, I will not die either,” Shi Sheng winked to Xiao Fu.

Filming was officially started when Director Zhong ended the negotiation.  

Wen Qiao and Jiang Bai Yu had their scene’s first. 

The scene was taken in an abandoned construction site. 

They were supposed to escape the place only to be surrounded by the enemies. They fought first and when the male lead could no longer hold on, Shi Sheng appeared.

The stunt actors were a bit scared of Shi Sheng as she was particularly painful in beating people, although it did not hurt to the point of getting an injury.

Shi Sheng dragged a rusty steel pipe out of the rainy night. Her silhouette appeared at intervals under the light that illuminated her as if a ghost. The metal clanging sound was not clear and could hardly be heard in the rainy night. 

By the time they saw the silhouette, the enemies rushed at her. She waved the steel pipe and slid over the ear. But looking from the camera, it seemed like she hit his body. It would be more perfect after the post-production edits. 

Under the heavy rain, the girl seemed to have no tiredness. She was waving the steel pipe and her body and face were stained with blood. 

She helped Jiang Bai Yu up and urged her to get away with Wen Qiao. 

“Run!” She yelled. 

“How about you?”

“It’s not your business.” Shi Sheng shoved them, her eyes that were full of hate. “From now on, I don’t owe you. Take your woman off!”  

Jiang Bai Yu hesitated a while and took Wen Qiao away from the place. 

Suddenly, Wen Qiao screamed. Her body crumpled and fell towards the ground. As Shi Sheng was standing next to her, she pulled her aside when she fell.

Shi Sheng staggered. Densely packed sharp steel rods were surrounding her. She quickly supported herself with the steel pipe and jumped over to a safer place. 

But her forehead was scratched. 

This should not be in the scene. 

The crew exclaimed and quickly ran towards them. 

The light was on, Wen Qiao sat on the ground and was covering her leg in pain. 

“What happened?” Director Zhong came over and the flashlight shot at Shi Sheng, “Xiao Sheng, how are you? Did you hurt?” 

Xiao Fu and Xiao Bao crowded out and got in, “Sis Lan, oh…...your forehead was bleeding.” 

Upon hearing Shi Sheng’s forehead bled, more people gathered around her. Director Zhong saw this and turned away towards the female lead, Wen Qiao. 

“Where do you hurt?” Director Zhong asked someone to carry her up. 

“Something had bitten me…...”

Director Zhong furrowed his eyebrows and ordered someone to carry her to the studio. Shi Sheng was also crowded into the studio. 

Shi Sheng changed her clothes before getting treatment. The wound was not serious, just a little scratch. 

When Shi Sheng came out, Wen Qiao had been sent away. She heard that Wen Qiao was bitten by a poisonous snake and was poisoned. 

“How can there be poisonous snakes here?” Shi Sheng frowned and asked Xiao Bao who was standing behind her. 

Xiao Bao scratched his head and said, “There is a snake farm nearby, perhaps it ran out from there. But the director had sent someone to inspect the surrounding area and even sprinkled sulfur. Maybe the sulfur was washed away by the rain…” 

“I don’t know what kinda intention she had. Movie King Jiang was closer to her, how come she dragged Sister Lan down instead….” complained Xiao Fu, “Luckily Sis Lan was skillful and responded quickly, if not…” 

Xiao Fu did not continue his words but everyone knew it. 

If it was not Shi Sheng’s quick response, she must be lying in the hospital now or even have lost her life. 

Wen Qiao, whether you’re intentionally or not, the feud between us had begun. 


Wen Qiao was hospitalized. The scenes can only be postponed. 

No one knows was what going on outside. 

But of course, their concern was not her, but rather the safety of the entire production crew. And somehow, they got the attention of the entire industry.

The news of Shi Sheng’s injury was controlled by Chen Yuan with some means. Otherwise, it would be a mess. 

Shi Sheng was ranted on by Chen Yuan again. After ensuring she was just slightly injured and was recovering, she finally hung up the phone and called Director Zhong.

By the time the wound on Shi Sheng’s forehead turned into a scar, Wen Qiao was discharged from the hospital. The first thing she did was to apologize to Shi Sheng. 

Xiao Fu blocked her from entering Shi Sheng’s room, “Sis Lan is resting. She has no time to see you.” 

“Oh, isn’t this our female lead? Why? How dare you disturb Miss Lan for a rest here after causing her injury. What a bold-faced!” 

Meng Shi Ran appeared on the floor in a red dress. She immediately satirized Wen Qiao when she saw her standing at Shi Sheng’s doorstep. 

Since the last room fight, they had been at odds with each other. 

Wen Qiao always felt that she was here for revenge. She was full of resentment and unwilling to tolerate, it can also be said as young and vigorous. She would tolerate only after she experienced losses. 

Wen Qiao looked at her and kept silent.

After a long time, she nodded her head at Xiao Fu and said, “I will come back later.”

“Tut! What a nerve!” Meng Shi Ran was still complaining.

“Miss Meng, if you had the time to quarrel with me, might as well use it to practice your acting skills.”

“Wen Qiao!” Meng Shi Ran yelled like a cat on its tail. 

Xiao Fu frowned and closed the door to keep their voices out. 

Afterward, Xiao Fu heard that Meng Shi Ran had beaten Wen Qiao until her face swollen. The filming cannot be continued and this raged Director Zhong.

On the other side, there were indecent photos of Jiang Bai Yu eloping with another cast. Someone had been plotting in the back which caused the incident into a mess. 

Bad things came after one another. The progress of the entire crew was slowed. 

Shi Sheng’s forehead had almost recovered. She received a call from Lan Ching, who had almost finished his work and will be going back a few days later, asking her for dinner outside. 
She touched her forehead. He shouldn’t notice. 

She then went out for dinner.