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Following the scandal of Movie Queen backing out from filming, there was a rumor of her hanging around with a gang of thugs at night. 

Scandals came after one another. 

Movie Queen night racing with thugs 

Bitch Lan Sheng 

Lan Sheng visited a hotel with a mysterious guy, suspected of being kept 

Lan Sheng bully a rookie by changing her scenes without authorization

The scandals were trending online and Lan Sheng's name kept popping up in the trending list.

Shi Sheng was very interested in the scandals so she clicked on one and read it.

The photo of night racing was very blurry, taken when she got out of the car and the thugs next to her happened to be in the shot too. 

The scandal of visiting a hotel with a mysterious guy was actually of her and Lan Ching. The 
photos were taken when both of them were having dinner in Yi Hong Pavilion and entered the 
hotel together when she was filming in D City. 

Lan Ching was mosaicked but she was not. She was holding his arm and the shooting angle made them look ambiguous in the photo.

The scandal of changing scenes without authorization was what she did when she was filming “Proud Sun”, and about the scandal of bullying the rookie...it was Wen Qiao. 

She admitted for the change of scenes without authorization, she purposely did so as she hated the scriptwriter. But about bullying the rookie……

Shi Sheng signed in to Weibo and posted several posts. 

Lan Sheng: @Lan Ching Your Royal Highness, when can I be promoted to be the princess? 

Lan Sheng: So I was blamed because of my good acting skill? It was the scriptwriter who agreed on the changes, please go and find him if you have any questions. 

Shi Sheng did not respond to the night racing scandal. 

People started sharing and commenting on the two posts immediately after she posted. 
Big White: Trending.

Eighth Grade Syndrome Idiot: Who is the guy tagged by goddess? He has the same surname as ‘Lan’ too.

Idiot Lan Sheng: Lan Sheng, you’re a bitch! It’s really disgusting!

Truth is Me: I’ve searched for the guy our goddess tagged...he is certified as the CEO of Yu Teng Group...I seemed to have discovered some incredible news.

Uncomfortable Crying: I saw it, so handsome! The CEO had the same surname ‘Lan’, is he a relative of our goddess? Such a handsome guy! He must be her brother or her cousin!

Lan Sheng Goddess I Love You: Always supporting you, goddess.

My Boss is a Ghost: ……

Various comments appeared under the post. 

Someone then posted a long post explaining their identity after a logical analysis by comparing their name, appearance, and the outfit of the mysterious guy in the photo. 

Lan Ching was the first to reply to Shi Sheng.

Lan Ching: @Lan Sheng Your Royal Highness, what about being promoted to the position of Queen? I would clear all the obstacles for you, Your Royal Highness.

Immediately after the reply, everyone was shocked.

It was so obvious! They are siblings!

Not only were the fans shocked but also everyone in the entertainment industry. 

They had been guessing Lan Sheng had a background, but they did not expect it was the Yu Teng Group. She was not kept by anyone but instead was actually the Young Miss of Yu Teng Group. 

What’s so interesting of being an actress rather than the Young Miss of Yu Teng Group? 

The scandal was settled. Haters then moved to the other two scandals. 

But the night racing news was retracted immediately after it was released. 

The platform that issued the news stated, It was fake news. We apologize for posting the news without verification.

They retracted it immediately after the news was revealed of Lan Sheng as the Young Miss of Yu Teng Group, which seemed to be suspicious. The netizens began to track the scandal. 

Not to mention, they really did discover something. 

There were many people that attended the night race so it was common for some who were excited to see a star to take photos of her secretly. 

Even though Lin Ze Nan had already asked them to delete the photos from their social media, it was in vain. It had already been shared by many people. 

Eventually, it started trending now. 

This had undoubtedly proven the truth of the retracted news. The scandal of public figures night racing brought a very bad reputation to the artists. 

Shi Sheng read the comments in the social media post. 

Interesting! Their imaginations are awesome! 

Four hours had passed since the incident happened but Chen Yuan had never called her.

Shi Sheng looked at her phone suspiciously. Wasn’t Chen Yuan the first to call me whenever there was an incident?

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Someone was knocking on her door heavily. 

Shi Sheng opened the door. Chen Yuan’s face turned black as she was standing outside, her face turned even darker when she saw her. 

Instead of calling me, she came to my house this time.

“Lan Sheng!” Chen Yuan gnashed her teeth and shouted at her.

“Sis Chen.” Shi Sheng opened the door for her to enter a relaxed manner. 

“You’re so clever now! The scandal of you backing out from filming has yet to be settled and you created more scandals? Lan Sheng, what do you want? Are you still willing to continue your acting career?”

“It’s not my fault….” said an innocent Shi Sheng. I’m not the one who posted the scandals. 

Chen Yuan took a deep breath trying to control her emotion, “Sheng Sheng, I’ve made an appointment with a psychologist for you. It’s tomorrow at 9 am and I’ll accompany you. You don’t have to worry about the scandals, the company will deal with it.” 

I am not sick! Fuck! 

As Lan Sheng’s manager, Chen Yuan definitely knew Lan Ching was her brother. Except for the night racing scandal, the others were not a problem to deal with.  

“Proud Sun” was written by Ai Wei Si who is famed as a picky scriptwriter. Since he had agreed to the changes, it must have been a necessary change. 

The scandal of bullying rookie might be difficult to settle if the rookie was famous. But she was just a to-be-debuted rookie, it could be left aside and things will settle by itself. 

But Shi Sheng created so many scandals recently and her attitude was very indifferent towards it all, Chen Yuan had no choice but to suspect she was sick.

If there is any mental illness affecting her, her acting career will definitely be ruined.

“You’re not allowed to take a hand in the incident anymore, are you clear?” Chen Yuan urged her repeatedly. 

“Ok.” I can still take a ‘leg’.

“I will pick you up tomorrow.” On second thought, she said, “Well, I’d better sleep with you tonight.” 

Shi Sheng was speechless. 

Chen Yuan chased her into her room and started making a lot of calls in the living room. 

Shi Sheng looked at the ceiling, she had nothing to say. I am not sick! 

She received a call from Lan Ching, asking her not to worry and that he will deal with the scandals. 
Lan Ching actually left her a missed call a while back and he called again this time when he was free. 

“Thanks, Bro,” said Shi Sheng.

“Wow, you’ve learned to be polite. It’s really rare!” Lan Ching joked around in a relaxed manner.

“....Your Royal Highness, please go and work.”

Lan Ching urged, “Okay, don’t read the news and comments. I’ll deal with it.” 

“Hmm.” It’s so nice to have a brother!

Just as she hung up Lan Ching’s call, her phone shook again. 

Shi Sheng saw the name appear on the screen and raised her eyebrows slightly. She swiped to answer the call. 

The other side of the phone was quiet. 

After a long time, he spoke, “I’m outside your apartment.”