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“Then why are you treating me so nice?” Shi Sheng asked in another way.

Gu Chi looked firmly at her. Shi Sheng’s neck was getting a bit tired, he pushed the things on the table aside and sat down. 

“I don’t know. I just want to be nice to you.” Gu Chi looked a bit confused. 

He had been keeping an eye on Lan Sheng. But in the past, he did not feel like bringing the best thing in the world to her. He just thought that the lady on the screen was very sweet and seemed to make his life more interesting. 

That’s all.

“So, this is like?” Treating her nicely means I like her? 

He knew he was different from others since he was young. 

His family was very …. happy.

Yes, they used this word to describe it. 

Yet, he could not feel their happiness or feelings. To him, the world was full of disappointment and hopelessness. 

“Somehow yes.” Shi Sheng nodded with a smile. 

Gu Chi was stunned and took a step back. He panicked and picked up the lunch box, “Rest well...just leave the other things to me.”

Looking at Gu Chi trying to escape, Shi Sheng was speechless. Do I look like I’m about to eat you?

Gu Chi fulfilled his promise. The next day, there was an announcement from a film crew clarifying that the night racing photos were their film stills. Chen Yuan also received a call from the crew asking Shi Sheng to star as their second female lead, an adventurous young miss who likes racing. 

As the character was quite favourable and the news happened to settle the scandal, Chen Yuan immediately agreed and brought Shi Sheng to sign the contract.  

Shi Sheng was so obedient the whole morning. Just as she thought she could escape from the appointment, Chen Yuan drove her to the psychological clinic. 

“Sis Chen, I’m not sick, really.” Shi Sheng grabbed her seat belt tightly, unwilling to get out of the car. 

“Sheng Sheng, I didn’t say you’re sick. We came here just to relieve some stress, you’re working so hard now…” Chen Yuan persuaded her nicely. 

“No…” Shi Sheng shook her head. I’m not sick! Why should I go see a psychologist?  

Chen Yuan did not give up, “Sheng Sheng, we’ll just go and have a drink and chit-chat.” 

Then I’ll really become sick! 

I will not go! I’m not sick! 

Chen Yuan got out of the car and tried to pull Shi Sheng out, but she felt like Shi Sheng glued herself to the seat, Chen Yuan could not pull her out. 

She’s dreadfully ill.

“Sis Chen, what if I got caught by the journalists? I’ve been in the headlines recently, do you still want to see me in the headlines? Blablabla…..” 

Shi Sheng spouted nonsense for nearly ten minutes and Chen Yuan eventually gave up.

“Bang!” Chen Yuan closed the door.

Shi Sheng breathed a sigh of relief. She finally gave up!

The car started and slowly left the parking lot. 

Just as the car was about to leave the parking lot, out of the corner of her eyes, Shi Sheng saw a familiar figure slowly entering the building that Chen Yuan mentioned just now. 

“Sis Chen, stop!” Shi Sheng shook Chen Yuan’s arm. 

“What’s wrong?” Frightened me!

“...I think I’m sick, I wanna go and have a look.” Shi Sheng bullshitted. 

Sure enough, she’s dreadfully ill.

“Give me the business card. I’ll go myself,” said Shi Sheng while pretending. 

“I will accompany you,” Chen Yuan became worried.

Shi Sheng’s eyes widened, “Then I won’t go.” 

Chen Yuan had no choice but to give her the business card. Shi Sheng took the card and got off the car, running hurriedly towards the building.

She could hear Chen Yuan shouting behind her, but she walked too fast and could not hear clearly.

There was a signboard outside the elevator, psychological counselling was on the 18th floor. 

But Shi Sheng was not here for counselling, she sat down somewhere in the hall with her face covered. People in the hall glanced at her curiously.

After a moment, Gu Chi came out from the elevator together with a middle-aged guy, Shi Sheng dared not to follow them. 

Shi Sheng went out slowly as she watched them walk out of the building.  

Came here but found nothing.

Before she walked out of the building, she saw the middle-aged guy return. She decided to follow the guy and got on the elevator. 

The guy was answering a call so he did not notice Shi Sheng. He got out of the elevator on the 18th floor and Shi Sheng heard someone call him Doctor Wei…

Psychological counselling is on the 18th floor…

Doctor Wei…

Shi Sheng glanced at the business card in her hand, it was Doctor Wei. 

After talking with Gu Chi that day, she felt that something was wrong with him but she did not expect it was a psychological problem. She became worried and took the elevator down. 

Just as she walked out of the building, she saw Gu Chi standing outside. Didn’t he leave? 

Gu Chi put his hands in his pockets and looked at her quietly. His earrings refracted the sunlight into Shi Sheng’s eyes, she shook her head slightly. 

Gu Chi walked towards her. He held her hand and went to the parking lot. 

Shi Sheng was stunned all the way until she reached his car. 

This character is really enchanting!

“Are you following me?” Gu Chi was in the driver seat with his long fingers on the steering, he turned to look at Shi Sheng. 

“No.” Shi Sheng shook her head. I just happened to see you.

Gu Chi kept silent. After a moment, he leaned over to her side and Shi Sheng subconsciously leaned back. He glanced at her and she held her breath. 

Is he going to kill me? 

Gu Chi fastened the seat belt for her, “Where do you want to go?”


Gu Chi did not say anything, he drove quietly until he reached the basement of the condominium. He then slowly said, “Next time, call me if you want to follow me.” 


Gu Chi stopped the engine. The car became quiet. 

Shi Sheng did not know how long had passed then she heard a voice beside her, “I can take you anywhere.”

Which also means ‘I have no secrets from you’. 

Her heartbeat quickened and she was a little short of breath. He’s flirting with me again!

Suddenly, she leaned over and kissed Gu Chi who was caught off-guard.

She could feel his heart throbbing. Although it was very weak…

You’re Feng Ci.

Gu Chi froze and looked at her. He was confused and felt like fireworks were exploding in his mind. He was stiff and did not move at all until Shi Sheng let go of him joyfully.

“You…” Gu Chi’s ears were slightly hot. 

“What?” Shi Sheng pretended like nothing happened after taking advantage of him.

Gu Chi touched his lower lip, the sensation of the kiss could still be felt.

Gu Chi was silent. After a moment, he unfastened Shi Sheng’s seat belt, got out of the car and opened the door for her. 

He sent Shi Sheng to her doorstep, the redness on his ears remained, “What do you want to eat? I will buy it for you.”

“Never mind,” It’s too troublesome to go out. 

“Just call for delivery. Do you want to come in?” 

Gu Chi hesitated. 

Shi Sheng stood at the door and waited for his answer. Gu Chi finally nodded and entered the house. 

He wanted to stay a little longer with her with only the two  of them. He felt good by just staying in the same space with her, even if they did nothing.