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“Gu Chi?”

Gu Chi turned his eyes and looked at Shi Sheng slowly, the screen was glowing at the moment. 

Her tiny face was blushing a little, along with confusion from waking up. 

With her face lifted up to look at him, Gu Chi felt the restlessness rushing over his body again. 

“Insomnia?” Shi Sheng frowned while asking. 

The screen went dark, Gu Chi put down his phone and went back to bed, hugging her into his arms. 

“I’m just afraid that you’ll be gone when I wake up tomorrow,” Gu Chi placed his chin on top of Shi Sheng’s head, his voice was deep. 

Shi Sheng tremored, “I’m always here.” 

Shi Sheng stretched her hands into Gu Chi’s shirt. Gu Chi’s relaxed body was stiff again, he reached out and held her hands. 

“Don’t rush it.” His voice was a little hoarse and dull. 

Sometimes, it gets scary after being alone for a long time.  

He did not want her to have egret.

Shi Sheng wasn’t planning to do anything anyway, she retrieved her hands and stopped moving. 

Gu Chi was afraid of disturbing her again, so he dared not move. 

Shi Sheng wasn’t even asleep, Gu Chi had insomnia… 

Lin Ze Nan mentioned that his messed up lifestyle made sense for him to have insomnia symptoms.

Gu Chi only fell asleep when it was almost morning, Shi Sheng who was stiff with him for the whole night felt tired as well. 

But, she insisted on waking up and ordered breakfast through the phone. She waited for breakfast to arrive before she woke Gu Chi up.

“Gu Chi, get up and eat something.” 

Gu Chi was deeply asleep and Shi Sheng felt troubled. How is that okay?

Shi Sheng woke Gu Chi up forcefully. Gu Chi felt very grumpy when he woke up, but he noticed the person standing in front of him clearly, he suppressed his anger. However, it wasn’t a good look on his face. 

Shi Sheng handed him some porridge, “Eat some, then sleep.” 

Gu Chi took a glance at her, took the porridge quietly and finished it in a few sips. Then, he went back to sleep. 

It was approximately 2 in the afternoon by the time he woke up from his sleep. He bathed after waking up, and felt sober only after the shower. 

The room was empty, no one was there. 

He felt an emptiness within himself promptly. 

She’s not here.  

Gu Chi checked his phone. It wasn’t charged last night, therefore it was already powered off. He found the charger and charged it. 

It took a while to power on, some messages came in ringingly.

Two messages were from Lin Ze Nan. 

One of them was to inform Gu Chi that he has already settled the issue among Ye Jing Yi and Fang Zi Yan.

One of them was regarding activities planned out for the new year. It was a long list of names, Gu Chi couldn’t bother less. 

Only one message was from Shi Sheng.

“There’s a new drama audition, the lunch is on the table, the alarm clock I set was probably useless, remember to dine when you’re awake.” 

Gu Chi noticed the dishes which have turned cold placed on the table. He microwaved them in silence, only ate half of a small bowl before he stopped eating. 


Shi Sheng’s audition hasn’t started yet. She sat by the waiting zone along with four assistants beside her. It was ostentatious. 

The audition was for a television drama, the subject was a war-themed novel adapted into a Chinese drama. 

Shi Sheng only came over because Wen Qiao was going to act as the main supporting actress for this drama.

This role in the plot was also snitched from the original actress. 

The temperament of the female lead did not match the original actress. However, the main supporting role was gentle and ladylike. Therefore, the original actress took up the main supporting role. 

In the end, the female lead interfered and all effort had gone to waste again. 

The female lead came for the main supporting role because she knew the spotlight of this drama is going to be on the main supporting actress. 

“Thank you.” Wen Qiao bowed, then walked out of the audition room.

“Next.” Someone from the crew in the audition room called out.

A lady went in hurriedly. 

Wen Qiao saw Shi Sheng who was being surrounded by assistants the moment she turned around.

There was a strong sense of certainty and firmness in her eyes. 

She was a step ahead of her this time, plus the director seemed to be satisfied with her just now. 

Wen Qiao wanted to wait for Shi Sheng’s result. Thus, she wasn’t eager to leave, Shi Sheng only took about 10 minutes to go in and out. 

The crew who was tailing her loudly announced to the others, “Alright, that’s it for today’s audition, everyone please leave.” 

Wen Qiao was shocked. That’s it?

Could it be that they have decided?  

“Ms Lan, we’ll draft the detailed contract again, then, we’ll contact your manager directly, is that okay?” The crew spoke very respectfully to Shi Sheng.

“Yeah, sure.” Shi Sheng nodded.

“Have a safe trip home, Ms Lan.” 

Everyone in the waiting zone left, Wen Qiao stood out suddenly. 

Shi Sheng walked by her along with her companions. Shi Sheng gave out a meaningful smile to her on purpose. 

Instantly, Wen Qiao felt her heart racing madly. 

However, Wen Qiao received her manager’s call shortly after, asking her to sign the contract. 

The role was still hers. 

After signing the contract, Wen Qiao’s heart was finally at peace.

“Excuse me, may I ask if Ms Lan Shen is acting any roles in this drama?” Wen Qiao asked carefully after she was done signing the contract. 

The crew smiled lightly, “Nope.” 

Wen Qiao felt relieved. Before she was completely at ease, the crew let out a sentence which caused her to zone out for a long time, “Ms Lan is the investor.”


The precious contract Wen Qiao just signed suddenly felt like a hot potato to her now. 

Every drama is always lacking investors. A ton of drama crew always start filming after getting a little investment. Thus, some crews never made it to the end because they couldn’t get more investors. 

Wen Qiao left unknowingly. This life seems to have changed a lot…  

Lan Shen’s identity of being the Lan family’s daughter was never revealed during the last life, even until the moment she died, nobody knew. 

Her rebirth has changed a lot of things.

Wen Qiao took a deep breath. No matter what, I’ll climb to the top.


By the time Shi Sheng was home, Gu Chi was still sleeping in bed. The room had the heater on, Shi Sheng let out a comforting sigh.

Days with a scummy routine of eating, sleeping with a man and waiting for death suit her best indeed. 

Shi Sheng warmed herself up for a bit, then got on the bed slowly, reached out to caress Gu Chi’s forehead.

Her hand was probably cold, Gu Chi wasn’t really asleep as well. He woke up the moment Shi Sheng touched him. 

It was pitch black before he saw Shi Sheng, which finally added some colour. 

“You’re back.” 

“Yup, have you eaten?” Shi Sheng slipped her hand under the blanket. 

“Yes, I have.” Gu Chi held her hand naturally, tilted his head and a loud crack was heard. 

Shi Sheng frowned.

“Let’s go to the hospital tomorrow.” 

Gu Chi tightened his fingers, “I’m alright.” 

“I don’t care if you’re okay, we must go tomorrow.” 

Gu Chi bit his lip for a bit, but didn’t say a word, as silence showed his agreement. 

Lin Ze Nan came over later on, covered in snow. 

“It’s snowing?” Shi Sheng was surprised.

Lin Ze Nan was startled instantly, “Goddess, are the boss and you turning into cavemen?” 

“It wasn’t snowing when I came home in the afternoon.” Shi Sheng closed the door, “Warm yourself up, come into the room afterwards.” 

Lin Ze Nan felt touched immediately.

“It’d be bad if you bring the cold air into the room.” 

Lin Ze Nan was speechless.

His goddess doesn’t care for him at all. He felt unhappy.

Ever since the boss had the goddess with him, he had been pretty ignorant too. 

Lin Ze Nan felt like he was losing affection. 

Lin Ze Nan: Boss, please shower me with love. 

Gu Chi: I’m only interested in her. 

Lin Ze Nan: I’m going to report this.