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Shi Sheng exchanged numbers with Lin Ze Nan. Shi Sheng took the keys Gu Chi tossed on the table and left.

“The car with number plate 573. Have a safe trip, goddess. Feel free to drop by whenever you’re free.” Lin Ze Nan led her to the door. 

She took a glance at Gu Chi who stayed still, nodded and left.

“Ahh, my goddess. I feel so blessed, I was actually in contact with the goddess so closely. Sigh, fuck, I forgot to take a picture with her. ” Lin Ze Nan had worries written all over his face.

Next time, next time, I must take a picture with the goddess.

By the time Lin Ze Nan turned around, he realized that Gu Chi who was sitting on the chair awhile ago is now gone. 

Lin Ze Nan searched around, then found Gu Chi in the bedroom’s bathroom, standing with his back facing Ze Nan.

“Boss,” Lin Ze Nan called him once. 

Gu Chi downcasted, took him a while to respond with a brief “Mmm.” 

“Do you want to go to the hospital?” Lin Ze Nan got out of his foolish character, looked at Gu Chi’s back view with a slight worry. 

Gu Chi took a long while again to reply, “No.”

“I’ll get you something to eat then, you just rest for a while. They are having a match tonight, boss. Just show up to make sure everything’s smooth.” 

Lin Ze Nan waited for Gu Chi to respond once again with an “Mmm”, took the keys and left. 

Without the keys, the boss is definitely not going to open the door for me later.


Shi Sheng just finished taking a bath at home by the time Chen Yuan reached there hurriedly. 

Seemed like Chen Yuan just came back from a meeting, judging from the fact that she had her formal work attire on.

Shi Sheng  peeped at her cleavage, “Sister Chen, your boobs look bigger now.” 


This brat still has the mood to care about my boobs.

“Lan Sheng.” Chen Yuan looked at her seriously, “I know you’re devastated that someone snitched your character, but, you shouldn’t have troubled the crew.” 

 “What are you saying, Sister Chen? I just thought the role was pretty good. Just wait till it is aired, I will definitely get a group of fangirls watching my act. To be honest, I was stunned by my performance too.” 


Why does something feel odd about this celebrity?

Back then, Lan Sheng was a dignified goddess, pure and modest. 

Mmm… … she might be a little vain, but not brazenly vain. 

She has only been in D City for some time, what changed her? 

Probably... a little too lively?

Chen Yuan took a deep breath and chattered with Lan Sheng for a while. Then, she drew out a few scripts from her bag. 

“Have a look, these scripts are quite good. I have a meeting to catch in a bit, I’ll be back later.” 

Shi Sheng gestured her an “OK” and sent Chen Yuan out the door.

Shi Sheng randomly tossed the scripts to a corner, and started gaming on her phone. 

How busy is Chen Yuan, meetings after meetings, and each time, celebrities get in trouble because of these meetings..

Chen Yuan meant ‘days after’ when she said she would be back ‘later’. 

Chen Yuan had the keys to her apartment, so she came in right away and started complaining, “Sheng Sheng, who are these people who live around this apartment? They dress up messily, I think you better move to the Yujing Garden area, it is closer to the company anyway.”

Shi Sheng  looked up from her phone, “I’m not moving.”

You want me to move there so you can inspect on me regularly? No thanks.

Chen Yuan did not pressure her on this matter, just reminded her, “Then, you be more cautious. When I was on my way upstairs just now, I saw a few people dressed up like gangsters downstairs, could tell they aren’t good people with one sight.”


“Have you read the scripts I gave you?” Chen Yuan noticed the scripts lying around randomly on the sofa, inevitably frowned. They look so brand new as if no one ever flipped them!

“I just finished acting, Sister Chen, you got to let me rest awhile,” Shi Sheng muttered.

This baby is climbing up to my head already! [TL: meaning that she’s being unreasonable and demanding.]

“Filming only starts after this year for these movies.” Chen Yuan frowned, “This is how it is in this industry, you don’t stand a spot if you are late.”

“Some movies were scheduled since a year ago.”

“I’ll have a look later on,” Shi Sheng replied immediately, preventing Chen Yuan from getting into the nagging mode.

 “You have a commercial to shoot next Monday and after that, there’s nothing huge. September 6th, you will enter the ‘First Empress’ crew. Shooting ends when the new year is near.” 

Shi Sheng listened to the work updates from Chen Yuan, she replied apathetically while she continued her fight in the game. 


In addition, she even got herself addicted to gaming.

“I’ll pick you up next Monday.” 

“Eh? I can go by myself. You, Sister Chen, are a very busy person. It’s just acting for a commercial, small matter.” Being with Chen Yuan is just asking me to die!

Although Shi Sheng resisted Chen Yuan to come along, Chen Yuan went with her anyway.

The commercial’s endorsement fee was quite a lot. After all, it was for a luxurious perfume.  

“Your assistance throughout the shooting will be much appreciated.” 

“Ms Lan’s character fits this perfume very well, there shouldn’t be any problem……” 

While Chen Yuan liaised with the people there, Shi Sheng walked around the cameraman who was setting up his equipment. 

The cameraman had a long beard. He noticed Shi Sheng  circling around and initiated the conversation, “Seems like Ms Lan is interested in photography.” 

“Cameramen do take naked photos, right? I wonder while if you guys have any reaction while doing so.” Shi Sheng kept a straight face on.

The cameraman was speechless.

Where did this filthy chick come from...

Boss, I think you got the wrong person? Ms Lan, the Movie Queen is a noble goddess!


“This is considered art. To us cameramen, it is just the same as any normal object.” 

Shi Sheng  blinked, “Bet it must because of the small boobs.” 


This time, the cameraman actually choked on water and coughed. 

Though she might have stated the truth, please do not speak any similar content out loud, okay? 

Shi Sheng’s questions got trickier and trickier, until the point where the cameraman felt uncomfortable. But, all the questions asked were academically professional.

Mmm…..albeit a little perverted.

“What’s a Movie Queen doing, discussing this question over here? “

“Maintaining her Movie Queen status, alright? “



Those were the words of the people there.

The crew finally started to ask everyone to get on standby and the cameraman felt relieved.

 Shi Sheng smiled at the cameraman, “Remember to take pretty photographs of me later.” 

“Sure, sure.” And if I don’t, does that mean you are going to discuss how the human body should be properly photographed later on?

The shooting process was smooth. 

After the commercial shoot was done, Chen Yuan sent Shi Sheng home to make sure she read her scripts at home instead of going elsewhere. 

Shi Sheng gave a softspoken girl from the ‘Proud Sun’ crew a call to ask her about the shooting’s progress. 

The girl told Shi Sheng that D City’s shoot was ending, and they were about to return.

Ever since she left, Wen Qiao’s performance has been better as days went by. But, Meng Shi Ran still troubled her a lot. 

Shi Sheng thanked her and hung up.   

Right after she hung up, a random number dialed in. 

“Goddess, goddess. Are you free?” Whispers and noises in the background. 

Shi Sheng was stunned for a bit, took her a while to recognize that voice.

“Yeah, what’s up?”

Lin Ze Nan probably never guessed that Shi Sheng would say that she was available. He immediately shushed others up, “Goddess, we are currently at the Dorsett Entertainment Club, you wanna join?”