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Shi Sheng saw Gu Hao in the newspaper before. But compared to that, he looked more handsome and full of vigor in reality.

They met in a cafe near Lan Ching’s condominium. As it was New Year Eve, there were not many people in the cafe. 

“Miss Lan, I’m so sorry to disturb you at this time,” Gu Hao was very humble. 

Shi Sheng raised her eyebrows. She thought Gu Hao was here to look for trouble.

“Mr Gu, anything you wanna say? Please.”  

Gu Hao looked at the lady in front of him. Such a pretty lady. She’s so natural in front of me, without a sign of pleasing or fear. 

“Is Xiao Chi with you now?” 

He wanted to visit Gu Chi originally but no one was there. 

Of course, the Gu family had received the news that Gu Chi and Shi Sheng came together, but they dared not intervene. 

Besides, Gu Chi had called to remind them not to check Lan Sheng. 

By now, they only knew that Lan Sheng is the Young Miss of Yu Teng Group and the Movie Queen in the entertainment industry. She is nice, but had a few scandals recently. 

“Hmm.” Shi Sheng nodded. 

Gu Hao took a deep breath, “Miss Lan, since both of you had come together for quite some time, I’ll go straight to the point.” 


“Before that, I’d like to ask about your purpose of coming together with Gu Chi.”

Shi Sheng was holding a cup of coffee. She took a sip and put it down, “Together for the rest of our life.” 

Gu Hao nodded, “Since this is the case, I hope Miss Lan could listen to my advice and don’t feel that I’m nagging.” 

Gu Hao’s words were full of concern towards Gu Chi. He talked with Shi Sheng from the perspective of an elder brother instead of the president of Huan Yu Group. 

“Miss Lan, I hope you can consider what I’ve just said. If you still persevere to come together with Gu Chi, our family will not stop you.” 

Gu Hao got up and bowed slightly, “Lastly, I’d like to ask Miss Lan for one thing. I hope you can take Gu Chi home tomorrow if possible. It can also be...a chance to introduce you to our family.” 

His words can be taken as recognition of Shi Sheng’s identity. 

“I’ll try my best.” Even though Gu Chi will listen to me, I still have to find a way to tell him.” 

“Miss Lan, please send my regards to Mr Lan. I’ll pay a visit on another day.” 

Gu Hao walked out of the cafe and was relieved. His assistant came with an umbrella, “President Gu.”

“She’s a nice girl.” Gu Hao said softly, “Since Xiao Chi likes her, we have to accept even if she’s bad. Let’s go!” 

The assistant followed Gu Hao and asked in a worry, “Will young master come back?” 

“Most likely.” She was able to take Gu Chi to Lan Ching’s house. Perhaps, taking him home is not so difficult. 


When Shi Sheng came back, Gu Chi and Lan Ching were drinking. 

Lan Ching was not as good a drinker as Gu Chi. Lan Ching was drunk but Gu Chi was still in a sober mind. 

Two hours left before New Year. 

“Why don’t you go back?” Shi Sheng was lying in Gu Chi’s arm, watching the New Year’s gala that was showing on TV. 

Gu Hao was a nice person and he treated Shi Sheng nicely too. 

Shi Sheng was in a good mood. Since I don’t lose anything by helping them, why not? 

But it must be his own willingness to go back. I’ll not force him to do anything.
Gu Chi looked down at Shi Sheng’s fingers and played with it. The laughter on the TV flowed out. 

When the show ended, Gu Chi answered slowly, “I’m not used to the merry scenes.” 

He could not understand their feelings, so every time when he came into those scenes, he could not adapt himself. 

“I will go with you.” 

Gu Chi tilted his head slightly. 

Shi Sheng turned her head and looked up at him. She held his neck, leaned over and kissed for seconds, “Just go back for a look. We can leave immediately if you don’t like it.” 

Gu Chi breathed slowly. The shows of the New Year’s gala changed after one another.
“I can go anywhere as long as you’re there.” 

What can I do if he keeps flirting with me? 


Gu family’s old house. 

There were a lot of lights in the villa. Children were playing with fireworks on the open ground and adults were chit-chatting in the villa, but the atmosphere was not very festive. 

10 minutes left before New Year. 

8 minutes…

5 minutes…

3 minutes…

1 minute…

The New Year’s gala started to count down...

“Old master, the young master is back.” The butler hurried in from the outside, with coldness left on her body. 

But nobody felt cold.

“Who do you mean?” The Old Master Gu stood up excitedly, “Xiao Chi is back?” 

“Yes, the young master is back.” 

“Quick, quick!” Old Master Gu hurried out. 

“Grandpa, slow down please.” Gu Hao quickly helped Old Master Gu. 

Everyone gathered around Old Master Gu and went outside the villa.

The New Year’s gala was still counting down. 

“Three...two...one...Happy New Year!” 

“Bang!” A huge firework bloomed over the villa. 

Children’s cheers and laughter can be heard far away, together with the people coming in slowly. 

Shi Sheng knew that Gu family was big, but she was still surprised to see so many people. 

Gu Chi stood quietly beside Shi Sheng. He kept looking at her instead of the Gu family. 

“She’s the little girl of the Lan family,” explained Gu Hao to Old Master Gu who was gazing at Shi Sheng curiously, “Xiao Chi seems to like her very much.” 

“Up to him. Quick, let them in.” Old Master Gu almost sobbed. 

Gu Hao asked someone to hold Old Master Gu and strode towards them.

“Xiao Chi, welcome home.” Gu Hao wanted to give Gu Chi a hug but Gu Chi escaped. 

He looked at Gu Hao indifferently. Even though there were countless gorgeous fireworks reflected in his eyes, it looked greyish-white in his eyes. 

Shi Sheng patted his hands. 

Gu Chi glanced at Shi Sheng and looked at Gu Hao who was a little disappointed. He stepped forward slowly and gave Gu Hao a little hug. 

It was very short. He let go as they touched. 
Gu Hao looked at Gu Chi unexpectedly, followed by surprises left on his face. 

“It’s cold outside. Xiao Chi, quickly come in. Miss Lan, please come in.” 

Everyone saw the hug just now and their reaction was similar to Gu Hao’s. 

Surprise, unexpected and relief…

It was too cold outside. Instead of standing outside to chat, they entered the villa merrily. 

The butler made a cup of hot tea for Shi Sheng and Gu Chi. 

“Miss Lan, let me introduce you,” said Gu Hao just as everyone was curious about Shi Sheng, “This is my grandpa…” 

“Hi, Grandpa Gu.” Shi Sheng took a box from the bag she was carrying and paid a New Year’s greeting obediently, “Happy New Year, Grandpa Gu.” 

“Good.” Old Master Gu smiled and took the box, “You’re such a sweet girl. Gu Hao, take the purple brocade bracelet in my study room for me.” 

The ladies’ faces twisted immediately. They left quietly while Old Master Gu was talking with Shi Sheng. When they came back, all of them were having something in their hands. 

Shi Sheng was fortunate that she had quite a lot of things in her space. Otherwise, she cannot afford to give gifts to so many people.