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Gu Chi looked away, turned around and sat down. He took the towel handed over by Lin Ze Nan, and slowly wiped his hair.
His movements were very slow as if the slow-motion button was pressed.
Shi Sheng had no idea what kind of medicine in the gourd was sold by Gu Chi.
He took a sip from the bottle, the milk tasted a lot stronger than other tastes.
"Boss, are we going elsewhere at night?" Lin Ze Nan took the opportunity to answer the phone while waiting for Gu Chi to finish wiping off his face, Lin Ze Nan would then ask Gu Chi.
Gu Chi looked at Shi Sheng.
Lin Ze Nan immediately responded and said, "Pretty lady, there is a racing game at night, are you going?"
Last time the pretty lady could not make it, but this time she must be going.
"Oh, okay." Shi Sheng agreed.
She felt confused about Gu Chi’s personalities.

Lin Ze Nan seemed very happy while he was talking to someone over the phone.
Gu Chi and Shi Sheng were left in the living room.
Shi Sheng was speechless at the moment.
Gu Chi put down the towel. He looked at Shi Sheng who was drinking a cup of milk, he frowned and asked her, "Does it taste good?"
"It tastes normal. I don't like milk very much." 

She did not like milk essentially.
She still remembered there was a time, Feng Ci, who loved to drink milk, once forced her to drink it. If she did not drink the milk, Feng Ci would spoon-feed her.
Gu Chi went silent for a while before asking, "What do you like to drink?"
"Coffee or wine are fine." She did not have any favorite drink.
Gu Chi breathed shallowly and said slowly, "It is not good for girls to drink alcohol."
Shi Sheng felt that Gu Chi was flirting with her.
Was it just an illusion?
Then Gu Chi went silent and played with his tablet while sitting on the sofa.
His whole body sank into the sofa, and was bent in a U-shape. A big man shrunk into a ball that appeared to be adorable.
"What are you playing with?" Shi Sheng was thinking that if she did not talk to Gu Chi, he would not talk to her as well.

Gu Chi raised his head slightly, and the background music of the character's death sounded on the tablet. He frowned slightly and waved at her.
Shi Sheng got up and walked to the front of him. He moved aside to empty a space for Shi Sheng and said, "Please have a seat."
Shi Sheng sat down without feeling any tension. Gu Chi seemed to be satisfied. He looked at Shi Sheng while showing her his tablet.
The mobile game was called "Killing World". It is the most trending mobile game recently. The maximum player level was recently updated to 100. 

Shi Sheng was only 95, but Gu Chi's had already achieved level 100.
Gu Chi ’s character name in the mobile game was named Gu Chi as well

The character only had normal equipment. Guess he did not spend much money on the mobile game.
Shi Sheng silently watched as Gu Chi was playing the game.
So, am I here to accompany him to play his game?
It doesn’t matter.
Shi Sheng took out her mobile phone. There were a few text messages, two of which were from Brother Liang, telling her that the contract had been signed.
The rest were from the celebrities who asked her about the performance stuff.
Gu Chi looked at Shi Sheng while she was replying to her text messages with a dull look on his face.
Shi Sheng turned to him and their eyes meet. Gu Chi immediately turned away. He was panicking.
He put down the tablet, got up, and went to the room.

Something went wrong!
Lin Ze Nan went out to order food without their knowledge and he came back with bags full of foods.
"Pretty lady, I am sorry because the boss doesn't like to have dinner at restaurants, so we normally take away and eat at home." Lin Ze Nan explained to Shi Sheng while opening the box.
I don't know what the pretty lady likes to eat, I just randomly bought some food. Hope she will like it.
Lin Ze Nan looked at Shi Sheng with his pitiful eyes.
"There is nothing that I particularly don’t like to eat." Shi Sheng took the chopsticks handed over by Lin Ze Nan.
"Where is the boss?" Lin Ze Nan just thought of his boss.
Shi Sheng pointed to the room.
Lin Ze Nan knocked on the door but there was no reply for a long moment. Lin Ze Nan stood at the door for more than a minute, and suddenly the door opened.

"Boss, it is time to eat."
Gu Chi frowned and when he saw Shi Sheng sitting at the dining table, he hesitated for a moment before walking to the dining table.
Lin Ze Nan was like a housekeeper. He helped Gu Chi to pull out the stool and set up the tableware.
When he sat down, Shi Sheng leaned in his direction and asked in a low voice, "You’re used to serving him in this way?"
"Well, yes." Lin Ze Nan nodded.
"What kind of relationship is there between you guys? Why did you choose to serve him?" At first glance, this child must come from wealthy family background. And children around this age should be at their ambitious and haughty period. It was unreasonable to have to serve Gu Chi.
"The boss pays me."
Your answer surprised me.
She thought Lin Ze Nan would say that it was because ‘we’re good friends’.

Yet, it turned out their relationship was tied by money.
Lin Ze Nan laughed and said, "Well, I grew up with my boss. I will tell you about our story in the future."
Gu Chi was sitting opposite them and Lin Ze Nan knew it was not the right moment to tell her.
Gu Chi was eating quietly, and he did not seem to notice Shi Sheng and Lin Ze Nan were chatting.
He always ate very slowly and he did not eat much as a picky eater.
However, Lin Ze Nan’s expression seemed like say, "Boss is eating a lot more today! "
Gu Chi entered the room once he finished eating. "Boss used to eat only half a bowl of rice, so less that I thought he was a spirit!." Lin Ze Nan complained to Shi Sheng while he was cleaning the dishes.
Shi Sheng decided to do some research about Gu Chi’s background.
It is too weird about him.
At night, Shi Sheng was brought to the top of a mountain where a group of people occupied the parking lot on it to do ‘stunts’ their motorcycles.
Most were dressed as gangsters.

Shi Sheng had never met most of them before while some of them she had last seen them at the entertainment club.
The girl named Ye Jing Yi was over there as well. She was wearing a sexy short skirt and was leaning on a modified motorcycle. Her eyes were shining when she saw Lin Ze Nan.
But when he saw Shi Sheng coming down from the car with Lin Ze Nan, her expression immediately changed.
She ran over with her high-heeled shoes and asked loudly, "Brother Ze Nan, why did you bring her again?"
Lin Ze Nan did not like Ye Jing Yi. His expression was cold when facing her. He said, "The pretty lady was invited by the boss. Ye Jing Yi, please be careful of what you say. You may have to bear the consequences."
Ye Jing Yi was afraid of Gu Chi. Under the light, her face which was covered with makeup did not seem to have any expression, but there was a trace of fear in her eyes.
She looked into the car behind Shi Sheng while biting her lip. She hummed heavily, stepped on high heels and walked back to where she came from.
Sounds of discussion around the surroundings were shattered by the mountain breeze, and a few words such as ‘Young Master Gu’, ‘Movie Queen’ and ‘relationship’ were heard.
"Don't bother about the little girl, she was acting immature." Lin Ze Nan felt sorry for Shi Sheng.
 Shi Sheng was silent. Then, Gu Chi slowly got off the car.
He was wearing a black hooded sweater, black pants and a pair of black sneakers as usual.
The gangsters on the opposite side immediately stopped their discussion and stood still, like a group of little boys about to be spot-checked as soon as they saw Gu Chi got off from the car.
While the other guys just stood casually looked at Gu Chi.
Gu Chi leaned his head and looked over at Shi Sheng, then he suddenly reached out to hold her hand.
Gu Chi's fingertips were very cold like there was a piece of ice being placed on her wrist.
He held her hand carefully with little strength to test if she would reject his advances. When he realized that Shi Sheng was not rejecting him, he then held her hand tighter.
Shi Sheng looked at him strangely and followed him to a nearby place where chairs were provided.