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D City was renowned for its seafood, thus Lan Ching invited Shi Sheng to eat seafood. 

As Shi Sheng was a public figure, they chose to eat in an isolated room. Both were bickering while eating, and they seemed nothing like the celebrities.

They were just a pair of brothers and sisters.

“Your Royal Highness, I really regret sometimes.” Lan Ching was full. He leaned on his chair and spoke exclamatory.

“What did you regret?” asked Shi Sheng, who was struggling with crabs. 

“I regret letting you enter the industry.” Lan Ching looked at the bustling city scene outside the window. 

“Look, we’ve to sneak even if we're just having a meal. When the holiday comes, you told me you want to stay at home. But I know, you’re just afraid of those paparazzi outside…” 

“I am so regretful,” Lan Ching said heavily. 

Shi Sheng wiped her hands and said, “Bro, do you like your current career?” 

Lan Ching turned his head and looked at her. His eyes reflected the bustling scene outside. 

“I have no choice.” Lan Ching shook his head slowly, he didn’t like it.

If I didn’t work, should I let Lan Sheng work for me instead? 

“But I have the choice, I just have to sacrifice for it. Bro, but that’s the deal.” 

Lan Ching gave up his ambition for the company that was needed to sustain the family. On the other hand, Lan Sheng loved acting, so she had to give up freedom. 

The world is fair yet unfair. Nothing is free. 

Lan Ching could not really understand the lady who was sitting on the other side. After a long time, he laughed. 

“Brother will work hard,” said Lan Ching, with a firm vision and seemed to be more confident than before. 

I want to build a kingdom for my princess. 

“Come on.” Shi Sheng continued to struggle with crabs, “Make a billion first.”

“Puff…..” Lan Ching spat out a sip of water. 

He patted his chest, “Your Royal Highness, your pursuit is too low. Do you know how much your brother is worth now?”

Shi Sheng looked ignorant, “How much?” 

Lan Ching drank water calmly, “Not a billion. Yet.”

“....” Shi Sheng was speechless. 

What the hell! 

“Don’t worry, soon to be. Making a billion is not difficult for me.”

Well, he does sound like a president. 

Shi Sheng was sent back to the hotel by Lan Ching. He was worried and sent her straight to the door. 

Only to meet Wen Qiao again.

Oh! Madame, you’re really like a haunting ghost! But I’ve never provoked you before?!

“Erm, you go back first. I have something to talk about with her,” said Shi Sheng. 

Lan Ching would know my injury if Wen Qiao started to speak. I have been ranted on by Chen Yuan so terribly, I do not want to be nagged by the crazy Siscon again. 

Lan Ching glanced at Wen Qiao and nodded his head slightly, “Rest early.” 

Shi Sheng showed him an OK gesture. 

The elevator was still there, and the doors opened as soon as Lan Ching clicked on the button.

As Lan Ching took the lift down, Shi Sheng did not even glance at Wen Qiao and went straight to her room. 

“Miss Lan…” Wen Qiao spoke, “I’m so sorry about the incident that happened that day.” 

“Hmm.” Shi Sheng swiped her card and opened the door.
“Miss Lan, you’ve forgiven me.” Wen Qiao’s eyes were brightened.

Shi Sheng tilted her head and looked at her, with her eyes seemed to be smiling, “You’re thinking too much. If you think apologies can settle everything, you’re too naive.”

Wen Qiao’s face suddenly turned pale. 

“Do you know what would happen to me if I didn’t have the steel pipe in my hand? The steel rods will pass through my head...and I will die on the spot.” 

Wen Qiao’s face turned even paler. 

Shi Sheng purposely waited until her face was as white as paper, she then spoke slowly, “Just being bitten, your reaction should be to step back instead of to pull me. Miss Wen, what are you thinking of that time?”

I’m not gonna guess. After all, there’s no point in it anyway.

“Then, what does Miss Lan want?” Wen Qiao nipped her lips as if Shi Sheng was bullying her. 

Shi Sheng held the door in a distressed face and said, “I’ve no idea.” 

This was a society enforced by laws, so she cannot stab her with a sword. But scolding the girl did not make her feel relieved. So she had no idea what she wanted.

“.....” Wen Qiao kept silent. 

Shi Sheng closed her door in front of Wen Qiao. 


The crew continued filming after the incident. Heavy rain came once again and Shi Sheng continued to shoot her final scene. 

All the previous shots could still be used, they just had to retake the scene with the three of them, Shi Sheng’s fighting scene and her death scene too.

When the three were filming, Wen Qiao was not on form and was NGed many times. 

Shi Sheng was quite furious after filming in the heavy rain for so long. 

“Fuck!” She threw away the steel pipe, stood with her arms akimbo and looked at the sky. 

Jiang Bai Yu was also being tortured until his face went black. 

Wen Qiao could not complain. She could not keep up with Shi Sheng’s tempo after all.

Shi Sheng wiped off the droplets on her face and shouted at Director Zhong, “Shoot mine first.”  

Director showed an OK gesture and ordered people to rearrange the scene. 


The set and the cameras were in place. Shi Sheng was holding the steel pipe and enclosed by stunt actors. The scene was shot five times. One of which was because of the camera unable to capture Shi Sheng’s fast movements. The other times were due to problems with the other actors. 

When the final scene ended, Xiao Fu and Xiao Bao who were standing by the side immediately rushed towards Shi Sheng and took her back to her tent. She put on dry clothes and walked out of the tent while wiping her hair. 

The atmosphere out there was quite tense. Everyone was staring at Director Zhong and Wen Qiao in front of him. There was anger ‘written’ on his face. 

“Sis Lan, drink some water.” Xiao Bao passed a cup of hot water to Shi Sheng. 

“What happened?” she sat on a chair with her chin pointed towards them.

“Director Zhong was explaining to Wen Qiao just now and halfway through it he suddenly got angry.” Xiao Fu stood beside her with a towel, “I wonder how she got the female lead.” 

The role was originally given to me anyway. 

In the end, Wen Qiao left with her manager. Director Zhong took a few sips of water before walking towards Shi Sheng. 

“Xiao Sheng, you might have to hold on for a while. We'll be shooting a few more scenes later.”

What’s wrong with her?” asked Shi Sheng.

Director Zhong heaved a sigh and said, “She can’t keep up with you and she wants me to tell you…”

“She wants me to keep her in mind?” 

“No choice. Xiao Sheng, you…”

“She is the one who lacks the skills. Why should I do that? I’d only do my job. To look after the rookie is not part of that!” 

It’s because they care about you that seniors who help you out. I don’t have the obligation to do so. 

You’re the one who can’t follow, so don’t blame others.

Director Zhong was speechless. He opened his mouth and finally spoke, “Xiao Sheng, you have already debuted for so many years. She was just a rookie who just entered the industry….” 

Why do you fussing with her about this? his eyes seemed to speak.

Shi Sheng glanced at Director Zhong and snickered.

This little girl had almost killed me! 

“Since she can’t keep up with us, then just make her faint. You could retake the shot before that. But during the scene with me, she just had to act fainted. Is that fine?” Shi Sheng suggested. 

Anyhow, she doesn’t have any lines there. 

After talking to Ai Wei Si, they finally agreed with Shi Sheng’s suggestion.