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Dorsett Entertainment Club, A City’s high-class consumer site. People here are either born rich or society’s elite businessmen. 

Shi Sheng drove here by herself, Lin Ze Nan stood outside waiting for her. 

Shi Sheng parked her car, wore sunglasses and walked towards Lin Ze Nan. 

Lin Ze Nan’s eyes shone as he saw Shi Sheng, but he remembered that this was a public location and the goddess was a public figure, thus he suppressed his excitement. 

“Goddess, how nice of you. Ahh, I’m too blessed.” Just as Lin Ze Nan entered a place with a lesser crowd, he could not contain himself and started dancing. 

Shi Sheng felt awkward staring at a 1.8m-tall big guy dancing like a retarded kid. The experience was unspeakable. 

They were in room 888. It was huge with only a few people inside. They dressed up more decently compared to the last time. 

“Dang, brothers and sisters, look who’s here.” Lin Ze Nan’s voice caught everybody’s attention. 

Someone turned the music off, the room was quiet. 

“Fuck, Mister Lin, did you really get Ms Lan, the movie queen to be here?” Someone burst out a vulgar word. 

Lin Ze Nan looked up proudly, “Yup, do I look like I’m kidding? I told you guys, I know the goddess. Now shame on all of you, remember to return the car keys to me!” 

“Fuck, Lin Ze Nan, what a bitch.” 

“Hmph.” Lin Ze Nan turned and smiled at Shi Sheng, “Goddess, let me introduce, that bitch who just scolded me is Lu Yi Ming. Don’t just sit there, come here and give her a toast!” 

The group of people held their glasses and walked towards them merrily.

The lights were dim and Shi Sheng could not recognize their faces. 

But she knew there were 4 men and 2 women. 

When the girls were being introduced, Shi Sheng felt that one of them, Ye Jing Yi, clearly had a problem with her. 

“Brother Ze Nan, why do you bring people as frivolous as her to our place?”  Ye Jing Yi’s unwelcoming tone caused an awkward scene.

“Frivolous?” Shi Sheng smiled and kept the conversation going with a peaceful tone, making it hard to judge how she felt, “What do you mean by frivolous?” 

“Ye Jing Yi, don’t mess around.” Lin Ze Nan pulled her a little to the side. 

Ye Jing Yi was infuriated right away, “What mess did I make? Who is she?” 

“Ms Lan is an invited guest of mine.” Lin Ze Nan tone has gotten firmer by now. 

“Guest?” Ye Jing Yi smirked, “We were just making a bet and see if she would come with a call. How can she be considered your guest? Plus, how can a movie queen be our guest??”

“Ye Jing Yi!” 

“Even a clown has the audacity to be here. Only one call was needed to get you here, whose advantage are you taking off here?” Ye Jing Yi spoke with no respect.

“Little Ye, why are you talking like that?” 

“Little Ye , calm down. Master Gu is still here, you’re trouble if you annoy him.” 

People around started advising Ye Jing Yi immediately.

Shi Sheng spoke slowly, “It doesn’t matter who I take advantage of, but it will never be you. I don’t like women.”

Everyone was speechless.

This comeback of Movie Queen’s really leaves people wordless…

“Brother Ze Nan, look for yourself. Who knows how many men a woman like her has slept with to get the Movie Queen status? Yet, you still treat her like a goddess. She is obviously not as good as you think.”

“Ms Ye, you seem to know the rules of the entertainment industry very well and care about it very much too. Just wondering if you have eyes on any celebrities... I would probably know them and can get you hooked up.” 

“What kind of crap are you saying?” Ye Jing Yi growled.

“Mister Lin, make her shut up.” People around Lin Ze Nan pushed him a little. 

“Apologies.” Lin Ze Nan’s eyes were burning with rage.

“I didn’t say anything wrong, why do I need to apologize?” Ye Jing Yi said uncompellingly and stare, “Did you hear what she just said?” 

“Little Ye…” 

The garrulous chatter went on, yet Ye Jing Yi kept her head down. 

“Lin Ze Nan, you’re an asshole,” Ye Jing Yi muttered, pushed Shi Sheng and ran out of the room. 

The girls who were persuading Ye Jing Yi followed up, and the room was left with boys only. 

“Ms Lan, I’m really sorry. Little Ye is young, plus, she likes Master Lin. That’s why she speaks so mindlessly, please don’t take it in.” Lu Yi Ming apologized on behalf of Ye Jing Yi.

“Sorry, goddess.” Lin Ze Nan had a guilty face on, “Please don’t be angry, Ye Jing Yi is just pampered, not bad-hearted.” 

Shi Sheng did not say anything, girls like her were everywhere. Rich, spoilt, and arrogant.

It Doesn’t matter if she is spoilt or has bad thoughts, as long as she doesn’t waste my time.

“Where’s Gu Chi?” Shi Sheng asked straightforwardly.

She has not seen the boss ever since she came.

Suddenly, Lin Ze Nan remembered the goddess only agreed to come is because of the presence of his boss entirely. 

The scene was awkward than before. 

Lin Ze Nan pushed the people who were blocking away, Shi Sheng saw the guy who was playing his tablet on the couch at first sight.  

The argument a while ago did not seem to bother him at all. 

“Everyone, go out and have fun.” Lin Ze Nan gave Lu Yi Ming a look. 

Lu Yi Ming looked at Shi Sheng curiously for a bit, chit-chatted for a bit, then carried on with his boys. 

Gu Chi’s side was empty, Lin Ze Nan brought Shi Sheng over.

“Boss, the goddess is here.” 

While Gu Chi was playing a game, Shi Sheng took a glance. It’s the game that she plays as well. 

But Lin Ze Nan was blocking her view and she could not get a clear view of his ID. 

Gu Chi finally put down his tablet about 30 seconds after Lin Ze Nan spoke. He looked up, and shining lights were flashing past his dark pupils. 

Still, the vibrant colors did not add bring any life to his gaze.  

He mumbled, “Who?” 

His voice wasn’t hoarse like before, it was soothing. 

Shi Sheng was speechless. 

Fuck, is this idiot forgetful?  

Lin Ze Nan was speechless as well. 

Lin Ze Nan bent over and said something. 

Gu Chi took a moment to nod, put away his tablet, “Sit.” 

Lin Ze Nan grinned as he pushed Shi Sheng to Gu Chi’s side, “Goddess, please understand, my boss does react slower. Sometimes it takes quite some time for him to remember, I hope you can tolerate that.

 Shi Sheng glanced at Gu Chi weirdly. 

Gu Chi kept his head slanted without any facial expression, and dashing lights lit up in his eyes.

“Lin Ze Nan, come here.” Someone outside greeted him.

“Goddess, I’ll leave you both to chat.” Lin Ze Nan winked at Shi Sheng, then walked away.

“Why did you vandalize my car?” Shi Sheng was still very curious about this. 

What is it about my car that offended him?  

Shi Sheng counted in silence. On the 50th second, Gu Chi’s rolled his eyes for a bit, “It didn’t please my eyes.” 

Shi Sheng was speechless.

You win. 


How dare you vandalise my car as you wish only because it doesn’t please you!