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The film Shi Sheng chose to star in was ‘Dimensional Gods’, a science fiction film with some romance. 

The male lead was a policeman of the universe on the hunt for a fugitive. While fighting with the fugitive, they both fell into an undeveloped world.

The male lead became injured and lost his power, then the female lead saved him. Since then, their lives have been restrained by each other. 

The supporting female was a friend of the female cast, who came from a noble family. She was simple and straightforward, and always lent a helping hand to the main female cast. 

Filming had already been in progress as Shi Sheng arrived on set Someone had already been casted as the supporting female. But Gu Chi used some means and Shi Sheng replaced the girl.

As the supporting heroine of the story, the character looked super awesome. Shi Sheng loved the character very much. 

Although Shi Sheng made some mistakes during the racing scenes, she was able to manage herself and finished shooting. 

The movie did not take too long to film, only two months. When Shi Sheng left the set, the scandals had already been settled. 

Since Gu Chi helped Shi Sheng to settle her scandals, Lan Ching had been calling her every day asking about her relationship with the Gu family. 

He had been helping her many times, even Yu Teng Group received some benefits from Huan Yu Group. Although this had made his life easier, the Siscon, Lan Ching was very worried. 

The Gu Family is so powerful, he is not an ordinary person my sister can provoke.

“I’m in Yi Hong Pavilion, hurry up!” Lan Ching hung up the phone. 

 Apparently, he won’t give up if he doesn’t get answers by today.

Shi Sheng had a headache. She made a U-Turn and texted Gu Chi. 

In the past two months, they had seldom contacted each other and only occasionally sent text messages. 

After having a strange feeling that day, she 100% confirmed that Gu Chi was Feng Ci. 

In fact, she wished to annoy Gu Chi every day, but the filming was quite tiring and she had no free time. 

The filming had finally wrapped up today and she received a call from Gu Chi asking her out for a meal. 

Immediately after Shi Sheng texted him, her phone rang. 

“Where do you want to eat?” Gu Chi’s voice sounded a bit deep on the phone. 

“Yi Hong Pavilion.”


Gu Chi kept silent but he did not end the call, Shi Sheng could hear an occasional rustling sound over the phone. 

After a long time, she said, “Are you coming?” 

“Sure.” Gu Chi put the phone to his ear, “I miss you.” 

His words threw Shi Sheng into a tumult of joy. 

“Then I will wait for you outside.” Shi Sheng took a deep breath. “And remember, drive safely.”


Shi Sheng was closer to Yi Hong Pavilion but she got stuck in traffic. By the time she arrived, she saw Gu Chi waiting outside for her. 

Looking at Gu Chi standing outside alone in his thin clothing, Shi Sheng felt sorry. 

It is 5 to 6 degree celsius right now. His clothes are so thin and he is standing outside in such cold weather. 

Shi Sheng parked her car and strode towards him, “I was stuck in traffic. Have you been waiting for very long? Why didn’t you wait inside?”

Gu Chi adjusted her scarf and said slowly, “It’s fine.” 

Shi Sheng could feel the coldness in his hands. Your hands are so cold and you’re saying that you are fine?

Shi Sheng took his hands and put them in her pocket, “It’s very cold outside, let’s go inside.” 

Gu Chi did not care if the posture seemed weird, leaving her to hold his hands like this. His fingers that were stiff due to the cold gradually turned warm with her body temperature. 

Just as they entered Yi Hong Pavilion, they immediately warmed up by the heater. But Shi Sheng did not let go of Gu Chi. 

The room Lan Ching booked was on the third floor. While waiting for the elevator, Shi Sheng turned her head and glanced at Gu Chi, “Why didn’t you dress for the weather?” 

“Put on more clothing next time.” Gu Chi did not like to wear too many layers of clothes, but since she said so, he would follow. 


The elevator door opened slowly. 

A group of men in suits that standing inside looked at them.

The guy standing at the front was in a dark blue suit. He obviously has a different identity from those men in black suits. 

The guy was tall and had a hand in his pocket. His poker face and distant eyes made everyone keep a distance from him. 

Su Mu Yuan… 

The male lead, Su Mu Yuan finally appeared as “Proud Sun” was about to wrap up.

Gu Chi glanced at them with a poker face. 

Both of them were blocking each other’s way without any sign of making a move. Su Mu Yuan frowned, a guy next to him reminded them immediately. 

“Sir and Miss, please make a move,” said the guy who looked like his assistant. 

They’re standing too close in the middle of the elevator door. Even though there were some spaces at the side, our president definitely can’t walk out in such an ugly posture. 

Shi Sheng forgot to move because she saw the male lead. 

Gu Chi...Perhaps he did not give way to others before. 

Right after the assistant finished his words, Gu Chi brought Shi Sheng into the elevator. He closed the door and pressed the button ‘3’.  

“You…” The assistant’s face twisted. 

Su Mu Yuan stopped the assistant. 

Shi Sheng glanced at Su Mu Yuan, she thought, He might have just come back from another country.

The elevator came to the third floor. 

After Gu Chi and Shi Sheng got out of the elevator, the assistant asked, “President Su, he was so rude. Why did you stop me?

The door closed slowly. Looking at the two figures walking away and disappearing, Su Mu Yuan curled his lips and put on a fake smile. 

“He is Gu Chi.” 

Gu Chi? Which Gu Chi? 

“President Su, do you mean the young master of Huan Yu Group?” The assistant asked surprisingly. 

Su Mu Yuan did not reply.

“I heard he did not go to school and was always hanging around with thugs.” The assistant began to talk about Gu Chi. 

“If he didn't have such a powerful background as Huan Yu Group, he would probably have died. He was insolent, does he think that the Gu Family is the most powerful family in the world?” 

Su Mu Yuan glanced at the assistant. He was frightened and dared not talk about it anymore. 

Fortunately, the elevator arrived and Su Mu Yuan got off. Just as the assistant was about to breathe a sigh of relief, he heard a cry outside. 

He quickly got out of the elevator. Nothing strange, but just a lady standing in front of his president. 

She looks pretty yet a bit young. 

“Sorry.” Wen Qiao nodded at Su Mu Yuan. Her back was straight and she entered the elevator without giving any time for Su Mu Yuan to speak. 

Su Mu Yuan then left the hall as if nothing happened. 

The assistant was curious and touched his brain, What happened just now? 

After Wen Qiao entered the elevator, she bent slightly and her face turned pale as if she had just gone through a war. 

She was reborn and certainly knew Su Mu Yuan, the moneybag of the entertainment industry in the future. She did not expect to meet him and even ran into him. 

He looked so powerful. If it was not for the acting skills that I’ve been practicing for the past few months, I don’t think I would have dared to look up at him just now.