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After Shi Sheng quit, Brother Liang and Sister Mei had to stay behind to handle the breach of contract. She left the filming site with her other two assistants.

The news was published quickly. 

‘Lan Shen quits from the First Empress crew’

‘First Empress crew started filming, the main actress quits.’ 

‘The Truth behind the scene of Movie Queen quitting’ 

Chen Yuan was just holding a meeting before she discovered that the world had changed.

She scrolled through Weibo with a pale face, looking at various speculation topics.

What am I going to do with this girl!  

Chen Yuan called Shi Sheng on her cellphone.

When Shi Sheng received the call, she was staring at the female lead.

The crew of ‘Proud Sun’ was also at the filming site. The site was not big so there was nothing strange about bumping into one another.

The weird thing was bumping into the female lead at the moment.

Here’s the case. 

The parking lot at the film site was under renovation, so cars parked at any available space. 

Wen Qiao's car just so happened to be blocking a celebrity's car, but the celebrity's car was blocking Shi Sheng's car.

If Shi Sheng wanted to leave, Wen Qiao's car had to be moved first.

However, because the celebrity, whose car was stuck in the middle, had offended Wen Qiao, she refused to move her car and asked the celebrity to apologize.

This celebrity was considered to be quite famous as well despite being just a third rate. Of course, she was unhappy about this newcomer who had zero work to be intimidating her. 

So, they quarreled.

The one who got involved in this was the innocent Shi Sheng. 

"Sister Chen ..." Shi Sheng placed her phone in her ear.

"Lan Shen, get yourself back to the office right now." Chen Yuan growled, "Now, immediately! If I don’t see you in an hour, be ready to bear the consequences."

Shi Sheng distanced the phone away from her ear and waited for the person on the other side to stop shouting before she placed it back. "Sister Chen, I can't get back to the company within an hour.”

Chen Yuan choked and growled even louder, "Lan Sheng, don’t say another word. Get back here right now.” 

"Eh, Sister Chen, it's not that I don't want to, but I can't. Someone is blocking my car, and I have no superpower to make the car flyover from there." Shi Sheng was like a fearless lion cub. No matter how Chen Yuan growled on the other end, she responded calmly.

Xiao Bao, who stood beside her, could hear the shouting as well twitched his face.

Sister Chen was so scary when she’s angry, yet Sister Lan dared to incite her even more.

"What's going on?" Chen Yuan tried to suppress her anger. "Who dares block your car? Don’t you know how to give them a few hits?” 

Shi Sheng was speechless for a moment. “Sister Chen, how can you say such words? I'm not the kind of person who would do such a thing."

  It's disgraceful to hit people, devaluating too.  

"You had beaten up an investor and quit acting for a film, what else can’t you do?" Chen Yuan gasped, "I'm not going to continue arguing with you, get back here quickly."

Chen Yuan abruptly hung up the phone. A busy ‘beeping’ tone came from Shi Sheng’s mobile phone.

Shi Sheng looked up at the sky. What is going on?


Wen Qiao and the third rate celebrity were still arguing. Wen Qiao is currently not well-known, she had nothing to lose. She insisted on getting the third rate celebrity to apologize.

Shi Sheng shook her head, Wen Qiao really can’t take any single bit of loss.  

Shi Sheng got out of her car, Xiao Bao, who was in the passenger seat, followed her.

"Sister Lan." The three-line celebrity greeted respectfully.

"Sister Lan ..." Wen Qiao greeted, but very softly.

Shi Sheng smiled at the third rate celebrity, "It’s just a discussion on moving cars, it’s not like you’re both discussing buying cars?"

The third rate celebrity gave a downcasted appearance and apologized, "I'm sorry, Sister Lan, it's not that I don't want to move, it's her who refuses."

"She is the one who was being rude first. I’ll move right now as long as she apologizes." Wen Qiao frowned with her back straight and chin slightly lifted.

"I don't care what’s going on between you two, now move your cars." Shi Sheng's tone suddenly became firm.

The third rate celebrity heard Shi Sheng's aggressive tone and smiled at Wen Qiao, "What are you waiting for? Can you afford to delay Sister Lan’s time?"

Wen Qiao's face showed that she was a little upset and she hesitated for a moment but then decided to move her car.

Shi Sheng grinned at Wen Qiao, turned and got back in her car.

Wen Qiao grabbed her bag and watched as Shi Sheng's car left.

Shi Sheng's car was the best type of RV used by celebrities, way better than the standard of all the celebrities in the company.

One day ... she will get there too.  

Those who once embarrassed her, she will make them pay one by one.


Shi Sheng was scolded by Chen Yuan when she returned to the company. She was also ordered to go home and stay there.

The Public Relation team was sent out to deal with this matter.

If this matter is not handled properly, it will become negative news which is why the public relations department was very nervous.

Shi Sheng went home relaxed regardless of how they handle it.

She lived in apartment 808. On the sixth floor, she paused and got off the elevator.

The door of 606 was open.

Shi Sheng was a little surprised when she saw a person coming out of it. Shi Sheng had never seen him. He was simply dressed and his hair was messed up, she could tell he wasn’t any sort of a serious person.

He froze when he saw Shi Sheng, and then bypassed her and left.

What is going on here?

All the weird things always involved Gu Chi.

"Huh ... Goddess, why are you standing at the door?" Lin Ze Nan came out and was about to close the door. Seeing Shi Sheng's face filled him with surprise and excitement, "Come in, come in."

Shi Sheng stepped into the apartment.

The apartment was obviously renovated, looking brand new. 

Lin Ze Nan did not let Shi Sheng change her shoes and led her inside. He then poured water and served snacks and fruits. 

Shi Sheng looked around but didn't see Gu Chi. "... Where’s Gu Chi?"

Lin Ze Nan pointed at a particular room. "The boss is taking a shower."

"Bath during the daytime?"

"The boss just got up." Lin Ze Nan was helpless. "If I don't come, he's most likely to sleep the whole day... hey, goddess, what's your relationship with the boss?"

Lin Ze Nan was curious, and the idea of asking Gu Chi was definitely unrealistic. He would not say anything.

Whenever he was asked about his first encounter with the goddess, Gu Chi would deny it. Yet, the two of them looked very close. 

This is simply illogical.

He spent most of his time with Gu Chi.

Even he didn't know!

"Nothing." So far, our relationship is really nothing.  


Gu Chi's figure appeared at the door, his wet hair was still dripping with some hair on his cheek, while droplets were falling onto his clothes.

His eyes were slightly cool with no smile on his face, and there was a sense of alienation around him.

He didn't seem to be surprised by Shi Sheng’s presence at all. His sight stayed on her for a few seconds then shifted away naturally.

He went straight into the kitchen then came out with a bottle of milk in his hand.

"Click!" The glass bottle with milk collided with the glass coffee table, making a crystal clear sound.

He stood in front of Shi Sheng with his eyelids slightly drooping and his voice a bit dry, "Pure natural."

Shi Sheng looked up at him.

Their eyes met. At that moment, Shi Sheng felt like she was looking into a starry universe.

Mysterious, deep and vast.