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The next day, Lan Ching woke up and was startled by the big Gu family who visited him. 

The monsters who love Gu Chi so much finally came to look for trouble. 

He quickly analyzed some methods using his dull brain to deal with them. 

But the reality was always unexpected. 

Headed by Old Master Gu, they gave Lan Ching a warm greeting one by one. 

Lan Ching was in a daze. 

They’re not here to look for trouble? 

They should have informed me earlier! They frightened me! 

Hold on. Did anything happen yesterday night that I don’t know of? 

How come their attitude is as if they are greeting an in-law? 

Old Master Gu left a lot of things, but they were just a small amount compared to the gifts Shi Sheng gave yesterday. 

After they left, Lan Ching took his phone out. He wanted to give Shi Sheng a call but the notification of his Weibo kept popping out. 

Ever since his identity was exposed, there had been people tagged him from time to time. But the situation of receiving so many notifications like this will only occur when a major event happened. 

What has my dearest sister done again? 

Lan Ching quickly clicked into the post and saw the two photos. 

I wonder why Gu family came today. It turned out that it was my dearest sister who did something! 

The first major event in the entertainment industry this year, Lan Sheng is in a relationship. 

It was sad news to the fans. 

The following day was the premiere of “Proud Sun”. It made 90 million on the first day. 

The film crew was very happy with the good start and put more effort into the publicity. 

The good turnover followed by film reviews. 

As the villain of the film, Shi Sheng received a lot of good reviews. 

Although not everyone liked the character, it was favorable overall. 

Shi Sheng’s god title was recognized and received a lot of fans. 

As for Wen Qiao, her acting skills were almost put down by Shi Sheng. Of course, some people discovered the situation and accused Shi Sheng of bullying the rookie. 

Chen Yuan made a call to ask Shi Sheng not to make any response, the agency will deal with it. 

Shi Sheng was very obedient this time. She did not respond to it as she was busy doing PDA with Gu Chi.

The topic changed successfully by their PDA. 

“Proud Sun” made 600 million, ten days after the release. 

This result was pretty good. 

“Dimensional Gods” was a low budget movie released after “Proud Sun”. Its turnover was not that high. But with Shi Sheng’s high popularity, the turnover was considered high among the low-budget movies. 

Although Wen Qiao was not as famous as the movie was, she still managed to get some fans and formed a fan club now. 

But compared with Shi Sheng’s fan club, her fan club was still too small. 


The TV play that went through the audition before New Years officially began to film. Shi Sheng as the biggest investor of the play received the best treatment from the crew. 

Wen Qiao did not catch up with the start-up ceremony due to some delays, causing dissatisfaction among many people. 

This was the image that a female lead should have. The female lead should be the public enemy that most of the people hated, and there must be a hero to protect the female lead. 
For example, the male lead of the TV play, Zhao Yun An. 

Shi Sheng did not know how they knew each other. But by the time she discovered, they had already been friends. 

When someone in the crew bullied her, Zhao Yun An will definitely be there for her. 

As Zhan Yun An had some influence in the industry, they dared not to mess with him and can only comment on Wen Qiao behind her back. 

Wen Qiao starred as the supporting female. Shi Sheng did not delete her scenes this time, she added for her instead. 

The original author had a love-hate relationship with Shi Sheng. The scenes that Shi Sheng added make sense, but somehow she still felt weird.  

Sometimes, Wen Qiao can only get her revised script on the day of shooting. The added scenes increased her workload, she only slept for 3 to 4 hours a day. 

“Xiao Qiao, drink some water.” Zhao Yun An handed a bottle of mineral water to Wen Qiao, “You must be worn out recently.” 

As the supporting male lead of the world, Zhao Yun An was certainly a sweet guy who treated every girl nicely. 

“I’m fine.” Wen Qiao’s face was a bit pale, “Thanks, Brother Yun An.” 

Zhao Yun An organized his words in mind and asked carefully, “Did you offend Lan Sheng?” 

“Brother Yun An?” Wen Qiao was confused.
She seemed to not understand what he was saying. 

Zhao Yun An looked around to make sure no one was looking at them. He lowered his voice and said, “Lan Sheng keeps adding your scenes and deleting that of others. Don’t you realize they keep making trouble for you recently?” 

As an outsider, he can see most of the game. 

Lan Sheng embarrassed her on purpose.

But Lan Sheng hasn’t bullied anyone in the industry before. Her reputation in the industry is quite good.
Before that, Wen Qiao could not understand Shi Sheng’s purpose of adding scenes for her. But she realized now after listening to Zhao Yun An’s words. 

She was too busy filming recently so she did not notice this. Her scenes were added upon so much. In order to ensure the episodes kept the same, the scenes of other characters must be deleted. 

So, I became their target now. Lan Sheng, you’re so scheming! 

“I will talk to the author.” Wen Qiao got up, “Brother Yun An, thanks a lot!” 

Zhao Yun An smiled slightly. 

Wen Qiao came to the original author, who was pulling her hair with a pile of manuscripts in her arms. 

“Miss Qing Qiu, can you give me a few minutes?” 

The pen name of the author was Qing Qiu Yi Meng. During the introduction, she asked the crew to address her as “Qing Qiu”. Thus, everyone in the crew addressed her with her pen name. 

“Miss Wen?” Qing Qiu let go of her messy hair, moved the things beside her and asked Wen Qiao to have a sit, “Do you need anything?” 

Qing Qiu was quite young, but she was a care-free person and seemed to be easygoing.

“I’d like to discuss the added scenes. Miss Qing Qiu had been adding scenes for me recently. Of course, I’m grateful to you for adding the scenes for me, but will this affect the scenes of the others?” 

Wen Qiao said insinuatingly.  

“It was requested by Lan Sheng,” Qing Qiu replied in brief.

“But the novel was written by you…” Wen Qiao hesitated, “Would you like to ruin your own work?” 

Qing Qiu widened her eyes in a strange expression, “Miss Wen, I don’t write novels for my interest, I just want to make money.” 

Not every author was artistic. Qing Qiu was not artistic but talented. 

She wrote just for the sake of making money. 

If you were willing to pay for it, then she will write. You read happily and she earned happily, what a win-win situation. 

Wen Qiao was a bit stunned. Such a materialistic author…

It’s quite unacceptable. 

Qing Qiu added slowly, “She promised to give me extra money.” 

Wen Qiao was speechless.