“Wen Qiao, what happened to you? Why are you not on form today?” The director yelled with a loudspeaker and everyone looked at her. 

Wen Qiao looked embarrassed. Shi Sheng stood in front of her, they were shooting together but Wen Qiao could not keep up with her tempo. 

“Come here, I’ll explain it to you.” The director did not continue to rage at her considering she was brought in by Su Mu Yuan.

Shi Sheng asked Xiao Bao to get her phone, he hurriedly handed it to her. Shi Sheng replied to Gu Chi before clicking on the game. 

The background music of the game echoed on the set, some of the crews put on a hopeless look.

How addicted is the Movie Queen to the game?

She definitely plays games whenever she is free. 

[Author’s Note: Movie Queen is addicted to the games.]

“Sis Lan, you’re trending again.” Xiao Bao held his phone in front of Shi Sheng, blocking her screen.

Game over.

Shi Sheng turned to stare at Xiao Bao.

“Sis Chen is going to give you five years worth of film,” Xiao Bao said weakly. 

Shi Sheng glanced at Xiao Bao’s screen. 

She was squatting on the ground. The photo must have been taken by someone in the crew from behind her back. 

That pose…screams as if she was non-mainstream and squatting on a village street.

Netizen A: Such a handsome posture of our god playing games! Licking screen.

Netizen B: Our god is playing this game! My boyfriend had been playing everyday, I even suspected he wanted to marry the game. No! I wanna meet my god in the game! Tell us your game ID please! 

Netizen C: I wanna give 101 points to our god for such a down-to-earth posture! She deserves the extra one point.

Netizen D: Down-to-earth posture +1

Netizen E: Down-to-earth posture +2

Many of them commented on the same thing. 

Shi Sheng looked at her posture and looked at Xiao Bao. She handed her phone to him, “Take a handsome posture of me.” 

Sis Chen will really give you five years worth of film...

Xiao Bao could not undertake her coercion and was forced to take a few photos of her eventually. 

Compared with the candid photo, this frontal HD photo gained more discussion immediately after she posted.

Someone asked if she was shooting a new film and asked for the name of the film.

Of course, the crew will not miss any opportunity to promote their film. They took the chance to promote their film for free.

Chen Yuan was almost used to Shi Sheng’s behavior that can easily make a headline. 

Since it was not a big deal, Chen Yuan did not bother to rage at Shi Sheng. 


“Sis Lan, there will be a fight scene later. Wen Qiao’s stuntman is unable to turn up today, you may have to bear with her later.” 

Just as Shi Sheng entered the set, she was told such bad news.

Meaning that if she failed to control her power for the fight scene later, Wen Qiao might be killed and things will become miserable. 

“Can’t you get another person tentatively?” 

The crew shook her head helplessly, it was not easy to get a stuntman in such a short time.

Even if they found one, she might not be able to shoot well. 
“There ain’t many fight scenes. Please help, Sis Lan.” The crew blinked and put on a cute look. 

Shi Sheng curled her lips, “You think you’re a little girl?” 

Is it my fault for being a guy? 

Shi Sheng was known to be easygoing with little girls, especially those who spoke nicely and looked tender.

But she was totally different when facing the guys. Sometimes, she was impatient even though they had not spoken a word yet.

No one can have a worse temper than hers. 

You’re a lady, why do you want to grab the little girls who are single?

Can’t you give us some chance to fall in love?

The film crew could not get a stuntman in the end, Wen Qiao had to shoot the fight scenes herself. 

The martial arts instructor was explaining the action to Wen Qiao, while Shi Sheng was playing her games. 

Wen Qiao was disturbed by the background music of the game, she could not focus on the instructions.

Sure enough, she kept getting it wrong when shooting the fight scene. 

Wen Qiao’s actions were not correct at all. Either she was not strong enough, or it was misplaced.

After a few times of NG, there were several bruises on Wen Qiao’s body. 


The equipment was not functioning when Wen Qiao jumped down from a height. It could not bear her weight and Wen Qiao fell to the ground.

Immediately, Shi Sheng could feel someone passed by her. 

Su Mu Yuan rushed to Wen Qiao, “Are you ok?” 

Wen Qiao looked at the man who appeared suddenly, she was stunned, “Why are you here?”

“I passed by.” 

Are there any places he can pass by the Studio City? 

“Is that President Su?” 

“So the photo is true? Wen Qiao really has a relationship with President Su?”

“It’s so obvious!” 

“Mr Su is so handsome!” 

Wen Qiao was not injured badly, Su Mu Yuan took her to a lounge.

Shi Sheng thought Wen Qiao’s injury would not have anything to do with her. She was not the one who pushed her after all. 

But Su Mu Yuan did not let off so easily. 

“Hey, this is Sis Lan’s dedicated lounge.” Xiao Bao stopped Su Mu Yuan who wanted to break in. 

They will only shoot a few scenes here. In order to save money and make things easier, the film crew prepared only two lounges, one for Shi Sheng and another one for public use. 

“Get out of my way!” Su Mu Yuan was so intimidating. 

Xiao Bao was startled and took a few steps back in fear, but he still blocked the entrance. 

“Sis Lan, Sis Lan!” He shouted. 

Shi Sheng had already walked over to his side, “What are you shouting for? Don’t even know how to send someone off!”

This lady is so fierce!

Shi Sheng ignored Su Mu Yuan, pulled Xiao Bao out of the room, and locked the door in front of Su Mu Yuan. 

“Kick the door if you can!” Shi Sheng stood aside and pointed at the locked door. 

Su Mu Yuan was speechless.

Sis Lan, you will be easily beaten by people. 

Su Mu Yuan saw another lounge that was full of people and quite messy just now, so he went to this lounge. 

“Miss Lan, as a senior, don’t you think you should be more tolerant?” Su Mu Yuan looked cool. 

“I’m sorry, I don’t have that.” Shi Sheng crossed her arms, “Do you want to kick?”

What are you doing? Such a powerful president, can’t you get those people out of another room?

Su Mu Yuan looked at the door in front of him. He felt that her words meant something.

She seems to be waiting for me to kick the door…

He stared at Shi Sheng for a few seconds, holding Wen Qiao and turned to leave. 

What a pity! If he dared to kick, I could blackmail him for his money.

Don’t ever talk about conscience and morality with scum, it no longer exists. 

As Su Mu Yuan walked away, a tall guy was holding a bouquet of flowers coming towards them. The huge bouquet blocked the guy’s face, and the two passed each other.

Su Mu Yuan frowned and looked back at the guy who entered the set with a bouquet.