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Lan Ching was in shock when he saw his dearest sister bring a man through the door. 

Who is this guy?! 

Who is he?

When did he hook up with my sister?!  

Lan Ching recollected himself then separated them right away by dragging Shi Sheng back to his side. 

He smiled politely and extended his hand to Gu Chi, “Hello, I’m Lan Ching, Lan Sheng’s brother.” 

Gu Chi tilted his head, looked at Shi Sheng doubtfully. After a few seconds, he withdrew his sight, reached out to Lan Ching slowly and shook his hand, “I’m Gu Chi…Lan Sheng’s---” 

“Boyfriend.” Shi Sheng finished his sentence. 

Gu Chi’s eyelashes quivered a little, “Yup.” 

Lan Ching turned around and stared at Shi Sheng.

How dare she date behind my back? Life won’t be the same anymore!

In such an unguarded moment of his life, the sister whom he raised is in some other man’s arm. Just the thought of it discontented him. 

The look Lan Ching gave to Gu Chi suddenly became unfriendly, he released his hand and further distanced Shi Sheng from Gu Chi.

Shi Sheng looked innocent. 

Feng Ci belongs to me! 

I can’t wait to bring him home and pamper him right now.

Lan Ching took a deep breath. Before he exhaled, he paused.

What was his name again? 

Gu Chi?


“Gu Chi from the Huan Yu Group?” Lan Ching stared at Gu Chi, stuttered every word he let out. 

Gu Chi nodded briefly, the earring on his ears shone along with his movement.

Lan Ching’s look faltered while he held Shi Sheng, “Mr Gu, excuse us for a moment, Shen Shen and I have something to talk about.” 

Gu Chi tightened his lips as he watched Shi Sheng being held tightly by Lan Sheng, blinked a few times with eyes full of doubts and questions.

“Brother, brother. What are you doing?” Lan Ching held Shi Sheng tightly so she had to speak up. 

Lan Ching stopped at an empty corner, his hands firmly pressed on her shoulders and held her against the wall.

Staring upfront, Shi Sheng then noticed how bad of a look Lan Ching had on him.

Lan Ching has always given her an impression of a brother who is warm and caring, she has never seen him like this. 

Lan Ching breathed in slowly, “Dear, he is Gu Chi.”

“I know!” 

“Gu Chi!” Lan Ching clenched his teeth, “Gu Family’s noblest master, dear. We can’t afford to touch him.” 

“But, I like him.” He is Feng Ci, doesn’t matter how noble he is, she’ll only be a compliment to his nobility.

“You really like him?” Lan Ching frowned.

Shi Sheng nodded. Yes I do, I like him very, very much.  

“The Gu Family is really something, dear. You…” What are the consequences of dating Gu Chi?

She will have to bear the thorough background check done by the Gu Family. Every single matter since her birth will be investigated in detail, no secrets hidden.

This is a scary act. 

It is similar to having your clothes ripped off and being nakedly presented in front of the Gu Family.

“Dear, why don’t we fall for someone else?”

If it was some other guy from the Gu Family, he could still accept it. 

A definite no for Gu Chi.

“Brother...do you see this as me going grocery shopping? Pick and choose upon demand?” 

Lan Ching’s voice got a little louder, “How long have you both known each other? Are you sure that you like him? Dear, you have to think clearly.” 

Lan Ching felt sorry after raising his voice at her and apologized gently, “Sorry, dear. I didn’t mean to shout at you, I just want you to think it through.” 

“I have thought about it thoroughly, brother, about what I want and what I don’t want. I have always kept my measures in mind.” Shi Sheng held Lan Ching’s hand with firm eyes, “Brother, I want Gu Chi, I want him, with definitely no regrets.”

Lan Ching quietly gave her a blank stare, his eyes were slightly red while his hands tightened around her arms. 

Shi Sheng stayed still without a word. 

This man really cares for his sister, Lan Sheng.

For the sake of saving Yu Teng Company, Lan Sheng once was about to marry a man who was old enough to be her father. That was the first time Lan Sheng saw Lan Ching so angry. 

Yet, Lan Sheng did it behind Lan Ching’s back anyway. During that period of time, Lan Ching hoped that Lan Sheng would change her mind, he was even willing to give up the company for her. But, Lan Sheng’s wish was for him to be well.

She did not have a real relationship, she could not lose her family too. 

Lan Ching let out a sigh, pulled Shi Sheng into his arms and hugged her, “I won’t let you suffer. Let’s go, don’t keep him waiting too long.” 

“Thank you, brother.” 

Lan Ching rubbed Shi Sheng’s head with coddling eyes, wrapped his arm around her shoulders and walked outside. 

Back to the room, Gu Chi was still standing there. 
“Brother, sit.” Shi Sheng pulled out a chair for Lan Ching.

Lan Ching sat down right away without any formality. 

Gu Chi took a step ahead, pulled out a chair for Shi Sheng and seated himself only after her.

Lan Ching glanced at him, Gu Chi nodded slightly then passed the menu tablet to Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng casually chose a few items from the menu, then passed it on to Lan Ching.

“Mr Gu isn’t going to order?” Lan Ching completed his selections then held the tablet in his hands without any intention of passing it over to Gu Chi.

“I’ll have whatever she ordered.” 

Lan Ching praised Gu Chi in his mind. So, he knows how to win my sister’s heart. Cunning bastard.

No way, I have to be alert just in case my sister is being deceived.

During the meal, Lan Ching chatted with Gu Chi occasionally. Their relationship was neither intimate nor distant. No intentional inquiries but the basic questions that slipped out were left unanswered. 

A businessman indeed.

By the time the meal was over, Lan Ching had already grasped some basic facts about Gu Chi.  

He left the question regarding if both of them are compatible out of the picture for a while. He was bothered by Gu Chi’s status. 

Initially, he planned to interrogate his dear sister if she had a thing with someone from the Gu Family. Yet, he didn’t expect her to be so deeply involved.

My dear sister is being snatched away from me. 

Just thinking about it hurts. 

I have raised her for so many years. 

If I knew earlier, I would not come.

This pisses me off.

When Lan Ching was about to pay, he realised the bill was already cleared. That made him even more depressed. 


Now, I can’t even spend money on my own sister.

“Dear, I’ll send you home.” Lan Ching felt the need to make his presence stand out more to avoid being less favoured.

“I drove here.” Shi Sheng pointed at her car. 

“It’s okay, I’ll send someone over to get it. Ride my car home.” Lan Ching dragged Shi Sheng to his car, “Mr Gu, sorry that you have to return by yourself.” 

“Hey, brother……” Shi Sheng was rolling the window down. Just when she was about to tell Lan Ching that she’s living in the same apartment as Gu Chi, Lan Ching looked over with a straight face. 

That gaze was so intimidating as if he was going to cut the ties between them if Shi Sheng had the audacity to invite Gu Chi to hop on.

Shi Sheng kept quiet.

“Call me when you’re home.” Gu Chi spoke first, “Mr Lan, have a safe drive home.” 

It was hard for Lan Ching to keep a serious face on. He nodded at Gu Chi modestly.

Yet, he had complaints all over his mind. 

Do I need him to remind me that? 

My dearest sister is in my car, why won’t I be careful?  

Shi Sheng relaxed instantly. 

Gu Chi was looking at that happy little face of hers, he felt warm. 

Lan Ching opened the door rudely then drove away promptly.

He was nagging Shi Sheng throughout half of the journey, about the rights and wrongs on every matter. 

Shi Sheng decided to not tell Lan Ching about Gu Chi living one floor below her. If she had told him, Lan Ching was definitely going to bring her to his house right away. <