Shi Sheng went to see Dr Wei.

But she did not get much information as Dr Wei had only seen Gu Chi for a few times.

Gu Chi was probably the strangest patient Dr Wei had ever seen.

He can easily fall asleep during the day, but not at night.

Dr Wei once asked him to come over at night to receive hypnotherapy, but it seemed to be useless to him.

Dr Wei described him as a machine. He did not have any emotion that a human should have.

Shi Sheng left the clinic and went back to Gu family’s house to pick him up. 


Su Family’s villa.

Su Mu Yuan browsed through the documents in his hands. 

Two guys in suits and leather shoes were sitting on the sofa opposite him. They were tense with some nervousness on their face.

The two were shocked at the same time and lowered their heads.

Su Mu Yuan’s face was sombre, “These are what you’ve done?” 

“President Su…” One of them tried to explain in fear, “Those shareholders have had not many shares in hand, so there is no need to declare the change of ownership to the headquarter…”

“Yea, not many, but their shares added up is 15%.” 

The two dared not to speak anymore. 

15% was quite a big portion, even Su Mu Yuan only had 13% of shares in hand.

He wanted to buy the shares of those shareholders all the while, but either they asked for a too high price or not willing to sell at all.

But now the shares were sold silently.

How can Su Mu Yuan not be angry?

“Lan Sheng, you did well.” Su Mu Yuan stared at the magazine on the coffee table, the film still of “Proud Sun” was printed on it.

“President Su…”

Su Mu Yuan threw the magazine into the trash can next to him, “I want to meet Lan Sheng.”

On the other hand, Shi Sheng was having an appointment with another shareholder.

The shareholder sent an agent to talk with Shi Sheng, “Miss Lan, I don’t really understand. These shares are so valuable, why do you…” 

Shi Sheng raised her eyebrows, “I like it. Isn't it good to sell you at such a low price?” 

“Miss Lan, we don’t deserve this, we know it.” Apparently, he was very cautious.

She had so many shares on hand. Even if she asked for a high price, there must be someone who is willing to buy it. But now she is selling them at a price lower than the market price. 

“Ok, forget it. There are people who want to buy.” Shi Sheng got up to leave. 

Yes, she could sell at a higher price. But as mentioned earlier, the shareholder had the most shares on hand and Shi Sheng liked them. 

Besides, the shares were not bought at a high price. The price she sold was enough for her to make profit.  

As for the methods she used…

Of course, the old method.

Everyone has weaknesses. She just made use of their weakness.

“Wait…” He stopped Shi Sheng, “I have to ask our boss first, it’s not a small amount after all.”

“Three minutes.”

He nodded and took the phone out.

Two minutes and forty seconds later.

He came back. “Our boss wants to talk to you personally. Do you have time to talk with him now?” 

Shi Sheng looked at the time and wrote down her condominium’s address on a paper, “I don’t have time. Ask him to come to me.” 

Your attitude is really…

Shi Sheng got up and left immediately.

She had the bargaining chip in hand, so the shareholder will definitely come for the negotiation even if he was unwilling to do so. 

The negotiation went smoothly. Nobody will say ‘No’ to money. 

The change in the shares’ ownership brought the change in the board of the company. 

It was a warning to Su Mu Yuan, telling him that he would face a more serious consequence if he dared to mess with Lan Ching and Gu Chi. 

Su Mu Yuan did not mess with her anymore, he focused on Wen Qiao. 

After Shi Sheng’s film wrapped up, Wen Qiao became more famous with Su Mu Yuan backing her up.

She immediately turned into a tier three actress from a little-known actress.

She was even nominated for the Best Newcomer Award at the Golden Flower Film Festival. 

Golden Flower Film Festival was a relatively authoritative institution in China.

If Wen Qiao really won the Best Newcomer Award, she would be able to become a tier second actress and double her status. 

Of course, as the Movie Queen, Shi Sheng was also in the nomination.

“Sheng Sheng,” The busy woman, Chen Yuan, was certainly here, “The organizer just informed me that you will be showing up earlier.” 

Shi Sheng held a small mirror and looked into it, “Why? Shouldn’t the main cast like me, be the last to show up?” 

You can’t be more narcissistic…

“The organizer wants you to get the atmosphere up for the first half show.”

Shi Sheng threw the small mirror aside, “Do you believe this?” 

“Of course I don’t.” Chen Yuan explained immediately, “But it was arranged by the organizer, I don’t have a say. I heard that they also changed the show-up sequences of quite a few artists.”

Shi Sheng rolled her eyes and was about to speak, someone knocked on their car window suddenly.

Chen Yuan glanced out of the car window, she frowned. Who is this guy? 

Shi Sheng rolled the window down. 

Lin Ze Nan smiled even happier, “Goddess, our boss is over there. He asks you to sit in his car.” 

Even though Gu Chi was not in the entertainment industry, his appearance in the film festival will definitely gain a lot of attention, the organizer welcomes him very much.”

Shi Sheng carried her skirt and about to get out of the car. 

“Sheng Sheng,” Chen Yuan stopped her, “Who does he mean?” 

How can she simply walk away with others? Especially on this occasion.

“Gu Chi.”

“Oh, it’s Mr Gu, sure you can go.” Chen Yuan’s expression changed immediately, “Go for it.”

I didn’t expect Sis Chen to behave like this...

Gu Chi’s car was parked quite far away, his show-up was definitely quite behind. 

As Shi Sheng walked to his car, some people were curious and kept looking at the car. 

But they see nothing. 

Shi Sheng got in the car and saw a rare Gu Chi who was wearing formal attire. He hugged Shi Sheng in his arms and kissed her.

Perhaps afraid of messing her makeup, he did not kiss long. 

“Why did you come?” 

“I wanna stay with you,” Gu Chi whispered.

“I cannot live without you.” You're flirtatious.

Gu Chi said seriously, “Then don’t leave.”

“Boss, goddess, I’m here,” Lin Ze Nan complained in the front seat. They treat me as if I’m air?

Single people  must be very hurt.

Those who like to do PDA will die earlier.

Gu Chi kept silent after that. Shi Sheng bullshitted with Lin Ze Nan. 

In the blink of an eye, it was Gu Chi’s turn.

As Shi Sheng changed to Gu Chi’s car, Chen Yuan informed the organizer for the changes. They had no opinion this time, they dared not to offend the young master of the Gu family after all.

The car stopped at the entrance and all the journalists were looking forward to it. They did not know who was sitting inside the cars. 

It was like opening an easter egg, expecting surprises in every car.