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Wen Qiao’s negotiation with the original author was in vain. 

Money was very useful to let people compromise.

Throughout the shooting, Wen Qiao was tortured by the non-stop adding of scenes. 

“What’s the relationship between Wen Qiao and the director? How come he keeps adding scenes for her and deleting ours?…” 

“They even deleted the female lead’s scenes, what can we say?”

“Someone who only knows how to get through the back door. I hate this kind of person the most!” 

“But her acting skills are not bad.” Someone did her justice.

Although Wen Qiao’s scenes were added the most, her acting skills were indeed good. Compared with the other rookies, she was definitely the best among them. 

“But good acting skills are not that useful compared to having good sex skills.” 

Wen Qiao happened to pass by them. The words were meant deliberately for her. 

“Xiao Qiao, it’s gonna be your turn.” Zhao Yun An interrupted, “Please get prepared.” 

Wen Qiao nodded slightly, “Thanks, Brother Yun An.” 

After Wen Qiao left, Zhao Yun An looked at them and said, “There is no way to become famous if you don’t put your effort in, but all you do is keep talking about others behind their back.” 

Zhao Yun An was quite handsome. His words made all of them blush with shame and walk away. 


Shi Sheng was sitting with her leg crossed in the center of the film crew who came back and forth. She was on the phone with it held between her chin and shoulder.

“Hmm...remember to exercise, I’ll check when I come back….I know…Hmm, I can go back early today…” 

After Shi Sheng finished the call, Xiao Bao came to her, “Sis Lan, the director said they’re going out for dinner and asked if you want to go?” 

Dinner? It’s the occasion of the accident. Of course, I must go.

Only the film crew and their investors went for dinner. Among the investors, Shi Sheng was the only one who stayed with the film crew and changed the script.

Wen Qiao was assigned to accompany an investor, the other actresses were also assigned for each investor. 

As the main investor, the director dared not to assign Shi Sheng. 

The dinner ended peacefully. Some investors took a few actresses for karaoke in a club after that. 

“Director, I think I don’t want to go...I haven’t memorized the revised script I got today. I’d prefer it if I went back and memorized the script.” Wen Qiao was unwilling to join and negotiate with the director. 

Shi Sheng stood beside the director and leered at Wen Qiao.

Both of them did not interact much on the set. Shi Sheng spent most of her time playing games. Wen Qiao was busy shooting everyday, she had no extra time to argue with Shi Sheng. 

But Wen Qiao was scared of Shi Sheng. 

Shi Sheng’s eyes were very sharp. Wen Qiao found herself weak in front of Shi Sheng, as if she knew all of her secrets. 

“There are a few investors here today. It’s better for you to go and show yourself.” The director disagreed.

Wen Qiao had no choice but to join them. 

Disgusting scenes were found in the karaoke box. Some of them took this as an opportunity to build relationships with the investors so as to become famous. 

Wen Qiao was protected by Zhao Yun An, so no one dared to force her to do anything, but she drank a lot.

“Retch!” Wen Qiao vomited in the restroom. She held her heavy head and walked out of the restroom in dizziness. 

“Mr Su, get out of my way.” 

Wen Qiao stumbled and fell to the wall. She leaned on the wall and looked in the direction of the voice.

Su Mu Yuan and Shi Sheng were standing face to face.

“I thought we’re already in a partnership.” Su Mu Yuan narrowed his eyes and looked at Shi Sheng viciously. 

“I didn’t promise you anything, it’s all your delusion.” Shi Sheng blinked innocently.

Su Mu Yuan gave her the shares hoping that she would help him to destroy the Gu family. 

The male lead is indeed very ambitious.

He used Lan family’s shares to threaten me to destroy my man’s family, am I stupid?  

“Miss Lan, aren't you afraid that I will destroy the Lan family?” 

“Mr Su, it’s good to be confident, I’ve faith in you. Bring it on!” Shi Sheng gave him a creepy grin. 

The dim light of the corridor illuminated her face making her look more treacherous. 

You thought I would be scared?

Would such an easy case trouble me? 


I can kill you anytime I want! 

“Miss Lan, I know something about Gu Chi that you might not know? Would you like to listen?” 

Su Mu Yuan’s words stopped her steps. Shi Sheng turned back slowly. 

Su Mu Yuan looked at her in a leisure manner, with a confidence that said everything was under his control. 

“Are you mentally sick?” Shi Sheng turned back to Su Mu Yuan. 

I really need good mental strength to talk with this lady in front of me. 

She might say something that might catch me off-guard the next second. 

“Miss Lan, I’m just telling you the truth.” 

“Thanks.” Shi Sheng sneered, “But I don’t want to know.” 

I won’t care even if Gu Chi killed someone. 

She turned and left.

Her shoes stepped on the smooth marble, making a click-clack sound. 

“If you dare to mess with Gu Chi and my brother, I will destroy the whole Su family.” 

Her voice was wandering in the corridor.

“Lan Sheng, I give you a month to reconsider. You can come to me anytime if you feel regret.” Su Mu Yuan spoke loudly. 

Shi Sheng did not stop and disappeared in front of Su Mu Yuan.

He took his phone out and called a number.

“Start now.”

The only weakness of the Gu family is Gu Chi.

He hung up the call and looked somewhere, “Have you finished listening?” 

Wen Qiao stiffened and spoke weakly, “I’m just passing by….”

She was always short of breath when facing him. 

Su Mu Yuan sneered and left.

Wen Qiao was relieved.

Sure enough, he was the future moneybag of the entertainment industry. He looked so powerful, it frightened me! 

She did not really understand their conversation just now. But as she was quite dizzy, she did not think about it deeply.

The next day, she found herself sleeping with Su Mu Yuan.

It was even stranger that their sexually indecent photo was on the internet.

Although the photo was blurred and they were not totally naked, Su Mu Yuan was very angry about this. 

“What a good method.” Su Mu Yuan pinched Wen Qiao’s chin in a sombre face.

The bloodstain on her fair skin was eye-catching. Su Mu Yuan turned angrier after looking at this. 

“The photo was not taken by me.” Wen Qiao wrapped herself with a blanket and defended calmly.

How did I even get here last night? 

“Not you?” Su Mu Yuan pinched even harder. “There are only two of us in the room. If it was not you, then will the photo be taken by a ghost?”

“Mr Su, please look at the angle of the photo. If I was lying on top of you, is it possible for me to stand aside and take the photo?” 

Wen Qiao’s chest lifted slightly and rescued her chin out of his hand. “I didn’t even ask you to be responsible for me, why are you so angry?”