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Shi Sheng still thought Gu Chi’s answer was off. 

That car was not any sort of limited edition. Although you might not find a bunch of them on the streets, it wasn’t hard to see any as well. 

How did it not please Gu Chi?  

And the way he reacted was different from the time Qian Feng messed with her previously.

Something’s weird about this person.

Other than responding slowly, overall, Gu Chi is fine. When you ask, he answers, but you have to wait for a while. 

Plus, he does not take the initiative to speak.

By the time Lin Ze Nan was done talking and wanted to move to the next spot, Shi Sheng did not get much useful information from Gu Chi. 

Others left the room while Lin Ze Nan waited for Gu Chi to get up. 

Gu Chi pulled Shi Sheng a little and Shi Sheng looked at him.

“Let’s go together.” 

Lin Ze Nan looked at Gu Chi surprisingly, as if Gu Chi’s act was extremely shocking. 

“To where?”   If I were to be caught wandering out so late at night, Chen Yuan is definitely going to lock me up.  

Gu Chi’s neck cracked loudly as he turned. He blanked out for a bit, took a moment to reply, “The mountain top.” 

Lin Ze Nan added, “We’re going for a competition later.” 

Gu Chi nodded in agreement, got up and left the room.

Shi Sheng was shocked. 

What’s this? 

This bastard…  

The nightlife of those who are born rich is either laying in bed or seeking a thrill.

Illegal car racing is one of those. 

Shi Sheng received a call from Chen Yuan right as she got out of the club, asking her to attend a dinner. 

“About that… I have an appointment to catch. I can’t join you guys.” Shi Sheng looked at Lin Ze Nan, “See you next time.” 

“Ah?” Lin Ze Nan with a face full of disappointment, “Goddess isn’t coming…”

Gu Chi stood slightly further away from them with his head a little tilted. Some boys around him said something to him. 

Chen Yuan’s calls were coming in desperately, Shi Sheng shifted her sight away from it, “Yup, I shall leave first. Inform Gu Chi for me.” 

“Sure, goddess. Be careful on your way.” Lin Ze Nan waved reluctantly.

After Shi Sheng left, Lin Ze Nan knocked himself on the head worriedly, “I forgot to take a picture again.” 

Gu Chi noticed Lin Ze Nan coming back in alone and frowned a little, “What about her?” 

“She said she had a dinner to attend so she left.” Lin Ze Nan scratched his head, “Boss, you and the goddess…” 

Do you have something going on?

Gu Chi walked towards a car beside him, opened the door, got in and closed the door.

Lin Ze Nan shrugged to others, showing that he truly had no idea of what was going on between the boss and goddess. 

Others got into their respective cars, Lin Ze Nan got into Gu Chi’s car, and took the driver seat.

Gu Chi was texting in the car. Lin Ze Nan took a peek at the screen unconsciously. The screen turned black before he had a clear view. 

Gu Chi turned back slowly, “Go back.” 

“Go back? So, we’re not going?” Lin Ze Nan was astonished.

Everything was fine just now, why are we not going now?  

Gu Chi stayed quiet with his head down. 

Lin Ze Nan took out his phone and gave the people tailing him a call, then drove Gu Chi home. 

--- ----

It was not just an ordinary dinner that Chen Yuan asked Shi Sheng to attend. The attendees were all well-known figures. 

But a dinner like this sure wasn’t as simple as any dinner. As a movie queen, she could avoid situations as such. All she had to do was sit after toasting others here anyway. 

Not all celebrities had her luck. They were forced to drink and harassed.

Shi Sheng had her cold eyes on the renowned celebrities here with their pretentious faces.

Of course, there were some who refused that kind of life. 


Shi Sheng lifted her head to check the scene out. Probably someone who just made her first debut was crying, her face covered with hands.

“You ungrateful soul. Who do you think you are acting nobly?” A lady sitting beside her investor with a face full of despise.
They were rookies with big dreams, great hopes of achieving their aspirations, but they knew nothing about the filthiness in this circle. 

People who were in this circle either lived their lives humbly while being humiliated or stuck with the flow competitively to gain fame. Some of them could not accept the rules and had their dreams ruined while they carried regrets for the rest of their lives. 

Those who really have what it takes to be at the top are rare. 

Everyone in the circle agreed that Lan Sheng relied on her strength. In fact, without her family backing her up, she would have never made it to that position. 

Lan Sheng did not understand, but Shi Sheng knew that as a fact.

At last, the girl was supported by the brother behind her.

Shi Sheng shook her head. Chen Yuan better reject occasions like this next time. It hurts my eyes just by watching.  

“Ms Lan, I have a movie to shoot in hand, just wondering if you have time to hear me out?” 

Initially, it was a lady who sat beside her. But just after watching the drama unfold there, there was a man in the lady’s seat.

Average-looking with a cunning and lustful impression from head to toe.

Shi Sheng looked askance at him, “Mr Li, you can contact my manager regarding the script.” 

“Ms Lan, this script is a huge one for next year, a lot of people requested for it but got rejected…” 

“Oh, my schedule is packed too.”  Shi Sheng got up, looking sarcastic, “Since Mr Li has such a great script, leave it to those who need it.” 

He actually thought I’d compromise to those rules? Did he perceive me as a newbie or he just had the guts of a lion?  

“Ms Lan.” Li Jie reached out to hold Shi Sheng, with his face slightly depressed, “Albeit your current fame, you do not have a background. In this circle, you are nothing without a strong background.” 

Shi Sheng felt like she was held by a filthy hand and felt uncomfortable all over. She picked up a drink nearby and splashed it right at him.

“Lan Shen!” Li Jie raged, wiped his face, “Do you believe that it only takes one word of mine to get you rejected for scripts?”

The chaos made the room quiet, everyone started looking their way.

Li Jie was one of the wealthier ones in this industry. And with his connections, he was a good partner to work with. But at the same time, he was not the one to mess with easily. 

It was normal for him to eye a movie queen without backing. And to be rude to her as well.

Shi Sheng drew her hand back, a face with disgust, “A person like you trying to get me to lick your boot? Why don’t you look at your face beforehand!” 

Even without her family covering her back, she would have been equally fearless at this pervert.

Shi Sheng’s words were pretty toxic. Li Jie could not take her those words under the eyes of many and could feel his face burn with embarrassment.

“Lan Sheng, it was tough for you to get to this position. Do you really want everything to be ruined just like this? Here’s your last chance. Follow me and I’ll raise you.” 

“It’s night time, don’t daydream.” Shi Sheng sneered, “There’s a ton of people who are willing to raise me, why would I choose someone with such horrible face to help myself? Mr Lee, don’t be so full of yourself. In this industry, you’re just nobody.” 

Li Jie was so angry that he wanted to hit Shi Sheng. This woman is truly ungrateful. She thinks she’s so great after being the movie queen.

Shi Sheng made a move first, she kicked him in his belly. He fell backward as he tugged the table side, taking every dish on the table with him. 

The drinks fell onto him and he was a wet mess, his plump face red with shame.