Qian Feng arrived quickly and he brought a woman along as well. 

Shi Sheng opened the door for him. When he saw her, his eyes nearly fell out -

onto her chest. 

Shi Sheng turned sideways, with a slight grin on her face, “Please come in.” 

“Hey Tian Ge, where did you find yourself a chick prettier than celebrities?” With zero suspicion, Qian Feng walked straight inside. 

Shi Sheng closed the door and locked it. 

“I am a celebrity. ”

“What? ”

Shi Sheng threw a kick at him, shocking the woman Qian Feng was hugging. She screamed and hid inside a bathroom nearby. 

Shi Sheng pulled the bathroom door close calmly, canceling the noise outside.

Qian Feng who was kicked out of nowhere was still in confusion, yet he noticed Tian Ge who got tied up by Qian Feng.

Shi Sheng did not spare him any chance to get up by pointing a steel sword at his chest, “I am a celebrity, are you clear?” 

“Fuck, you bitch. ” Qian Feng started cursing, “Do you know who the hell I am? If you dare to put your hands on me... trust me, I’ll make you pay.” 

Qian Feng could only insult her at most since Shi Sheng still held a shiny sword in her hands. 

“Yo, you have some guts.” Shi Sheng laid her one foot on his chest, poking the sword under his throat, “to show me that attitude.” 

Qian Feng could feel chills in his bones, the woman stepping on him had a face so delicate, yet an expression so intimidating it reminded him of the psychotic serial killers on TV.

He could not help but shivered a bit, and stuttered, “You… Who are you, we hold no grudge, what do you want? ”

Shi Sheng whacked and tied him up, leaving him in front of Gu Chi. 

“The time both of you leave is the time he forgives you all.” 

Qian Feng and Tian Ge took a glance at each other, where did this man find a chick so sturdy?

“Then… What if he does not forgive us? ”, Tian Ge said with a trembling voice.

“Then, your bodies will be chopped into pieces and fed to dogs.” 

They usually heard such things from their bosses. But somehow, despite hearing it from such a good looking woman, they did not dare disobey her.

Gu Chi remained still in his posture emotionlessly with two guys begging on their knees right in front of him.

He moved his fingertip, pointing at a phone placed far away.

Shi Sheng glanced at him and passed him the phone.

It took a long time to power up. 

The speed of him sliding the screen was even slower. It took nearly 3 minutes just to make a call. 

The loudspeaker was turned on.

When the call was picked up, the other end channeled loud motorcycle engine noises along with boys and girls screaming. 

“Boss? Shh… everybody shut the hell up. Fuck it, stop. ” The other end quieted down quickly, “Boss, where have you been these few days?”

“Come to my house.” Those were the only words he said before he hung up. The phone slid down from his palm, falling directly onto the floor. 

Gu Chi never said a word ever since. He remained his posture until the doorbell rang.

A group of vividly-dressed youngsters stood outside. All of them were pretty good-looking. Although they might look like gangsters, the clothes on them sure are not cheap. 

When Shi Sheng opened the door, everyone outside looked shocked and confused.

Isn’t that LS? 

Why is she here in the boShi Sheng’s house? 

Boss, what did you do behind our backs?!

“Only the person in charge comes, others stay outside. ” Shi Sheng said and went back into the living room. 

These people were all dressed up looking like colourful Mary Sue, hurts my eyes just by watching. 

The guy who stood in front gave the gang a look and followed in right after her. 

“God… Boss, were you robbed? Boss?” The guy had a closer look at the living room and was even confused than before. 

“Isn’t that Qian Feng? Why is this trash here?” 

Most importantly, Lan Sheng the Movie Quen is here too!!!

Gu Chi stayed in silence for a long time. The guy was used to his silence and went straight up to kick Qian Feng.

After he was done, Gu Chi lifted his head slightly, “Get rid of him.”

The calm, deadpan monotone voice he gave out orders with made him sound as if he was never kidnapped before. 

“Sure,” the guy responded and looked over the gang outside, “I need two men in here.” 

Two guys came in promptly. 

“Old rules.” 

The guys took a glimpse at Gu Chi, looking like they understood something. They dragged the two men who were still begging on their knees outside.

“There’s still one girl in the bathroom, bring her along. ” Gu Chi reminded them. 

Acknowledging the fact that Gu Chi had no objections, the guy took the girl in the bathroom with him and instructed two girls in to clean the house.

The two girls who came in eyed Shi Sheng, checking her out from time to time. How Gu Chi managed to get to know her?

It was a simple cleanup. Soon, it was done.

The guy went outside for a while. By the time he returned, everyone else was gone.

“Movie Queen! Movie Queen! Give me a signature!!!” The guy turned into a fool within a second, “Ahh, my goddess, you must hand me a signature.” 

Shi Sheng: “......” 

This guy does not care about his own boss, yet asks for her signature first? Is he nuts?

The guy was Lin Ze Nan. In his own words, he was Gu Chi’s ‘assistant’ and ‘protector’.

Of course, the ‘protector’ title was just a self claim. 

The ‘assistant’ one as well. 

“The boss’s reaction is a little slow, goddess, don’t mind him. I will take him upstairs to change his clothes. Have a seat anywhere, be comfortable.”

Lin Ze Nan only remembered about him neglecting his boss after his small talk with Shi Sheng.

He cleaned Gu Chi’s wounds for some time then walked out. 

Gu Chi was still wearing the same hoodie -- same model, same brand, even the skeleton design was the same. No signs showing that he changed at all. 

He stared at Shi Sheng for a few seconds, then took a set of car keys out of his pocket, “To compensate your car.” 

Once he finished talking, he sat down right away, without another word or action. 

Shi Sheng: “......” This person really has issues, huh? 

Shit, why can’t I just meet a normal villain?!

Lin Ze Nan is used to his boss being like that. 

He immediately neglected his boss and started bugging Shi Sheng with questions, “Goddess, goddess,  how did you and my boss meet?” 

“He vandalised my car, I’m here for the debt.” Shi Sheng gave a simple answer. 

“What kind of trick is boss pulling...” said Lin Ze Nan confusedly. 

Vandalising goddess’s car for no reason?


Boss had only vandalised one car recently.  

“Oh my, goddess, you live here as well? ” Lin Ze Nan looked at her in awe. 

Goddess actually lives here.

“Yup.” What’s the matter with living here?

The body’s owner seemed to like these apartment’s ambience. It was very calming.

Lin Ze Nan was bubbly filled with happiness with hearty eyes on him.

Lin Ze Nan is was actually pretty handsome, like your next-door sunny guy whois handsome and smiles charismatically. 

Noticing herself being glanced like that by a big guy, Shi Sheng quivered a little.

The sick one over there is even better.

Lin Ze Nan twisted for a bit with his eyes rolling all over the place. Abruptly, he asked, “Don’t tell me you were the one who dealt with those two just now, did you?”

Shi Sheng raised her eyebrows. 

Why didn’t he point fingers at his boss instead?

Lin Ze Nan scratched his head embarrassingly. He dragged Shi Sheng to the side for a few steps, “When the boss takes action, he always hits HARD, so hard till the point where that person can’t stand on his feet.”

“Oh, seems like I hit too gently back there,” Shi Sheng concluded.

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