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“This is my dad.” Father Gu looked strict, but his eyes were soft while looking at Gu Chi. 

“Hi, Uncle Gu.”

Father Gu smiled and gave Shi Sheng a big red envelope.

Knowing Father Gu’s character, Gu Hao led Shi Sheng to the next person. 

“...This is my second sister-in-law.” 

“Hi second sister-in-law.” The boxes that Shi Sheng gave were all made of fine sandalwood with a slight fragrance. Apparently, they had been aged for years.   

It was obvious that she prepared the gifts attentively. 

Gu Hao wondered. How can she prepare so many gifts in such a short time? 

“I didn’t know if you were coming, so the gift was prepared in a hurry. I hope you don’t mind. I promise to give you a better gift next time.” The second sister-in-law was a little embarrassed. 

After Gu Hao introduced everyone to Shi Sheng, her hands were full of gifts and red envelopes.

The most precious gift was the purple brocade bracelet from Old Master Gu. It belonged to his wife previously, which symbolized the Master Lady of the family. 

Gu Chi also received some red envelopes. Under Shi Sheng’s encouragement, he paid the New Year’s greetings to Old Master Gu and Father Gu.

Old Master Gu wept for joy, while Father Gu held his tears back. 

Old Master Gu ordered some servants to prepare a reunion dinner even though they had already eaten. Everyone sat on the table and ate a little bit in order to accompany Gu Chi.

“Little girl, your brother is a powerful person.” Old Master Gu looked at Shi Sheng with a smiling face. 

Lan's family encountered such a big incident at that time, but Lan Ching was able to carry everything on by himself and grew the company into a big establishment in only a few years' time. 

He was not bad too, if compared to the guys of the Gu family. 

“He’s a good brother,” Shi Sheng answered with a smile. 

Both of them chatted happily. Gu Chi sat beside Shi Sheng and listened to their conversation quietly, unlike the anxiety and impatience he showed in the past. 

“Xiao Chi seems to like the little girl very much,” The second sister-in-law and big sister-in-law whispered to one another.

The big sister-in-law glanced at Shi Sheng, “We ain’t sure about her personality yet. We’ve given her so many things and what has she given to us? I peeked inside earlier, it was just a bracelet.” 

“It doesn’t matter what she gives, as long as Xiao Chi likes her.” 

“I’m just afraid that Xiao Chi would be cheated by her, in case she’s aiming for the Gu family…” 

The second sister-in-law kicked the big sister-in-law a leg under the table.  

Shi Sheng was looking over them. The big sister-in-law smiled embarrassingly, looked down at the table and kept quiet. 

It was late, Old Master Gu was tired. He looked at Gu Chi with some expectation, “Both of you can stay here for one night, Xiao Chi’s room was available.”

Gu Chi frowned, he pulled Shi Sheng and shook his head slightly. 

Shi Sheng was helpless, she could only promise, “Grandpa Gu, I will bring him back next time.” 

Old Master Gu was very happy for Gu Chi’s return. Although he was a little disappointed with Gu Chi’s reluctance to stay for a night, it was still better than the previous years. 

Gu Hao sent them back. He did not talk throughout the journey. After they got out of the car, Gu Hao stopped Shi Sheng. 

“Xiao Sheng, thank you very much. Grandpa is very happy.” Gu Hao thanked Shi Sheng genuinely.

“You’re welcome, Mr Gu.” 

“Xiao Sheng, you can call me brother if you don’t mind. Please look after Xiao Chi and call me if anything happens.” 

Shi Sheng stayed silent for a few seconds, “Sure. Goodnight, bro.” 

After sending the two to the elevator, Gu Hao drove back home. 
When he returned to the villa, everyone was still there.

“What’s wrong? Grandpa, it’s so late already. Why don’t you sleep?” 

“Ah, Hao look at these.” The second sister-in-law pointed to the boxes on the table. 

They were all given out by Shi Sheng just now.

Gu Hao confused. What’s wrong with these boxes? 

There were many things inside the boxes. Some were jade and some were exquisitely crafted jewellery. 

“Anything wrong?” Although they’re almost similar, it’s not easy to prepare so many things in such a short time. 

Old Master Gu said, “These things are worth more than a billion.”

“Grandpa…” Are you kidding me? 

“I’m quite observant…” Old Master Gu glared at Gu Hao. It was just an estimated amount. Some of the jewellery he has not seen before, he did not know about the exact amount. 

By just looking at the ornament that was given to Father Gu which was carved with emperor green, it already worth at least 300 million. 

Not to mention the jewellery that was given to the ladies. Many were superb jade, the colour and workmanship were much better than those produced outside. 

“She gave our family a billion?” Gu Hao was quite unbelievable. 

Even their family did not give a billion easily.

The big sister-in-law suspected Shi Sheng aimed for their family’s property just now. But after looking at these things, she dared not to have such thoughts again. 

“What we’ve given just now is just a small amount compared to hers…” The second sister-in-law shook her head. Such a little girl, where did she get so many valuable things? 

“Prepare a big gift. We’re going to pay a New Year’s greeting to the Lan family tomorrow.” Old Master Gu decided. 

Everyone was shocked. The last time that the Gu family went to people’s houses to pay New Year’s greetings was many years ago... 

And it was the first day of New Year…

“Everyone must go,” Old Master Gu added.


Shi Sheng kept all the nice gifts after she came back. She loved the bracelet so much. She took it out and put it on her wrist. The size was pretty nice. 

But she took it off after a moment. 

Gu Chi hugged from her back and put the bracelet back, “Wear it, don’t take off.” 

Shi Sheng was confused and looked at him. 

“Very nice,” Gu Chi said slowly.

Shi Sheng took her phone out and took a photo of their hands holding together. She took another selfie with Gu Chi in the same posture. 

“Can I post?” Shi Sheng signed in to her Weibo, tilted her head and asked Gu Chi. 

It’s a New Year! It’s time for PDA! [Note: PDA = Public Display of Affection, a physical act of intimacy between a romantic couple done in the view of others.]

“Up to you.”

Shi Sheng quickly uploaded the two photos.  

Lan Sheng: My first PDA in this New Year. [picture] [picture]

It was 4 am now, but many people were still online. More than a thousand people commented under the post immediately after she posted. 

Happy New Year: Gosh! What has our god posted? I was blind, I couldn't see anything. Say no to PDA! PS: The guy is so handsome! Licking screen. 

I have a dimension door: Say no to PDA! I was urged to marry by my family and saw our god’s PDA. What a difficult New Year I have!

Black Elf: My god is in a relationship! Ahhhh! So this would be the first auspicious event of the year? They are well-matched! [Love] Congrats!

Ghost Delivery: Ahhh! How can my god fall in love with someone? Break up on the first day of New Year, sad. 

General, your aunt was lost: Are you going to abandon us, our god? Ohhh, you’re going to abandon us this New Year... I don’t care! I still wanna see the man of our god, he’s so handsome! 

Lan Sheng is my god: Scary! I must not have had enough sleep, I should go to bed now. 

The frontline battle: Sure enough, this will be the first PDA in the New Year. I don’t accept this! PS: Our god is going to occupy the headlines of this New Year.