“I ordered you to go shopping, not to admire some Princess Charming,” a hoarse voice emerged from inside the apartment. 

A sturdy, muscular figure walked out of the residence. He kicked the young man’s ass, causing the young man to fall onto Shi Sheng. 

Ah, I am going to get into close contact with Goddess Lan!! the young man thought. 

He reveled at the moment as he pouted his lips and extended his arms towards her. 

Feeling perturbed, Shi Sheng immediately reacted by booting him towards the wall. 

“Yo, who are you, woman?” the croaky voice caught Shi Sheng’s attention as she turned her attention to the tall, bronze skin-toned figure. 

There were tattoos all over his arm, and he had a fierce look on his slightly squared face with thick eyebrows. 

“Is Gu Chi here?” she asked as she avoided the man’s unpleasant gaze on her. 

“Oh, so you are looking for Gu Chi? He’s here, come on in!” the man pointed at the residence while letting slip an insinuating chortle. 

Upon hearing that the buff figure is letting Shi Sheng in, the young man immediately crawled up from the wall. “Tian Ge, this is ……” he couldn’t complete his sentence as he met the buff figure’s intensely fierce gaze. 

Shi Sheng entered the residence. It looked deliberately messy, as if it was ransacked. 

She observed the surroundings. From the look of items that belong in the apartment, it seemed that the host family was quite wealthy. 

“Leave now and wait somewhere else. Don’t come back if I don’t summon you,” Tian Ge threatened the young man while pressing down his head. 

The young man was about to speak, only to see Tian Ge’s shadow leaving around the corner. 

He wanted to remind Tian Ge that she was the Movie Queen, Lan Sheng, and that they could not offend her.

But Tian Ge had already shut the entrance door. 

The mansion’s layout was roughly similar to hers, she thought. The living room is European styled, but at the moment it seemed to be in a complete mess. 

In the midst of it, was a man tied down to a chair. The bare-footed man wore a black hoodie with a skull design paired with black jeans. 

The man was seen leaning his head, downcasting in silence. He had studs on his ears, which gleamed as light rays shone on them.  

What a scene of decadent beauty, she thought. 

“Look, Gu Chi, there’s a chick here looking for you,” the voice of Tian Ge pursued. He followed Shi Sheng’s footsteps and kept his gaze on her figure. “Look at this gorgeous figure…… I must have earned a fortune today.”

Upon hearing Tian Ge’s voice, the man slowly lifted his head and looked towards the voice’s direction. Shi Sheng seemed to hear cracking sounds from his neck. 

In front of Gu Chi was a person with charming complexion. 

Of course, he recognized Lan Sheng, the person standing in front of him. 

The youngest Movie Queen. 

The person whose car he vandalized just a few days ago. 

“Don’t you dare lay a finger on her,” said Gu Chi. His voice was hoarse, probably because he hadn’t drunk water for quite some time. 

“Don’t lay a finger on her? HAHA, who do you think you are, Gu Chi? This chick voluntarily appeared at my doorstep, and you tell me not to lay a finger on her?” Tian Ge responded as if he heard a humorous comment, “Today, I am going to take good care of her in front of you.”

Tian Ge walked towards Shi Sheng. “I see you’re still trying to keep your calm, huh? Look at your lover, he is in a pathetic and miserable state now, all because he laid his fingers on a woman he shouldn’t have. Today I am going to let him have a taste of his own medicine by devouring his woman in front of him.”

Tian Ge began to extend his hands toward Shi Sheng. 

Gu Chi’s sudden loud yowl filled the room. “DON’T TOUCH HER!” He growled at Tian Ge madly. 

The howl only exhilarated Tian Ge as he stretched both his hands towards Shi Sheng in an attempt to embrace her. 


Tian Ge was petrified. 

On the glowing iron sword under cold light, was the reflection of Tian Ge’s terror-struck face. 


A sword that came out from nowhere…...

This woman is crazy?!  

Shi Sheng held the sword against Tian Ge’s chest. “You dare act rude against me? Still craving to lay your fingers on me?” 

It’s been a long while since I met someone with big guts.  

Shi Sheng kicked him in the groin with great force. 

“AHHH!” Tian Ge moaned in pain while scrambling to cover his crotch and wrapping his body in a defensive stance. 

Shi Sheng greeted Tian Ge with the iron sword. “Do you still want to lay your hands on me, you asshole? Huh? HUHH?!”

“No… I dare not…. Please give me mercy, miss...” Tian Ge pleaded for clemency. 

Having received a kick in the balls, Tian Ge had lost all ability to fight back. He could only roll on the floor. 

“Fuck you.” Shi Sheng continued to kick him multiple times and tied him up with a similar rope used to tie Gu Chi. 

“Huuu…” Shi Sheng blew her bangs as she gasped. She walked towards Gu Chi’s side, and bent over to untie him. 

From beginning to end of the encounter, Gu Chi remained downcasted. 

“Gu Chi.” Shi Sheng greeted him. 

He slowly raised his head. His vision was hazy, all except for the woman in front of him . He tilted his head, and his neck snapped with his movements. 

Oh, so it wasn’t her hallucinating about the cracking sound just now.

Shi Sheng sat on the coffee table and stared at him for a few seconds.

There should be no Qi in this world.

So I can not confirm it.

Although there is basically no need to confirm according to the plot of this world, she still felt worried. 

What if the system does not follow the plot this time around?

After all, the system’s mentally retarded.

In the shroud of uncertainty, Shi Sheng decided to settle unfinished business with Gu Chi first. “What’s the problem with you, trying to smear my car and pry my license plate?” 

She only heard a whisper after a minute.


Gu Chi’s voice was still hoarse and awful to listen to.

His glance was fixated on Shi Sheng, as if money was pouring out of her.

Both were in awkward silence.

Shi Sheng threw away the rope in her hands. Even though he is Feng Ci, the moron should suffer a little.


I will never tolerate it if anyone were to do that to him.

Shi Sheng noticed a handphone on the coffee table. She tried to unlock the phone, only to find it to be locked.

Shi Sheng got up and went to Tian Ge. “Password?”

Tian Ge didn’t utter a word.

Shi Sheng booted him again, and asked, “Password?”

“224562.” Tian Ge reported the numbers in the midst of pain.

“Dumb people like you are assholes.  You can’t fight back, so why do you want to receive a hitting before giving away the password? Stupid.” Shi Sheng unlocked the phone swiftly.

The wallpaper was indecent.  A big boobed girl in a bikini, and a sea aura to her.
Shi Sheng found a recent call in the call log. It was remarked as “Feng Ge’s people”. She immediately phoned the number. [TL: This Feng Ge has no relationship with Feng Ci, their names just sound similar, that’s all.]

“Deceive him to come over. If you dare to play tricks on me, you’re as good as dead meat.” Shi Sheng put the phone on loudspeaker mode, and pointed the sword at Tian Ge’s neck.

Despite his buff and muscular physique, and a fierce look, Tian Ge was just a bully who preyed on the weak and would not dare start something with someone his own size.

He had the impression that the girl looked soft and weak. On top of that, she looked pretty too, so she must’ve been easy to intimidate. But he did not expect to kick an iron plate instead. [Note: kick an iron plate (Chinese idiom) = things don’t go your way]

It took awhile for the phone call to connect. A pant was heard from the other side of the call, 
“What’s the matter? I am currently settling some business.”

Tian Ge gulped, and stuttered, “Feng Ge…… Gu Chi, Gu Chi… he has given in, you can come already.”

“Huh, I thought that little white face would last a few more days before succumbing. I should have seen it coming since he has a weak backbone. Fine, I will make my way over there.” and the phone line was cut right after. 

Shi Sheng threw the phone away to a corner. “Tell me what happened.”

Tian Ge explained while trembling.

Gu Chi laid his hands on Feng Ge’s woman, so Feng Ge wanted to teach Gu Chi a lesson. 

Who knew that Gu Chi would refuse to give in?

 This led to the current situation.

It’s that simple.

“Woman? Is she beautiful?”

“Still alright……”

“Is she as beautiful as I am?”