Gu Chi got out of the car first. Some journalists recognized him and quickly took many photos of him.

The young master of Gu family is here, Lan Sheng must be the one inside the car.

Gu Chi walked to the other side of the car. He opened the door, bowed slightly and gave her his hand. 

The journalists suddenly fell silent, waiting for the person inside the car to show up.

A small fair hand showed up first, followed by a blue skirt slipped out of the car. The skirt covered her leg and she got up slowly. 

It was a blue V-neck gown, with hand-made patterns embroidered on it as if a phoenix spreading its wings. 

Unlike the other artists, her V-neck gown was not sexy, all the parts that should be covered were covered. 

But as she showed up, she was still eye-catching. 

Gu Chi put Shi Sheng’s hand on his arm and led her to the red carpet. 

“Goddess, goddess, look here!”

“Ahhh! I saw our goddess in real life, she’s so handsome!” 

Shi Sheng’s fans screamed in excitement outside the cordon.

They can stay for a few minutes on the red carpet. Shi Sheng smiled and waved at the fans, she took Gu Chi, and turned to face the fans for them to take better photos.

Lan Sheng, look here! Can the fans’ photography skills be more professional than us?

Do you still wanna make the headline?

The fans took photos of them with their phones seriously.

“No worries, goddess. I will put on the special effect that costs a hundred dollars.”

“Goddess, goddess, can you kiss Gu Chi? I really want to see.”

“Kiss, kiss.”

Shi Sheng looked at Gu Chi helplessly. 

Gu Chi frowned slightly, he probably did not like the occasion like this. He glanced at the fans over there who were shouting the slogan, slowly lowered his head and kissed slightly on Shi Sheng’s lips.

On the red carpet, the man lowered his head and kissed the lady. The gaffer put all the lights on them, making the scene as beautiful as a fairy tale. 

But the two kissed very short and it was too late for the journalists to respond. Did they actually kiss just now?

The fans had set up their camera and managed to capture the scene.

The journalists were quite pitiful. They were blocked by the fans and did not manage to take a photo of the kiss.

The fans and journalists had to stay in their position. It was impossible for the journalists to squeeze into the fans. 

In the end, they can only ask the photo from the fans.

As professional journalists, they had to ask the photo from the fans.

They even refused to sell them. 

How can our goddess be sullied by money? Only diamonds deserve our goddess.

Listening to what the fans said. Sure enough, like artists, like fans.

Eventually, the journalists got the photo from the trending post on Weibo. 

Indeed, the Headline Dominating Movie Queen did not need the journalists.

Her fans can make her the headline anytime. 


After entering the hall, many people came to greet Shi Sheng, including the directors, scriptwriters and investors.

Of course, there were also some people who came to Gu Chi. 

However, Young Master Gu's emotionless face made people dared not to talk to him, and they turned to have a small talk with Shi Sheng. 

“Goddess.” Qing Qiu crowded out and came to her.

Shi Sheng curled her lips, “...You’ve also been nominated?”

Qing Qiu raised her chin and looked at her in defiance, “Although I’m materialistic, my writing is not too bad. Isn’t it normal to be nominated?” 

“Is this your man?” Qing Qiu went around Gu Chi, she took her phone out and smiled, “God, let’s take a photo.”

It’s money.

I can sell the photo and make a lot of money. I can even photocopy the photo unlimitedly.

“Enough, my man’s photos are not for sale.” Shi Sheng uncovered her intention.

“You’re so stingy.” Qing Qiu did not give up, she raised her forefinger and said, “Just take one photo.”

“You promise you will not sell it.”

“Alright, I don’t sell it. I will put it in a frame and encourage myself to get a handsome guy in future, ok?” 

Shi Sheng satirized her, “And take your nude photo to sell everyday?”

Qing Qiu was embarrassed, “It’s crazy but true.”

The future man of this lady was quite a pity. 

Qing Qiu was not poor. Looking at her behaviour, she was apparently a good lady and made quite a lot of money. She was just too sensitive to money.

She will be excited when someone mentions money.

Don’t ever talk to her without money.

“Come on, take us a nice photo.” Qing Qiu gave her phone to Shi Sheng and walked to Gu Chi’s side.

Shi Sheng shook his head helplessly. She saw Gu Chi had no objection and took a photo for them. 

Qing Qiu got the photo and ran away happily.

Shi Sheng was speechless.

Just as Shi Sheng was still stunned, Qing Qiu came to her again. She posed a ‘V’ gesture beside her, clicked on her camera, kept her phone and left. All actions were done at one go.

Shi Sheng was speechless again. 

“Didn’t we discuss this before? How come it went wrong?” Several crews ran past Shi Sheng hurriedly.

Soon, Shi Sheng heard someone discussing. 

Meng Shi Ran argued with the organizer about her show-up sequence. 

Meng Shi Ran was the lady who once argued with the female lead in the hotel. But she seemed to be busy filming the whole year and did not trouble the female lead. 

Since they met here, she would definitely look for trouble. 

In the end, it was Su Mu Yuan who settled the argument. 

But her show-up sequence was before Wen Qiao.

Besides, Wen Qiao met crazy fans on the red carpet. The shoulder strap of her dress was torn off by the fans. 

When the ceremony began, Su Mu Yuan took her into the hall. The lights on the stage were brighter than the lights on the floor, no one focused on them.

“...So who will be the winner of the Best Newcomer Award? Brother Xiao Kai, how can you peep inside? Quick, show it to me.” The host’s playful words spread through the entire hall through the microphone.

“Don’t grab, I can’t get this award after all.” 

After joking around, the host finally announced, “...The Best Newcomer of Golden Flower Award this year goes to...Wen Qiao.” 

Wen Qiao’s photos immediately played on the large screen behind, including her stills and portraits.

The lights gathered on Wen Qiao. She bowed gratefully and walked to the podium.

The host left the stage to her.

Wen Qiao’s speech was pretty nice and short without any delay. She did not cry as the other artists did, she was very calm from beginning to the end. 

“Now, let’s see who is the Best Scriptwriter…”

Not surprisingly, Qing Qiu won this award.

“Lastly, here comes the Movie Queen of the year. I wonder who will get this award, I’m looking forward to it...Let’s see…”

The host opened the envelope slowly and everyone was holding their breath.

“...The Movie Queen of the year goes to…”