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“Young Master Gu really has a crush on Lan Sheng?” 

“Yea. Young Master Gu had never been so close to a woman, not to mention holding a woman’s hand, but it’s different this time...” 

“Eh, how about Qian Feng’s woman…”

“Shh! Are you finding trouble? It was that woman wooing Young Master Gu...”

Ye Jing Yi listened to the discussion behind her, her face creased up while staring angrily at Shi Sheng. 

What’s good about this woman? Brother Ze Nan called her goddess and even Young Master Gu protected her so much. 

“Little Ye,” A girl next to her patted her, “Are you still angry?”

Ye Jing Yi picked her nails, her eyes turned red and said indignantly, “Why? She is just an actress.”

“Little Ye…” The girl heaved a sigh. Love is complicated.

There is no way Young Master Lin didn't like her. Apparently, he didn’t have that kinda feeling towards Lan Sheng too. He certainly did not dare to think about it as Young Master Gu is so close to Lan Sheng.

She understood the reason but Ye Jing Yi did not. Or maybe she did but was not willing to admit it.


Engines were droning on the other side of the road. A dozen modified motorcycles rushed up at a high speed and the headlights were flashing gorgeously. They revolved around them a few times and stopped at the other side. 

Obviously, there were two parties. 

They were all in uniform as if they were professional racers. Their motorcycles were also different from Gu Chi’s. All in the same brand and model but different in colours. 

One of them blew a loud whistle, a guy got out of his motorcycle and strode towards Gu Chi’s side.

Lin Ze Nan approached him and both discussed something. Then, the guy went back.  

Lin Ze Nan picked four people and asked them to get on their motorcycles, “The bet is what we promised before, be careful all.” 
They raced with bets as they came from noble families. Those on the other side were not professional racers. Instead, they came from noble families too but in a different gang. They wear clothes like that just for the sake of looking good. 

There was a conflict between them and they raced to solve the conflict. It was expected.

The rules were simple. Both sides would send four people to race, starting from the top to the bottom of the mountain, whoever came first will win. 

Gu Chi seemed to be not interested in this. He was staring at the ground. 

“Boss.” Lin Ze Nan handed over a tablet to Gu Chi. 

Gu Chi took it and passed it to Shi Sheng who was next to him. 

 Playing games at this time?

“It’s live.” Gu Chi spoke slowly. 

Shi Sheng switched on the tablet, the screen showing several shots taken from the air. 

Shi Sheng praised silently. 

This is so fun! What a fucking broadcast!

Shi Sheng was not a fan of such a show, she’d rather preferred sword fights.

The motorcycles were chasing each other, some even bumped into one another regardless of danger. Fortunately, everyone was safe and sound and the other side won.

Scolding comes after cheers. The guy who talked with Lin Ze Nan just now raised his hand, asking them to be quiet. 

He came to Gu Chi. His 180cm height blocked the light as he stood in front of Gu Chi.

He glanced at Shi Sheng and seemed to be not interested in who she was. He then looked down at Gu Chi condescendingly, “Gu Chi, let’s race.” 

“Fang Zi Yan, don’t look for trouble!” Lin Ze Nan came from the back, staring at him with a dark face. 

The atmosphere was tense.

Fang Zi Yan moved his fist and laughed flippantly. He then punched Lin Ze Nan’s face. 

Lin Ze Nan was beaten to a stumble. Everyone at the back scolded and beating one another up.

“I’m talking to Gu Chi, why did you interrupt? Since you chose to be a dog for him, then you should have behaved like a dog.” Fang Zi Yan spoke in a rude and contemptuous manner. 

“Fang Zi Yan, what the fuck are you talking about?” Lin Ze Nan wanted to punch him but Gu Chi stopped him. 

Suddenly, someone passed by Shi Sheng and covered her eyes. She wanted to pull it down but was held back by someone, “Don’t look. Just hang on a moment.” 

“Tut...Gu Chi, since when did you learn to be tender towards girls? Is she Lan Sheng? The one in the entertainment industry? Didn’t expect you to like this kinda girl…” 

His words stopped abruptly. 

Shi Sheng could only hear the sound of fists hitting his body, and the humming noise he made due to pain. It lasted for 5 to 6 minutes. Then, when all the noises stopped, it seemed like she entered a silent space. 

Shi Sheng uncovered her eyes and looked to her front, it was dark. She looked up and saw Gu Chi standing in front of her. 

Gu Chi turned and bent slightly to her eye level, “I will send you back.” 

Shi Sheng was stunned for seconds. The villain this time was so awesome! 
She only got to see those people lying on the ground after she got in the car. As the window was rolling up slowly, she noticed Fang Zi Yan was looking at her gloomily.
He was looking at me instead of Gu Chi. 

Shi Sheng knew she was dead this time. 

They were so quiet throughout the journey. Gu Chi sent Shi Sheng all the way to her doorstep. 

“Good night.” Gu Chi rubbed Shi Sheng’s head, “Call me if anything happens.” 

He seemed to remember something. He took his phone out and pressed on the screen. Immediately, Shi Sheng’s ringtone rang cheerfully. She took a look, a strange number appeared on the screen. 

She then looked up to Gu Chi, “How did you get my number?” 

I didn’t tell him before, did I? 

Gu Chi did not answer, he was just looking at her. The light in the corridor reflected in his eyes and Shi Sheng was in his pupils.

Just as Shi Sheng thought he would not answer, he said slowly, “I can get it if I want.”

Shi Sheng was a little confused. The style of a domineering CEO? 

Oh my god! He’s so up to the female lead’s standard? 

Am I getting promoted? Suc  a domineering air he has!

Shi Sheng entered her house with a stunned look. After she closed her door, Gu Chi left. 

Back downstairs, Gu Chi habitually turned off his phone. The next second, he frowned and switched on his phone again.

His phone battery was very low. He searched for his charger in the living room but he did not find it. 

Gu Chi opened his contact book, there were two numbers inside. One of them was Lin Ze Nan, another was Lan Sheng with a remark ‘Sheng’ at the side. 

Gu Chi called Lin Ze Nan to ask where his phone charger was. Lin Ze Nan thought he received a prank call at first. He looked at the screen several times to confirm that it was really his boss on the other side of the phone.

Gu Chi had never done such a thing. Charging his phone had always been Lin Ze Nan’s job. How can he not be surprised by receiving such a call all of a sudden?