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“What?” Wen Qiao’s face turned black as she received the announcement from the crew. 

The only thing I have to do is care about my facial expression!

But that is equivalent to deleting my scene! 

Fang Lang was solemn, “You have apologized but she didn’t accept it. She certainly won’t write off the matter so easily.”

Wen Qiao was silent for a moment, “I call to ask Ai Wei Si.”

“It’s useless. The director must have asked him before agreeing. Since he has already agreed, he will not change the decision easily.” Fang Lang shook his head, “Wen Qiao, you’ve been a little fickle recently.” 

Wen Qiao held her phone and kept quiet. 

Fang Lang patted her shoulder, “You’ve taken such a big role for your first time, it must be stressful...”

After Fang Lang talked to Wen Qiao, the scene was finally set.  

Without Wen Qiao’s hindrance, the filming progressed smoothly. 

After the wrap, Director Zhong gave Shi Sheng a red envelope. Actors who played a dying role were given a red envelope as a good luck charm. [TL: Red packets are normally given during Chinese New Year as a blessing from the elders to their juniors.]

Shi Sheng pinched the red packet. It’s quite a lot. 

“Miss Lan, I have another drama next. Are you interested?” 

“Not interested.” Shi Sheng shook her head, “But you could find me if you have a role like this one I just took in ‘Proud Sun’.” 

She gave Director Zhong a ‘you knew it’ look. 

Such a role….

Director Zhong was silent. The drama doesn’t have such a role. 

A role that almost turned into the protagonist by her.

Shi Sheng left the crew the next day.

But she did not go back to her agency immediately. 

Chen Yuan must be waiting for me at the company, I will not go.

After sending the four assistants away, Shi Sheng drove herself home. 

She parked her car in the basement and went to the lift. After taking a few steps, she stepped back and her eyes fell on a parking space next to her car.

It was an SUV. The one that she drove to pick Lan Ching up. 


How come my car was being doodled? What the hell is this? 

Such a bad artistic the person was. 

Well, even the plate was prized. 

Shi Sheng turned around her car. Even the tires are punctured! There doesn’t seem to be any other problems besides these though.

Shi Sheng cursed in silence. 

Which retard who dared to mess up my car when I was not around! 

Shi Sheng called for asset management. 

They had long discovered the car was being messed up by people, but they could not contact the owner and dare not to move the car. 

Shi Sheng remembered that the owner left the landline of her house to the property management. As she did not go back, she certainly did not receive any calls. 

According to the management, the crime time was around 3 am on the 23rd of July. The perpetrators had covered the CCTV, so they could not see anyone. As the owner was not around, they dared not to report to the police in a hast. 

23rd of July was a few days after she left for D City. 

How can they choose that day while I was away!
“Bring the recordings of every junction for me.” Shi Sheng, who was sitting in the management office, ordered the manager. 


“What ‘huh’? I said, bring the recordings of every junction for me. The owners had spent so much money to hire you, what are you doing?” Shi Sheng was in a rage. 

Of course, the manager knew who she was. He didn’t say anything and called someone to get all the recordings. 

But in his heart, he was criticizing her. She seemed like a beautiful lady on TV, never did I know she is someone with such a bad temper in reality. 

Sure enough, celebrities all have two faces. 

Then, the bad-tempered Movie Queen filtered out the recordings with a speed he could not understand.

The Movie Queen possesses such a great skill…? 

Never judge a book from its cover. 

There was a guy who appeared on several screens. Shi Sheng pointed to the screens and asked the manager, “Who is he?”

By just looking at the weird outfit that resembled a gangster, he could easily recognize him. 

In this condominium where elites and successful people gathered, he was so eye-catching that it was difficult for the manager to not remember. 

“It’s Gu Chi, the owner of unit 606.”

Of course, the manager dared not to say he was a gangster. After all, owners who can stay here are rich people. How could a gangster stay in such a high-end condominium? 

Perhaps is a little white face who was kept by a rich woman. 
[Note: Little white face = someone who was backed by a sugar mommy.]

But anyhow, as a property manager, he should not offend the owners. 


The manager nodded his head and broke out in a cold sweat. 

The Movie Queen looks so scary. 

Shi Sheng wrenched her bag and walked away. 

“Movie Queen, should we report this to the police?” The manager followed her back. 

“No need. I’ll settle with him privately.” Shi Sheng’s face looked good, unlike her pissed look back in the library just now.

The manager was ashamed. She was certainly an actress, to be able to change her facial expression that quickly.

It’s good to settle privately.

Then it was not my business anymore. 


Shi Sheng looked up at the door plate. 

Well, 606.

Just as Shi Sheng was about to unsheathe her sword, the system suddenly popped out. 

[Hidden Quest: The Elite]

Shi Sheng’s hand paused. 

How come it popped out so fast this time? 

[Target person: Gu Chi. Help Gu Chi to rebuild his image and become a qualified and successful person]

The hell? What the fuck do you mean by rebuilding his image? Your task is getting more and more ridiculous by the day! 

Feng Ci, your treatment to me is so bad now! 

Just when she was hesitating whether to unsheathe the sword, the door opened. A rough voice could be heard outside. 

”This boy is so stubborn and behaved like a man. Tut...too bad, he provoked our Brother Fen.” 

The one who opened the door was a young man with yellow hair and pimples on his face and with a sweaty smell. 

He was stunned after seeing such a pretty girl standing at the door. 

After a closer look, his eyes began to shine. 

“You, you...are you Lan Sheng?” 

“Hey, who are you talking to? I asked you to go out and buy something, what are you doing?” Shi Sheng heard the rough voice again. 

She sounded quite desperate. 

The situation was a bit awkward this time.

Gu Chi is an ugly man? I was lookism. I will not take the task if he looks that ugly.

No...but looking from the CCTV he shouldn’t be an ugly man. 

Ok...even if he is really ugly, I still have to follow the order as long as it is Feng Ci’s. 

This is fate?! 

Ignoring the voice inside, the young man was too excited until he did not know what to do. He pulled his yellow hair and tried to sort out his image, “Goddess Lan, you, you… why are you here?” 

How could I have the opportunity to meet the goddess? 

Oh my god! I am so happy!

I have to take photo...take a group photo. 

“Find someone.” Shi Sheng frowned, “Is Gu Chi here?” 

Gu Chi?  

 The young man’s hand that was holding a mobile phone paused. 

He looked inside and looked at Shi Sheng again. In the end, he groaned in grief. “Brother Tian, Goddess Lan Sheng came and was looking for Gu Chi, that little white face.”  

How could that little white face be likable? 


Even goddess came to him! 

The young man clutched his hair crazily. 

“......” Shi Sheng was speechless.

Something is wrong with him!