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What? Outside my house?

Shi Sheng was stunned. What did he want to do?

Got to find a way to confirm whether he is Feng Ci. 

Shi Sheng asked him to hold on, and she got out of her room to open the door. 

The living room had become a temporary office of Chen Yuan. She saw Shi Sheng come out and staring fixedly at her, “What do you want?”

“My friend is outside,” Shi Sheng pointed to the door. 

Chen Yuan frowned slightly. As her manager for so many years, I don’t remember her having any friends.

Who would come at this time….Is it a guy?

Omg! Is she in a relationship? 

Shi Sheng opened the door as Chen Yuan was imagining. 

Gu Chi stood outside quietly, remaining in the same posture even before the door opened. After a few seconds, he raised his head slowly and handed a lunch box to Shi Sheng, “I just bought it.” 

Shi Sheng could recognize the packaging, it was the same restaurant where Lin Ze Nan packed their food last time. 

“Come in.” Shi Sheng moved aside. 

Gu Chi looked inside and noticed a woman staring at him.

It’s her, Lan Sheng’s manager. 

Gu Chi nodded at Chen Yuan. He entered the house and closed the door. His action was so proficient and natural, it seemed as if he had been a regular visitor of the house. 

Chen Yuan almost had a nervous breakdown. 

Who is this guy?

What had she done when I was not around? 

“Sheng Sheng, come.” Chen Yuan waved to Shi Sheng. 

Shi Sheng put the lunch box on the table, poured a glass of water for Gu Chi, and asked him to sit wherever he likes before she reached Chen Yuan. 

“Sis Chen?”

Chen Yuan dragged her to a corner, “Who is that guy? The person you like or the person who likes you? Anyhow, how can you simply let a guy come to your house? There are so many scandals to be settled yet, what would you do if you were caught by the journalists?”

Chen Yuan asked a bunch of questions. 

Such a headache. Sometimes, it’s quite annoying to have such a responsible manager.

Shi Sheng heaved a sigh, “Sis Chen, do you know Huan Yu Group?”

Chen Yuan did not understand why she was talking about Huan Yu Group but still nodded, “Multinational Group, who doesn’t know. Don’t try to change the topic, you haven’t answered my questions yet. Who is he? What’s your relationship with him?” 

“He is Gu Chi, the youngest son of Huan Yu Group,” Shi Sheng said slowly. 

“What youngest son? You…” Chen Yuan’s words stopped abruptly, and then she raised her voice, “Huan Yu Group….” 

Chen Yuan covered her mouth and looked at Gu Chi surprisingly. Her voice was very loud just now, but Gu Chi was sitting aside like nothing happened. 

He is the Young Master of Gu family? 

The entertainment industry has very close ties to rich people. Everyone in the entertainment industry knows that the Gu Family loves their Young Master very much. 

Chen Yuan gulped, “Sheng Sheng...how did you know him?”

Falling in love with Young Master Gu means you might have  a powerful background.

“Downstairs, he is staying at 606.” 

Young Master Gu who was born with a silver spoon is staying in this condominium?

Am I dreaming? Someone who is able to spend a few million was staying here?

Of course, the condominium was not too bad. It costs 4 to 5 million every unit.

But it is definitely not the same standard compared to those houses which cost more than ten million.

Chen Yuan grasped the wall, “You can go now.” 

No, give me a moment. Such shocking news!  

Nevermind, I am getting old. 

Shi Sheng threw a sympathetic look to Chen Yuan. The villain was certainly fucking awesome in order to challenge the male lead and female lead. 

She walked to the table, pulled the chair beside Gu Chi and sat on it, “How did you know I have not eaten yet?” 

She dared not to go out, as too many journalists were outside. Even the security guards who have to work overtime cannot receive their food delivery. 
Gu Chi did not answer. He opened the lunch box and took the food out.

Three dishes with soup, two meat dishes, and one vegetable dish. 

The scent of the food filled the room immediately. 

Aren’t these the dishes I love? He sure is flirtatious

The rice was packed in a delicate bowl at the bottom layer with two tableware sets next to it. 

Gu Chi served a bowl of soup to Shi Sheng, “Drink some soup to warm your stomach first.”

Shi Sheng was indeed hungry. She only gnawed at an apple just now, but the more she ate, the more hungry she was getting.  

“Have you eaten?” Shi Sheng took a few sips of soup. 

Gu Chi did not answer until she finished her soup, “No.” 

Shi Sheng filled her bowl with rice and served another bowl of rice to Gu Chi, “Let’s eat together, I can’t finish anyway.” 

Then, she turned to Chen Yuan who had not calmed down yet, “Sis Chen, have you eaten?”

“I’ve eaten, enjoy yourself.” Chen Yuan bought something to eat as she was on her way here. Although the scent of the food was attracting her, she dared not to go as Young Master Gu was there. 

Chen Yuan packed her belongings and slipped into the study room. She had to calm herself down. 

Gu Chi seemed to be very satisfied with Chen Yuan’s behavior. He curved his mouth slightly for a few seconds, but Shi Sheng did not notice.

Gu Chi did not speak throughout the dinner, they were so quiet as if attending a grand ceremony. He finished his food first and kept the tablewares as Shi Sheng finished. 

Feng Ci did not talk much either, with more action instead. So Shi Sheng was not embarrassed and looked at him packing the things up. 

He was very serious and focused when doing something. 

“Gu Chi?”

Gu Chi did not look at her until he finished packing the things up, “Yes?” 

Shi Sheng laid on the table. She looked up at him and smiled, “Do you like me?”

His long eyelashes fluttered slightly, forming a fan-shaped shadow on his fair skin. They gazed at each other firmly. 

“Like?” Some doubts flashed in his eyes, “What’s like?” 

What the hell? Why do you flirt with me if you don’t like me?

No, how could Feng Ci not like me?

[......Host, you haven’t confirmed whether this is Feng Ci.]

According to your routine, can it be wrong?

Every hidden task in the past, which of it was not Feng Ci?

I’m now suspecting all the villains before and after as Feng Ci.

The System was speechless 

Master, we should upgrade now. The host has already figured out your trick.