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Just as Shi Sheng arrived home, Chen Yuan desperately called her multiple times, she didn’t even have time to contact Gu Chi.

“Shen Shen, you’re on the headlines every day, have you ever thought how I’d feel about this?” It was rare of Chen Yuan to not growl, her voice was rather lethargic. 

Shi Sheng was confused. What’s the matter now?

Isn’t it good to be on the headlines every day? 

Other celebrities would go all out to be on the headlines.

But,  I haven’t done anything recently, how did I make it to the headlines again?

“Haven’t you checked WeiBo?” Chen Yuan asked after not getting any response from Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng switched on her computer then logged onto WeiBo. 

Shi Sheng took a few quick glances.

Rumours again.

It was related to Lan Ching.

Lan Ching and she appeared to be talking at a corner while the photo was taken. But, the angle of the photo was suspicious. From that photo angle, both of them looked like they were kissing.

“Sister Chen…”

“Done?” Chen Yuan’s side of the phone was noisy, “Tell me, what’s up?” 

She became immune to news of the sort. 

“That’s my brother. We were discussing some matter, it’s the photo angle.” 

“Okay, I get it. Where did you both dine?” 

“Yi Hong Pavilion.” 

Chen Yuan hung up right away, passing the issue over to the police department. 

Shi Sheng scrolled through the feed of the author of the post out of curiosity. The person turned out to be a reporter with minor popularity. 

However, a place like Yi Hong Pavilion forbids all reporters. 

Therefore, a high chance that the picture was taken by someone else. 

Who could it be?  

Lan Ching released a press statement immediately to request the reporter to delete that post and an apology to Shi Sheng.

Chen Yuan was efficient as well. Merely after Lan Ching released the statement, she posted the surveillance footage of both of them walking out of Yi Hong Pavilion.

Luckily, Lan Ching blocked Gu Chi out of the view on purpose. Hence, Gu Chi didn’t appear on the screen. 

This matter was buried before an army of haters could gather.

Meanwhile, Lan Ching gained quite some fans.

Lan Ching was also awarded the title of ‘Best Brother of China”.


The shooting of Proud Sun was a wrap. Shi Sheng attended the celebration feast upon invitation.

The male lead and female lead were going to meet at the feast.

Shi Sheng ran over excitedly to observe their amour.

“Lan Jie, thank you for taking care of me previously.” With alcohol in hand, Wen Qiao walked over to offer Shi Sheng a toast.

The tone of the phrase, ‘taking care’ was emphasized. 

Shi Sheng raised her glass slightly, “There’s no need to be thankful because I didn’t take care of you.” 

Wen Qiao was stunned for a bit. What do I answer?

Thankfully, people around Shi Sheng were giving her toasts which got Wen Qiao out from that awkward position. 

After, it was the session where everybody toasts and compliments each other. Then, everyone ended up a little drunk. 

As shown in the movies, Wen Qiao had to drink quite a bit to entertain and ended up being carried away by someone.

The director and the rest saw, yet nobody stood up.

Shi Sheng left earlier than the others, her face was burning a little. She fanned herself with her hands and walked towards the elevator.


The elevator door opened. 

Just when Shi Sheng stepped in, a loud noise came from behind. 

“Ms Lan, please wait.” 

Shi Sheng tilted her head and looked. It was the assistant who was beside Su Mu Yuan earlier 

She stepped back out, watched as the assistant lightly jogged over.

“Hello, Ms Lan. Manager Su wants to meet you.” The assistant’s attitude seemed to be way better than before, but he took a few impolite glances at her. 

“Me?” What is the male lead trying to do? Isn’t he supposed to be making babies unbridledly with the female lead now?  

“It won’t take too long.” 

Shi Sheng rolled her eyes, nodded slightly.

Immediately, the assistant was leading the way in front, bringing Shi Sheng to a room.

The room was big with quite a number of people inside too. Shi Sheng entered and the room went quiet. 

Su Mu Yuan wasn’t in the main hall. The assistant led Shi Sheng towards a separated space in the room.

Everyone continued chattering after Shi Sheng entered. 

The separated space wasn’t small. Su Mu Yuan was sitting on a leather sofa, his coat simply tossed by his side, his shirt casually unbuttoned by two.

“Ms Lan, please sit.” 
Shi Sheng skipped the formality, sat right at the opposite of him, “One doesn’t make offerings without a cause, the cause is nowhere near good, just shoot.” 

Su Mu Yuan smirked as his smile started to fade, “Ms Lan certainly is an interesting person.” 

Shi Sheng gave him the cold eye. 

“Ms Lan, are you interested in doing business with me?” 

The assistant nearby handed Shi Sheng a file right away.

Shi Sheng took it in her hand.

After Shi Sheng finished reaching the file, Shi Sheng finally understood the reason why Su Mu Yuan was able to beat Yu Teng Company within a short period and was beneficiary at last.

He actually bought so much of Yu Teng Company’s stock in the shadows. 

The male lead was mean to everyone except for the female lead.

“What do you want me to do?” Shi Sheng closed the file calmly. 

Su Mu Yuan was definitely never going to hand over the stocks he has in hand. The act of him showcasing these now proved that he was onto a bigger plan.

Such as… 


Proud Sun’s shooting came to an end and campaigns were being run as well. As the main supporting actress, Shi Sheng had to attend for sure. 

Wen Qiao being the female lead, was definitely there. On that celebration feast, Su Mu Yuan left with her, but he surely didn’t sleep with the female lead. 

According to the female lead’s character, she would definitely not sleet with someone else either.

During the advertising campaigns, Wen Qiao’s popularity was far higher than Shi Sheng’s. 

Wen Qiao was the female lead, her acting photos were posted a long time ago. Yet, none of Shi Sheng’s acting photos was out.

The official was raising doubts on purpose. 
“May I ask what role does Ms Lan play in Proud Sun?” Despite knowing the fact that every reporter with this question led to a dead end, a reporter asked the same question as other reporters.

Proud Sun’s advertising photos only had a few people in it, not everyone was on it. Therefore, some actors for certain roles were anonymous, nobody knew who they were except for the crew.

Shi Sheng took over the reporter’s mic, everyone became silent.

Is she going to answer?

“Since all of you are so eager to know, let me tell you guys then.”

The screen behind Shi Sheng projected her acting photos as she began to speak. 

It was a picture of a handsome girl wearing a black leather coat, her hand holding a metal pole, her head slightly slanted, sun shining behind her, the black and white screen was brought to life magically. 

The photo was taken from a low angle. The heroic image of a teenage girl with such a domineering character. 

All fans and reporters who were there fell into chaos. 

The Movie Queen who normally takes up gentle roles acted as a rebellious teenage girl. Plus, it was not a very likeable role. 

The campaign turned out to be surprisingly good. 

Along with every new campaign attended, the official was releasing an acting photo of Shi Sheng’s. The cool acting photos were enough for Shi Sheng to be bad-mouthed by her fans.

Some fans also said that albeit they couldn’t get used to it for a bit, the coolness was overwhelming and they were willing to accept. 

Shi Sheng also gained a new nickname because of that. 

Prince Charming!

On Shi Sheng’s WeiBo, swarms of fluffy-hearted fangirls have been commenting on how they wish to have kids with their ‘Prince Charming’.

Shi Sheng visualised the scene and felt pretty.