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Lin Ze Nan came over to ask Gu Chi about his new year plans. 

A family as big as the Gu Family had detailed plannings for every day. 

Gu Chi hasn’t been home for a few years, yet Lin Ze Nan delivers the itinerary to him every year. 

“Goddess, please persuade the boss, he hasn’t gone home in recent new years. You do know that it's the new year right, I have to go home. He’s always by himself, being here alone will make him feel desolate, my heart hurts just by watching.” 

“Doesn’t the Gu Family care?” Didn’t the Gu Family mention that they adore this son very much? How could they not care?

Lin Ze Nan scratched his head, “If they were able to, they wouldn’t leave him alone. They’re incapable of doing so, that’s why they dare not to.” 

The first year Gu Chi refused to go home, someone from the Gu Family came to his place and caught him. 

In the second year, Gu Chi spent one night outside alone, he fell sick for half a month. 

People from the Gu Family have never done anything ever since. 

“I might not come over in the near future, goddess, I’ll leave the boss to you.” His cousin was getting married, so he had to go home to help her out. 

Shi Sheng nodded. 

Lin Ze Nan handed some contacts over to Shi Sheng.

“Here are a few of the restaurants the boss likes, including a phone number of the Gu Family’s old house. During the new year, the shops will be closed, just call the old house’s number, they will bring food over…”

Lin Ze Nan accelerated his speech about the instructions and left hurriedly. 

Lin Ze Nan had to find time to come over today, it was a week away from the new year, everyone was busy. 

If she wasn’t sure that Lin Ze Nan and Gu Chi weren’t gay, she would’ve found such a scene suspicious.

The next day, Shi Sheng woke Gu Chi up from bed. 

Gu Chi experienced insomnia for the whole night again, he was exhausted at the moment.

Shi Sheng noticed the tired look of his and felt reluctant. 

Gu Chi didn’t have a good look, and was probably about to throw a tantrum. 

Shi Sheng went up and kissed him on the lips. Frankly speaking, it was the second time both of them had such intimate contact.

Shi Sheng kissed him tenderly, Gu Chi was getting stiff at the beginning, he started dodging after that.

“Why are you dodging?” Shi Sheng stared at him angrily. 

Gu Chi kept quiet for half a minute, opening up slowly, “I haven’t gargled mouthwash, I smell.” 

“I don’t mind, why? Do you mind? Come here.” 

Gu Chi refused, he got off the bed, stayed in the bathroom for a while then came out. 

He sat beside Shi Sheng and stared at her. 

Shi Sheng smiled helplessly, pressed him onto the bed and kissed for about 10 minutes. 

“Okay, are you willing to get up now?” 

Gu Chi felt uncomfortable after being kissed, his breathing was a little heavy, and took him a while to nod.

Shi Sheng got up to flip through the closet, the thickest clothing he had was the autumn hoodie, there was no winter jacket and cotton clothes.

Shi Sheng looked back and saw Gu Chi who was still lying on the bed.

He’s really something.  

Shi Sheng rubbed her brows lightly, picked thicker clothes for him and brought him out. 

When they passed by a shop on the way, Shi Sheng went in and picked 2 pieces of clothing casually. 

“Put them on.” Shi Sheng handed the clothes to Gu Chi.

Gu Chi acted like an obedient wife and put on the clothes nicely.

It was about time for the new year, yet the hospital was more congested than before. Shi Sheng made a booking, thus there was no need for queuing.

Shi Sheng requested for a full body checkup. Therefore, it was slightly slow. 

By the time he finished every checkup, it was almost noon.

The report was only going to be ready in the afternoon, Shi Sheng had no choice but to eat with him first, then return to the hospital. 

“What’s your relationship with him?” A doctor was flipping the medical case while asking Shi Sheng.

Only Shi Sheng and the doctor were in the room, Gu Chi was waiting outside. 


The doctor put the case file down, “His condition isn’t serious. However, if he goes on like this, it’ll get very serious… He already has a spine problem, years of improper sitting and sleeping postures. Look, it’s already deformed over here, it’s not too late to correct it.”

Shi Sheng walked out with the report in her hand, Gu Chi was standing outside. He held his hand the moment she stepped out. 

“I’m okay.” 

Shi Sheng took a glance at him. Everything’s fine now, but it won’t be in the future.  

Insomnia was caused by his messy lifestyle, all he had to do was to make adjustments. 

After that, Shi Sheng has been insisting Gu Chi on sleeping early and waking early, she even bought him a treadmill.  Since you’re not willing to go out, just stay at home then.

It was New year’s eve. 

“You really don’t want to go home?” Shi Sheng asked Gu Chi who was curled up into a ball, “... Sit properly.”

Gu Chi put his legs down slowly, “Nope.”

“My brother wants me to go home to dine together, come with me then.” 

Gu Chi looked over with his eyes wide open as if he was asking for permission.

“It’s just my brother at home, nobody else.” Shi Sheng thought he was afraid of someone else from the Lan Family. 


Lan Qing lived alone, he didn’t want a villa, it was only an apartment with a better environment. 

The company’s holiday leave started on the 29th, Lan Qing being such a sister-controller kept calling his sister, asking her to be home for the new year. He was afraid that Gu Chi was going to keep her away from returning home. 

Therefore, when Lan Qing saw Shi Sheng returning along with Gu Chi, he refused.

Why did my baby bring someone else’s baby home?

The dearest of the Gu Family is missing on the new year, isn’t it definite that the city is going to be turned upside down?

“Brother, why are you blocking the way? It’s freezing out here, let me in.” 

Only then, Lan Qing gave way reluctantly. 

Gu Chi was slower by a step, he handed a bag to Lan Qing, “Happy new year, brother.” 

Lan Qing was speechless. What did you call me?

Lan Qing received it reluctantly again, his face turned green when he noticed the logo on the bag.

Isn’t the present I have prepared too inferior compared to the present Gu Chi prepared for me?

No, I must change it.  

Lan Qing rushed into his study room, he didn’t care about whatever his assistant was doing, and called to instruct his assistant to buy something. 

His assistant was full of complaints, but after hearing his boss was giving him a big red packet, he was revived immediately, promising that he was going to complete the mission. 

The dishes Lan Qing made at home were simple, but they were full of brotherly love towards his sister.

After the meal was finished, Lan Qing sneaked out, and came back with a box in his hand.

Shi Sheng pretended to not notice.

Lan Qing passed the box to Gu Chi awkwardly along with a huge red packet, “Gu Chi, I don’t care about your status. If you bully my baby, I’ll make you pay even if it means sacrificing the Lan family.”

Gu Chi accepted the gift formally, “I won’t bully her.” 

*buzz* *buzz* Shi Sheng’s phone vibrated every once in a while, most of it was people from the industry calling to send wishes. 

“I’m going to pick up a call.” Shi Sheng took her phone and went into the study room, leaving two men behind to talk. 

“Hello?” It was an unknown number. The voice was unfamiliar, with cautiousness in it too, “May I speak to Ms Lan Shen?”

“Who are you?” 

“I’m Gu Hao, Gu Chi’s brother. I’d like to talk to you, may I ask if Ms Lan has time now?”