Gu Chi’s appearance on the set was out of Shi Sheng’s expectation, not to mention the large bouquet of flowers. 

He was indeed a god. 

“Gosh! So handsome! He looks more handsome in person compared to  photos!”

“Of course, he must be handsome enough to deserve our goddess!” 

“You’re right…”

“No! I’m about to faint.”

Gu Chi walked towards Shi Sheng throughout the exclamation of the female crew. 

The colourful bouquet blended with his face, as if putting on a special effect.

“This is for you.” Gu Chi handed the bouquet over to her.

Shi Sheng took it with a smile. She pulled Gu Chi’s collar and Gu Chi lowered his head. 

They kissed.

Sounds of exclamation came one after another, together with the camera shutter’s clicking sound. 

Without exception, Shi Sheng made a headline again. 

Many fans commented ‘999’ under the post. [Note: 999 is a network language that used to describe someone or something super awesome.] 

The headline was made so easily this time. 

Chen Yuan had already given up. Just let it least it’s not  bad news this time.

In the lounge, Shi Sheng put the bouquet nicely, “Why did you come?” 

“I miss you.” Gu Chi did not hide his love towards her. 

“Hmm, I’ve been a little busy these days.” She had been busy shooting in the past few days and did not go back as it was very late. 

“You didn’t sleep again, right?” 

Gu Chi looked away and kept quiet.

I knew it. 

As Wen Qiao was injured, the director could only shoot the scenes of others, which gave Shi Sheng some free time. 

She went for a date with Gu Chi outside, whilst their actions became a trending topic. 

The fans: Our god has occupied the trending list.

The other artists: Too bad, I’m not good looking. 


In the evening, someone compared and commented on Su Mu Yuan and Gu Chi about their appearance on the set today. 

Perhaps, the post made no offence, but the fans of two sides argued suddenly. 

The news that Su Mu Yuan retracted was raised in the argument again, saying that Wen Qiao was a scheming bitch who slept with Su Mu Yuan.

Wen Qiao’s fans refuted immediately, saying that Shi Sheng also slept with Gu Chi. 

Gu Chi’s identity was public. As the young master of Huan Yu Group, even a strand of his hair could be worth a thousand. 

Shi Sheng’s fans fought back. Yes, our goddess came together with Gu Chi, but she is the Young Miss of Yu Teng Group. She had become the Movie Queen before she came together with him. Does she need to sleep with him? 

Wen Qiao’s fans refuted. Her popularity is all due to her rich family. If her family had no money, do you think she could be so famous?

Lan Sheng’s fans said, Is it our goddess’ fault to be born in a rich family? You should not blame those who are rich if you’re poor. Since you’re so powerful, why don’t you go and save the world? 

Both sides launched an internet war that attracted countless netizens to watch. 

Chen Yuan almost had a nervous breakdown. My artist keeps making trouble!

Who is the best in making the headline? Please find the god in the Gu family.

Below were the conversations Chen Yuan heard when she entered her office:

Colleague A: Sis Chen, has Lan Sheng made trouble today?

Colleague B: Sis Chen, your artist made a headline again. 

Colleague C: Sis Chen, can you let Lan Sheng make my artist in the headline too? 

Colleague D: Sis Chen, your artist blablabla… 

As the protagonists did not join the arguments, it settled itself a few days later. 

The topic changed quickly as long as there was something new in the industry. This was the case in the entertainment industry. 


Wen Qiao returned to the set, but  progress was still very slow. 

Shi Sheng was playing games with her phone while Wen Qiao was being scolded by the director. 

Even Shi Sheng offered her sympathy. 

Wen Qiao was not on form since her return to the set. But this time it had nothing to do with Shi Sheng, rather it was Wen Qiao herself who was not on form. 

“Cut, cut, cut! That’s all for today.” The director threw the loudspeaker in anger. 

Everyone looked at the broken loudspeaker on the ground. 

Director, the loudspeaker was quite expensive... 

Wen Qiao passed by Shi Sheng and stopped suddenly, “Lan Sheng, did I offend you?” 

Aren’t you are the one who grabs my script all the while? 

How could she blame me?

Shi Sheng wanted to refute her. 

But before she spoke her words, Wen Qiao said in a firm tone, “Lan Sheng, I’ll definitely surpass you someday. Let’s see!” 

“It would be my honour.” I’m proud to become the female lead’s benchmark. 

What’s so good about being proud?

She wanna fight with me? Bring it on! 

Wen Qiao left whilst being full of spirit. 

Shi Sheng curled her lips. She finished the rest of the scenes and got ready to go back. 

Immediately after removing her makeup, Shi Sheng received a call from Gu Hao asking if she could take Gu Chi home for dinner.

Shi Sheng asked for the reason. 

Gu Hao told her today was Gu Chi’s birthday.

Gu Chi’s birthday? 

Shi Sheng’s face twisted for a moment. She remembered that the date written on Gu Chi’s identification card was not today. 

Shi Sheng returned to her condominium and found the door opened with a lot of noise inside. 

A group of thugs with colourful hairs walked around in the house. 

“Sister-in-law is back.”

“Hi, sister-in-law.”

“Hi, sister-in-law.” 

The thugs greeted Shi Sheng with a smile. 

This was not their first time here. Since someone will clean for her, Shi Sheng had no comment. 

“Goddess, you’re back. I was just about to call you.” Lin Ze Nan got out of the crowd and reached Shi Sheng, “Today is boss’ birthday. Do you have anything to give him, goddess?” 

It’s really Gu Chi’s birthday?

Shi Sheng took Lin Ze Nan to a corner and asked, “But Gu Chi’s identification card is not today.” 

“...Goddess, you don’t know today is boss’ birthday?”  

Shi Sheng nodded honestly.

She will not know if Gu Hao didn’t inform her.

Lin Ze Nan looked around like a thief and pulled Shi Sheng into the restroom. 

“It’s a long story but I’ll make it short. Boss’ birthday is indeed on the day of his identification card, but today… is actually his mother’s memorial day. Since the death of aunt, our boss has insisted on celebrating his birthday on this day.” 


Lin Ze Nan scratched his head, “Do you know how she died?” 

Shi Sheng shook her head.

She knew that Gu’s Mother was dead. Gu’s Father had never been married to another woman or got another woman on the outside. 

“Don’t let anyone know that I told you.” Lin Zen Nan lowered his voice, “Ten years ago, aunt and boss were kidnapped at the same time. Aunt was stabbed more than twenty times in order to protect our boss.” 

Shi Sheng was shocked after listening to his words.

After a moment, she said, “So Gu Chi’s behavior was due to the incident?”

Lin Ze Nan shook his head, “The only change the incident brought was that our boss changed the celebration of his birthday to today.”

Gu Chi behaved like that since young. The Gu family had tried a lot of ways to help him but in vain, as if he was born with no emotion and not closed off to anyone. 

Lin Ze Nan had been following Gu Chi for so many years, he had not seen him laugh or become angry at anyone. 

The things that people called emotion were like dust in his eyes, he could not feel it.