After the group of people left, Shi Sheng took Gu Chi to the Gu family’s house. 

Shi Sheng gave the Gu family a call on the way. When they arrived, the family greeted their young master in a grand manner. 

Shi Sheng was shocked by looking at the way they greeted them, she almost thought they went to the wrong house.

Gu Chi held her hand and entered the house calmly. 

“Young Master, Young Mistress.” The housekeeper bowed slightly, not too much but just nice. 

What? Young Mistress? 

There were not many people in the living room, all were those people she met last time. 

“Bro…” How come Lan Ching is here?

“My dear.” Lan Ching stood up to give Shi Sheng a hug and kissed her cheek. 

After Lan Ching let go of Shi Sheng, Gu Chi immediately pulled her into his arms and wiped her cheek with his hand. 

I’m not allowed to kiss my sister?

Brother-in-law, you’re fucking crazy now! 

Lan Ching was jealous and pulled Shi Sheng to his side, Gu Chi was afraid that Shi Sheng would be hurt so he let go of his hand. 

“Bro...what are you doing? No, why are you here?”

“Oh, I’m talking with Gu Hao about a collaboration. He asked me to come here after you gave him the call.” 

Lan Ching rubbed Shi Sheng’s head, “How are you recently? Let me see. How come you look so tired? You didn’t get enough sleep, right? Listen, you’re not married yet, you can’t make me a nephew, are you clear?”

Lan Ching started to nag at her.

“Erm..bro, I’ll go and greet Grandpa Gu first.” Shi Sheng ran away. 

“Hey, girl, you don’t like to listen to me already, right?” 

Lan Ching gripped Gu Chi in hand and nagged at him, “Listen, I only have such a dearest sister. You have to take care of her nicely. You can’t let her catch a cold blablabla…”

After greeting everyone in the house, Old Master Gu gave her a big gift.

“I think you’re not short of money, so I didn’t give expensive things.” Old Master Gu sighed. 

“No worries, Grandpa Gu. I will take care of him.” 

Old Master Gu smiled and rubbed Shi Sheng’s head, “He’s quite a handful. Please take care of him in the future. This is the first time I’ve ever seen Xiao Chi so close to a person since he was born.” 

The Gu family could only give him money and a high standard of living. They also wanted to give him happiness, but he could not feel it at all. 

He did not avoid it on purpose, he was just like that. 

However, Shi Sheng was different. Gu Chi accepted her and she was special to him. 

After Old Master Gu finished his words, Gu’s Father took Shi Sheng aside. 

“Xiao Sheng, can I address you in this way?” 

“Of course.” Shi Sheng nodded with a smile.

Gu’s Father also heaved a long sigh as Old Master Gu did, “Xiao Chi is quite pitiful, I didn’t see him smile before. He was different from the other children since he was young. When the children received sweets, the other kids were happy for the whole day, but Xiao Chi just looked at the sweets without crying or making a fuss, as if being an adult.” 

“We’ve tried many ways but he still didn’t smile. After that… we think, it’s good enough as long as he lives well.”

Gu Father took a deep breath, “But you might not know, your appearance changed the situation. Many years ago, it was the first time we knew you. You were only 15 or 16, an energetic girl.” 

Five years ago, during New Year’s Eve, Lan Sheng was lucky to perform in the New Year’s Gala. 

The Gu family used to watch the New Year’s Gala during New Year’s Eve. Gu Chi had not moved out at that time, so all family members were there.

He was playing games alone in a corner.

But when Lan Sheng performed, he looked up at the TV screen for the first time.

Then, he put down his game console and walked to the middle. 

After the show ended, he asked Gu Hao about the girl.

Lan Sheng was not very famous at that time, Gu Hao certainly did not know her. Later, Gu’s Father called someone he knew who worked in the TV station to get her name.

Gu Chi only asked for her name. They observed for a few days and did not find any changes in him, so they did not care about this. 

A few months ago, they knew Gu Chi came together with Shi Sheng. Gu’s Father wanted to check her background but Gu Chi stopped him. Then, he asked the people around him about Shi Sheng and recalled that night. 

“Please take care of Xiao Chi.” Gu’s Father's last sentence was serious, but he meant the same thing as Old Master Gu. 

The celebration was held in a grand manner, but Gu Chi had no expression, he just looked at their blessing indifferently. 

As the future in-law, Lan Ching was taken care of by the whole family. 

And eventually, he was drunk.

The celebration ended very late and everyone was drunk, Shi Sheng and Gu Chi could only stay over for one night at the house.

As Gu Chi’s room was cleaned everyday, they can directly check-in. 

The two went into the room and showered, Shi Sheng finished first and went to bed.

After a moment, Gu Chi also finished showering. 

“You’re not happy?” Shi Sheng realized Gu Chi was a bit down.

Gu Chi went to the window and drew the curtains, facing his back to her. After a long silence, he said, “Did Lin Zen Nan tell you everything?” 


Gu Chi turned and walked toward Shi Sheng. He climbed onto the bed, hugged her into his arms and put his chin on her head. 

Shi Sheng put her hand on his waist and let him hug her. 

After five minutes, he said, “I’m the one who should have died, but she protected me, I don’t understand.” 

Shi Sheng patted his shoulder, “This is a kind of love, she likes you very much as you like me.” 


“...I didn’t treat her nicely.”

“It’s not necessary that you treat someone nicely, and others must treat you nicely. She is your mother, it was the greatest love in the world. She loves you very much.” 

After counselling, Shi Sheng thought she could be his intimate sister.

Yea, I’m indeed so capable. 

Gu Chi tightened his arms suddenly, “When I close my eyes every night, I can see her lying in front of me covered with blood.”

Shi Sheng started to worry.

He’s not suffering from insomnia but a psychological disorder? 

No wonder I’ve worked so hard but Gu Chi still can’t sleep every night.

He didn’t dare to sleep at all.

This is troublesome.

Shi Sheng looked up and kissed Gu Chi, he responded to her gently. 


The next morning, Shi Sheng woke up with two dark circles.

Slept with my man but can’t do anything, he’s really suffering. 

Gu Chi was still sleeping, Shi Sheng gave Chen Yuan a call asking for Dr Wei’s phone number.

After making an appointment with him, she glanced at the time. Gu Chi probably will wake up only after I come back. 

Shi Sheng got out of the room quietly and met Gu Hao outside. 

“Xiao Sheng, you wake up so early? I thought the young people like to sleep late.” 

“Morning, Bro. I have an appointment later.” Shi Sheng and Gu Hao went downstairs together.

“Where are you going? I’m going to my office, perhaps I could send you if I passed by the place.” 

Shi Sheng told him the address.

Gu Hao thought about it, probably remembering where it was, “I happened to pass by the place. I can send you there after breakfast.” 

“Thanks, bro.”

Gu Hao smiled gently, “You’re welcome, we’re family. Gu Chi didn’t wake up yet? He’s not going with you?” 

“Yea, I’ll pick him up when I’m done.” 

“Normally it’s the guy who takes care of the girls.” Gu Hao shook his head helplessly.

Shi Sheng answered with a smile, “I’m willing to take care of him.” 

My man is for me to pamper.