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Proud Sun’s advertising campaign was going in full swing, Shi Sheng has stopped participating in the campaign ever since her role was revealed. Therefore, all she does every day is staying in and playing video games together with Gu Chi.

“Goddess, goddess. Come here, hurry.” Lin Ze Nan was screaming in the living room.

Gu Chi raised his head up slowly and glanced at her, Shi Sheng heard clicking sounds again. 

She was starting to get nervous, Shi Sheng put down her phone and patted his head.

Gu Chi winked, kept his head down and continued playing video games. 

Shi Sheng went out, Lin Ze Nan was holding a tablet. He saw Shi Sheng coming out and yelled excitedly, “Goddess, someone is putting out bad words about you.” 

Shi Sheng was speechless.

She took the tablet and looked. She could tell it was a bunch of gossip written to gain views from taking advantage of her popularity, just that some content was ambiguous. 

“I have plenty of haters, don’t worry, let them be.” Shi Sheng returned the tablet to him.

The owner used to keep her image gentle. Although she might have not been very wholesome at interacting, she wasn’t ought to offend many other people.

Ever since Shi Sheng came over, she had been offending people unintentionally, cases after cases.

“Goddess, you’re so nice. If I were insulted like how you were, I would have fought back a long time ago.” Lin Ze Nan’s face was full of admiration.

Nice? Me?

Something’s not wrong with this kid, right?  

“Is there something wrong with Gu Chi’s health?” Shi Sheng changed the topic.

Lin Ze Nan took a glance at the bedroom, the door was already closed by Shi Sheng when she came out.

“The boss’s health is in fact not too good, his lifestyle is messed up. Sometimes when I’m away, he stays up late, sleeps a lot too. He--” 

“Lin Ze Nan.” 

Lin Ze Nan stopped speaking abruptly when Gu Chi stood by the door quietly.

Yet, Lin Ze Nan felt pressured, “Boss…” 

“Let me send you home.” 

That was for Shi Sheng. 

Shi Sheng hesitated, got up slowly, and followed Gu Chi out the door. 

Gu Chi was only gone for a short while, Lin Ze Nan was sitting on the sofa with worries written over his face. 

“Don’t tell her.”  Gu Chi looked at Lin Ze Nan, “Not even a word.” 


“I don’t want her to worry.” Gu Chi continued. 

Lin Ze Nan smirked. Your health is nowhere near fatal, it’s just a messy lifestyle, why make it sound like a farewell?  

But, since Gu Chi requested so, Lin Ze Nan dared not to speak a single word carelessly.  

It was the first time he witnessed his boss spoil someone as such.

Gu Chi walked towards the bedroom. When he reached the door, he was stunned, “Ye Jing Yi, handle it on your own, don’t make me do it myself. I don’t want Fang Zi Yan to trouble her.” 

The door was closing slowly.

Lin Ze Nan let out a sigh. 

About the time the goddess went car racing, the boss has never asked anything about it. Everyone under him turned a deaf ear as well, thinking the boss wouldn’t look into the matter. However, Lin Ze Nan knew that the boss was waiting for them to make the decision on their own. 

Gu Chi only reminding him about it now was only for the sake of giving him face, giving him an ultimatum. 

Though, about Fang Zi Yan…

He is a difficult person to get rid of. It can be easy with the resources the Gu Family own, just not sure about the extent the boss is going to take.  

Shi Sheng was a little worried about Gu Chi’s health. She called Lin Ze Nan right after she went home, Lin Ze Nan didn’t have the guts to leak anything and told her to ask the boss by herself.

The more Shi Sheng thought about it, the stranger she felt. She packed her things and moved into Gu Chi’s house that night. 

Since he’s already mine, it’s justifiable to sleep with him.  

Gu Chi watched as Shi Sheng moved her stuff, piece by piece into his room. 

“Why do all of your clothes look the same?” Gu Chi’s wardrobe was filled with black hoodies by half, all with quirky patterns printed on them. 

“Do you not like it?” Gu Chi frowned as he asked. 

“Not really, you look good on everything.” 

Black clothes suited Gu Chi well, with a bit of sloppiness, he looked good anyhow. 

Shi Sheng moved his clothes a little, clearing out a small place to place her clothes.

Because she lived nearby, she only took two sets of casual wear. If she took all of her clothes with her, Gu Chi’s wardrobe could never fit them all. 

By the time she finished tidying, it was already close to nine, Lin Ze Nan sent food over in the meantime. 

He looked at Shi Sheng and smiled at her ambiguously before he left in the blink of an eye. 

Gu Chi was being picky as usual. Lin Ze Nan has already bought food according to his preference, yet, he was still able to pick out something.

This picky habit of FC is really something!  

After they finished dining, Gu Chi was tidying up while Shi Sheng was already bathed, scrolling through webpages on her laptop in pyjamas. 

Gu Chi took a few glances at her, took his stuff and went into the bathroom. 

The bathroom mirror was fogged up, he could barely see the reflection. 

Gu Chi reached out slowly and pressed on his chest. That steady heart beating sound of his was suddenly ringing loud and clear to his ears now. 
Feels good not being alone in a house this big.  

Gu Chi took his time to finish showering. Shi Sheng had switched her position, lying flat on the bed, her fingertips giving a few clicks now and then. 

All of them were Proud Sun’s advertisement. 

The campaign photos of hers were viral. 

Shi Sheng lifted her head slightly when she heard Gu Chi opening the door.

Their eyes met. Gu Chi was stunned for a while, then walked towards Shi Sheng after a few seconds. 

Shi Sheng sat herself up from the bed, and placed her laptop aside. 

Shi Sheng asked, “Where’s your hairdryer?” 

Gu Chi wiped his hair, it was dripping wet.

“It’ll dry in no time,” Gu Chi answered. 

Shi Sheng guessed he didn’t have one. She put on a jacket, took her keys and was about to leave. 

Gu Chi dragged her, asked worriedly, “Where are you going?” 

“I’m going upstairs to get a hairdryer for you. It’s easy for you to catch a cold like that,” Shi Sheng frowned, “I’ll be back very soon.” 

Gu Chi hesitated for a few seconds, then let go slowly. 

Shi Sheng went upstairs and brought her hairdryer. She was drying Gu Chi’s hair, “Have you always been leaving your hair wet like this?” 
“I’m used to it,” When he was alone, he was fine anyway.

“You have some bad habits,” Shi Sheng mumbled and plugged out the wire, kept it in a cupboard beside the bed. 

She tucked herself in bed while Gu Chi sat and watched her by the bedside. 

“Aren’t you going to sleep?” Shi Sheng was planning to seduce him for a bit, but she was worried about his health, so she gave up the thought. 

Gu Chi stood and spoke slowly, “I’m going to the guest room.” 

“I don’t bite anyway. Even if I do, I’m the one at a disadvantage.” A tough man was actually acting shy in front of her. 

Gu Chi’s ears were heating up, he stood there for about one minute, then got in bed.

Shi Sheng switched off the lights, squeezed a little into his arms, without any action beyond measure.

Gu Chi hugged her awkwardly. He was also afraid that she wouldn’t sleep well, and froze his body to minimise movements. 

A scorching sensation was filling his body, but he suppressed it quickly. 

Gu Chi was not asleep for a long time.

He observed as the person who seemed to be sleeping in his arms moved upwards and pulled the sheets to cover her back. 

He reached out to his phone by the bedside. The bright screen shone on his face. He was afraid that he would wake Shi Sheng up, so he only tapped into a game after he turned off the volume.

It was hard to control single-handedly, it only took Gu Chi a while to quit. 

He was pressing on the power button boringly, the screen was flashing. 

Shi Sheng was definitely asleep, but she was woken up by the flashing screen. 

She looked up in confusion, Gu Chi was blankly staring at the ceiling without any movement in his eyes, looking a little scary.