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Su Mu Yuan looked at the photo again several times. Indeed, she cannot take the photo from this angle.

He used his phone to get the same angle in the room and found a hidden camera in the flower pot eventually. 

Su Mu Yuan ordered someone to check this for him in a sombre face. 

Wen Qiao had already put on her clothes. In a pale face, she tried to be calm, “Mr Su, we just take this as a one-night stand, and pretend that we don’t know each other after walking out of the room.” 

Su Mu Yuan sneered, “Do you think you can get out of the room?” 

“What do you want to do…” He's gonna kill me just because I slept with him?

After a moment, Wen Qiao only realized Su Mu Yuan actually meant the paparazzi. 

The person who exposed the photo also exposed the address. 

There should be a lot of paparazzi waiting outside the door right now. 


Su Mu Yuan immediately retracted the photo, but this did not stop the netizens to gossip. 

Wen Qiao’s performance in “Proud Sun” was being commented on again. She made the headline this time. 

But the headline did not last long and was soon replaced by another headline.

[Author’s Note: Lan Sheng suspected to be pregnant]

Shi Sheng was stunned when she read the news. 

The photo was taken when she took Gu Chi to the hospital for regular check-ups. The rumour of her pregnancy was nonsense. 

“Sheng Sheng, let’s have a talk.” Chen Yuan gnashed her teeth and said. 

“Sis Chen...I’m innocent.” I didn’t have sex with Gu Chi, how can I get pregnant?

Chen Yuan tried not to rage at her, “You like to be in the headline, is it? Can’t you do something good for yourself?” 

Look at what she has done recently. Sooner or later, I will have a heart attack.

She has been making headlines from time to time. 

“But I didn’t lose any fans....” Shi Sheng defended.

Her fans did not drop but increased instead. Of course, because I am their god. 

“I don’t want to argue with you. If you keep creating scandals, then you better be prepared to shoot all the next five years worth of films.” Chen Yuan spew the words and hung up the call. 

Five years worth of films… 

Sis Chen, you won!

Chen Yuan denied the rumour immediately, but Shi Sheng still made the headline. 

Some netizens asked when she and Gu Chi will have monkeys. 

I can’t give birth to a monkey! Even gene mutation also can’t degenerate a human to an ape at once!

Gu Chi was playing video games. Shi Sheng went to him and gave him a kiss. 

After she kissed for a while, Gu Chi slowly responded. 

“What do you want to do in future?” Shi Sheng let go of him and looked at him.

Gu Chi kept silent. After a moment, he said word by word, “I want to stay with you.” 

“Except for this?” 

Doubts flashed in his eyes for some time. He then shook his head and said, “No more.” 

How can he have no ambition?

Forget it, I can raise him anyway. 


Shi Sheng kissed his face, “It’s time to go out for a walk.”

Gu Chi was a little reluctant at first. But looking at Shi Sheng’s ‘you’re dead’ look, he slowly went to change his clothes. 

Exercise was a must for Gu Chi every night.

Gu Chi no longer wanted to move after walking for a few laps in the residential areas. 

He laid on the sofa with a tablet in his arms, staring at Shi Sheng who sat on the other side in a call. 

He tilted his head and looked at her for a moment. Then, he stood up and walked to Shi Sheng. 

While Shi Sheng was looking at him with doubts, he hugged her and began to play his game. 

Shi Sheng was speechless.

“You have to cast this film. You don’t have any films recently...Sheng Sheng, are you listening to me?” Chen Yuan shouting on the other side of the phone. 

“Yes.” Shi Sheng replied, “But this character does not suit me…”

Chen Yuan continued to shout, “It doesn’t seem unsuitable. You’ve always been casting this kinda character.” 

“But I now prefer “Proud Sun,” that kinda character. Don’t you think such a cool character suits me more?” 

Chen Yuan did not answer for a long time. She must be prepared to rage at me. 

“You’re a girl, why do you want to act cool? After all, such a character is not so easy to find… the script was not written by you! You’ve been creating so much trouble recently, can’t you just listen to me and cast the film?” 

Chen Yuan spoke super fast, she was obviously very angry. 

Both of them had talked for a long time but ended up with no results. 

Shi Sheng clarified that she will only cast as a similar character to “Proud Sun” now, but Chen Yuan insisted on letting her cast the other types of characters.
After hanging up the call, Shi Sheng heaved a long sigh. 
She looked down at Gu Chi’s screen, he was PKing someone. Perhaps, hugging her had affected him when playing the game, as he lost the game eventually.

“I want to sleep now.” Shi Sheng stared at Gu Chi. 

Gu Chi probably did not want to sleep yet. He looked at the screen and Shi Sheng hesitantly. 

In the end, he put the tablet down. 

Gu Chi’s insomnia was so serious. He was still suffering from insomnia after getting a long period of treatment. 

The saying in the novel that hugging your lover while sleeping can help to reduce insomnia was bullshit.

Gu Chi had insomnia again, he did not sleep until morning. 


Shi Sheng received a script one week later. The character was a police going undercover, which met her requirement. 

But the investor was…

Gu Chi.

He was the only investor.

That means he most probably got someone to write the script.

Shi Sheng asked Gu Chi about this and he replied seriously, “You don’t like it?” 

“Whatever you like, I want to give you.” 

Shi Sheng admitted, He is flirtatious. 

The script’s quality was not bad, it was not made in a hurry. 

In other words, Gu Chi had looked for someone to write the script a long time ago.

“Where did you get the money?” This was the point. The Gu family did give Gu Chi some money, but it couldn’t be so much. 

“I own a company.”

What are you talking about?

You own a company? How come it did not go bankrupt? 
“It’s enough for you to spend,” Gu Chi added.

Lin Ze Nan mentioned himself as an assistant...he was actually not talking nonsense.

Lin Ze Nan was in charge of the company, but the decision was made by Gu Chi. 

Gu Chi is capable, but he doesn’t have any goals.

Perhaps, the only goal he has is…

To take care of me…

After Wen Qiao’s drama wrapped up, this film was also about to start filming. 

But Shi Sheng did not expect that Wen Qiao would also cast in this film. 

The person who brought her into the cast was Su Mu Yuan.

Su Mu Yuan knew the director, so he can assign someone into the cast easily. 

Although Gu Chi was the investor, he never asked about these. Shi Sheng only realized Wen Qiao was also cast in this film when she arrived on set.

“Miss Lan, nice to see you,” Wen Qiao said heavily. 

“Miss Lan has always been the one I want to go beyond.”

You grab the others’ opportunity just to reach your goal of going beyond someone? 

“Then I am quite unlucky.” Shi Sheng curled her lips and walked past her. 

Wen Qiao frowned slightly. How come Lan Sheng in this life is so different from the previous life? 

Did anything go wrong?