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That was an unforeseen event.

She actually hit him… 

Was she out of her mind? 

“You, you…” 

Shi Sheng bent over to pick up a wine bottle and smirked without any sense of hesitation, “You still want me to follow the rules?” 

A voice so crystal clear with a slight smile, yet so intimidating. 

Li Jie was terrified all of a sudden, “What are you trying to do?” 

“Teaching you a lesson.” Shi Sheng raised the wine bottle and struck.

‘Pa!’, everyone felt chilly. 

Did she really strike him?

“Next time, it won’t be just a lesson, I’ll end you.” Shi Sheng tossed the broken wine bottle to the ground. 

Li Jie felt dizzy after being hit, caressed his head which was now numb, warm, and sticky. 


Li Jie’s eyes rolled back and he fainted on the spot.


Shi Sheng took a glance at the people in the room, most of them could not register what had just happened. 

What happened to the gentle and dignified goddess?

Where did this violent maniac come from?

The people only reacted after Shi Sheng left the room and then they dialled 110.

Gu Chi stood on the third floor and watched as Shi Sheng left the Hall.

He stood next to a manager-like woman who was looking at Gu Chi respectfully and carefully.

After some time, he turned to the noisy room and told her, “Take care of it.” 

"Yes, Master.”

The woman went towards the room promptly.


Shi Sheng thought a piece of news like the Movie Queen hitting someone would make it to the headlines. 

Yet, nothing came up.

He got beaten up like an idiot, yet no news about it?

Chen Yuan probably heard the news from elsewhere and rushed to her house.

"Shen Shen, what happened last night? Did you beat Li Jie up?” Chen Yuan went straight to the point right after she stepped in. 

She had to leave early last night. She was busy the entire night and barely had any rest. Unexpectedly, this incident was the first thing she had heard about in the morning.

The circle of people Chen Yuan belonged in was neither small nor big. Every tiny detail would spread around the whole circle. 

"Yes, I was just wondering, why isn’t there any news? Sister Chen, did you cover it up?”

Chen Yuan was speechless.

Is she crazy? 

She’s still thinking about the news at this point?

Doesn’t she know what kind of a person Li Jie is?  

With such a revengeful character, the incident was never going to be covered up. Now, without any news being reported, she couldn’t tell what went wrong. 

"What were you thinking? How could you put your hands on Li Jie? ” Chen Yuan felt like she was going crazy. 

"He used a trashy script to make me play by the rules and threatened me. Who else to hit other than him?” Shi Sheng rolled her eyes.

Isn't that the kind of guy who’s asking for it?

Chen Yuan took a deep breath, “Shen Shen, ever since the last time your role got snatched,  you have been off. What's wrong with you?”

"...Triggered.” Shi Sheng blabbered. 

"In this line, it is normal to be mentally pressured, I'll contact a psychologist for you." Chen Yuan was also worried about artists under her care facing mental problems.

Being an artist is in fact far less fruitful than how outsiders perceive artists to be. 

Being overcommitted into a drama role, having depression, overworking, living an inconsistent lifestyle...

Shi Sheng looked at Chen Yuan as she was getting her mobile phone out  ready to make a call. She instantly reached out to grab Chen Yuan’s mobile phone, “Sister Chen, I’m not sick.”

"I didn't say you were sick, it’s just a chat with a psychologist to release your stress.” Although Chen Yuan said that, she felt that Shi Sheng was indeed actually sick. 

Sick people often feel like they are not sick.

After Shi Sheng persuaded Chen Yuan for some time, Chen Yuan dropped the thought to bring her to a psychologist, “So far, I have no updates about the incident. I’ll find out who did the cover-up later….. Have a good rest, don't go out for a few days.” 

“Have a safe trip home, Sister Chen. By the way, please don’t ever invite me to join any dinner events like last night’s. It was meaningless.”  

Chen Yuan was speechless. 

Do you have any idea how many investors were there last night?  

Chen Yuan took a deep breath and stared at her, “Do you think you attend any more of those in the future?” 

 Li Jie was injured. Albeit the incident was covered up, Li Jie is not an easy man to get rid of. 

All she brings is trouble.  

Finally, some of her burdens were relieved once Chen Yuan left.

But right after Chen Yuan left, the controlling sibling, Lan Ching, called Shi Sheng.

"Baby, are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” I was the one who injured someone, what could possibly happen to me?

On the other side, Lan Ching let out a sigh, “Thank god, what happened with Li Jie?” 

"Oh, he tried to play by the unspoken rules by offering me a role!," Shi Sheng spat out the truth.


Shi Sheng heard a sound like something being thrown over the phone, followed by the voice of Lan Ching suppressing his anger, “How dare he try these schemes on my sister. My dear, don’t you worry. As your brother, I won’t let you be bullied.”

Shi Sheng was speechless.

Bullied? I hit him right on the head, okay?  

"By the way, dear, do you know anyone from the Gu family?” Lan Ching said abruptly after he was done scolding Li Jie. 

“Gu family? Gu Chi? Which Gu family?”

Lan Ching has always been in touch with people from the newspaper’s office. But he was still one step behind a mysterious person who stopped Lan Sheng’s news from being published.

And he was someone from the Gu family. 

"There is no Gu family other than the Huan Yu Company. Who do you know?”

”I am not sure...... " Is Gu Chi from the Gu family?  

Usually, the story goes like this. 

Lan Ching seemed to be very nervous, he did not want any ties with the Gu family. 

Shi Sheng answered inattentively and hung up the phone. 

Shi Sheng scratched her head and was a little confused. What’s going on?

She went to room 606 to look for Gu Chi and knocked on the door for some time, yet nobody answered.

In the following days, Gu Chi did not come back, and Shi Sheng started the shoot for ‘First Empress’ film.

The shooting location was at a local filming studio. The director used to film artistic films, never once a drama as marketed and profit-based as this one. It was a tad different from what he was used to do.

Directors who film artistic films are normally very particular about details. When Shi Sheng first joined the crew, she was asked to study various history materials.

From manners to lifestyle.

Shi Sheng was frightened by the thick pile of materials. 

Am I here for acting or history class?  

"Sister Lan, did the director do this on purpose?” Xiao Fu and Xiao Bao were both speechless. This is not a historical drama, is it necessary to be so strict?  

"All because I'm too cool." Shi Sheng touched her face narcissistically, “Must be jealousy.” 

Sister Lan doesn’t usually hates narcissists.

But just how picky can the director be anyway? Shi Sheng thought.


But soon, she regretted that thought and wanted to terminate her contract immediately.

Just a little mistake in the dress up, he asked for a cut.

Even if the action was off by a little, he asked for a cut. 

He even asked for a cut for ad-libbing.

And when the hairpin was slightly misplaced, he asked for a cut again. 

If this was a historical drama, she would have no comments because then a purpose to study history would exist. But, this was not one! 
The background was just a set-up. 

"As I have told you before, unmarried women were not allowed to wear the golden hairpin back in that era, all of you just won’t listen...”

"Director.” Shi Sheng interrupted the director’s chattering.

The director was talking excitedly. Suddenly, he heard Shi Sheng calling him. He frowned and stopped talking.

"You should not change your filmmaking style to soap opera, you should teach history lessons.

The director was confused. 

Shi Sheng pulled off the messy accessories on her head, “The nation needs you, not me. Regarding the liquidated damages, my manager will talk to you about it. I hope to never see you again.”