“Meng Shi Ran.” 

The audience was quiet for a few seconds, a lot of them had their eyes on Shi Sheng.

Everyone thought it was going to be Shi Sheng, but it turned out to Meng Shi Ran.

*Clapping* After a few seconds, a wave of applause was heard with a bit of delay.

Meng Shi Ran had a bad look before this, but it turned good after that. 

Gu Chi shook Shi Sheng’s hand. 

Shi Sheng looked back and smiled briefly at Gu Chi, the scene was caught on camera. Fans on live streaming were actually pretty mad and were consoled after witnessing the scene.

Immediately, the pop-up messages covered up the whole screen.

A prince charming like Gu Chi can always stun everyone in a second. 

What’s so great about the Golden Flower Award?

Our prince charming is aiming for the Oscars.

Oscar +1

Prince Charming, keep going, we love you forever.

When the award ceremony ended, everyone walked out slowly to be interviewed by reporters outside. 

Usually, only the winners will walk out the front door, the others normally choose to leave from the back door. 

However, Shi Sheng appeared at the front door along with Gu Chi, the reporters’ focus shifted to them promptly.

“Ms Lan, when will Mr Gu and you host a wedding?”

“Ms lan, why are you dating Mr Gu?” 

“Ms Lan, may I ask…” 

A ton of questions were being thrown, the good and bad ones. 
Shi Sheng did not want to answer their questions, she left with an escort of venue security guards. 

However, Gu Chi took a reporter’s mic all of a sudden. The team of reporters who were throwing questions went silent immediately. 

“Our wedding will be held by the end of the year, thanks for caring.” Gu Chi returned the mic to the reporter as soon as he finished speaking, guiding Shi Sheng out. 

Shi Sheng and Gu Chi stopped for a moment when they passed by the fans. A group of reporters looked at Shi Sheng who was bonding well with the fans strangely. 

So, we are not worth as much as the fans?

Wait, Gu Chi answered a question.

Are they hosting a wedding by this year’s end?

“Cinderella, cinderella. May I get your signature?” A fan asked shyly. 

“Sure, where?” 

The fan pointed at her shirt. 

Shi Sheng took the pen which was passed over by the fan, and signed off remarkably on the fan’s shirt. 

“Come on, one by one.” 

The exit time was not set, thus Shi Sheng signed for every fan on the spot.

Luckily, not many were on the spot, or else Shi Sheng would never finish signing.

After the signing session, there was a photo taking session. Some took individual photos with Shi Sheng, some of them took photos with both Shi Sheng and Gu Chi.

There was a group photo at the end. 

“Alright, it’s getting late. Everyone go home, be careful on the way.”

Shi Sheng waved to them while she carried a bunch of gifts.

The fans left reluctantly. 

“Cinderella is so beautiful, gentle too. If only I were a boy.” 
“Prince Gu is so blessed!” 

“Yeah, that’s right. Prince Gu must have saved the galaxy in his previous life.” 

“It had to be the Solar system at least.” 

“I’m going to post the signature and photo my goddess gave me, hahaha, those who are not here must be so jealous.”

“Me too.”


What was the greatest highlight of the Golden Flower Award? 

It wasn’t about the person who was crowned to be the best actress. 

It was about Gu Chi and LS getting married on the headlines. 

They have no sympathy for single people, now they are getting married.  

Most of the celebrities choose to get married at a later age to keep their fans better. 

Yet, after the news of Gu Chi and Shi Sheng getting married was out, their fans increased instead of dropping.

People from everywhere held a strong grudge. This ugly society that only cares about looks  

Doubts about this round’s Golden Flower Award arose on the Internet. 

Why isn’t Cinderella awarded the best actress?


This is shady!

It has been defaulted!

An explanation from the officials of the Golden Flower Award surfaced quickly, stating that it was graded from various aspects by the judges to obtain the result.

The fans definitely did not buy it, and started commenting aggressively on the official page. 
This matter had not even progressed far when the official page of the Entertainment Express released the list of nominees for the Oscars.

‘Proud Sun’ and Shi Sheng’s name were on the list. 

The fans went crazy instantly. 

“Despite losing the Golden Flower Award, we still have the Oscars.” 

“Our Cinderella is the best.”

Shi Sheng received a call from CY as well, informing her about the news. 

Even without winning the Oscars, international people from the industry have already been sending her invitations. 

“Shen Shen, I can’t keep up with you, you might collapse every minute.” CY whined for a bit, and decided to take a break.

CY left all of the celebrities under her watch in the care of others, and focused on managing Shi Sheng once again. 

She did every task on her own, for the sake of not making it to the headlines every time she gets into an argument. 

However, no matter how cautious CY had been, her celebrity still maintained the streak of being on the hot spots and headlines every three to five days. 

The online fans addressed her as the Cinderella who covers all of the headlines.


The national drama which Shi Sheng invested in has started airing. 

The first few episodes received a lot of good comments, but, towards the end, the audience felt weirder as they continued watching.

Who is this main actress truly?

Why does the supporting actress get more screen time than the main actress?

Where is the main actor?

The main actress is being bullied to such an extent, and he’s not even appearing.

Isn’t the supporting actress gentle and warm? Why does something feel odd?  

Although she seemed to be gentle, she was intimidating to them.

The main actress was being sympathised, the main actor was despised, the supporting actress was scolded. 

Wen Qiao read the comments online, and laughed self-mockingly, “I never thought that she had such an intention when she increased my screen time.” 

Her screen time was added by a lot, but most of them were just a few lines, or a few gestures. They might have seemed normal separately, but they were significant  if combined together.

The man beside Wen Qiao looked up slightly, “It’s not really embarrassing to be manipulated by her.” 

Wen Qiao looked at SMY with a bad look on her face, “Are you implying that I’m not as good as her?”

SMY thought for a moment, and nodded.

Wen Qiao felt a grudge in her. 

I will surpass her someday. Lan Shen, bring it on.

Due to the bad reviews on this drama, Wen Qiao started getting rejected from people who were initially interested in hiring her.

Wen Qiao only managed to close some deals after SMY used the company’s resources.

Nonetheless, the content was far different from what Wen Qiao wanted.

She  would have nothing to act on if she turned down the job.

After a long day of work, Wen Qiao went home to rest.

When the elevator door opened, the person inside stunned Wen Qiao. 

“Wen Qiao, long time no see.” Jiang Bai Yu walked out from the elevator, and smiled elegantly. 

Wen Qiao certainly did not have a good feeling about this filthy guy she met in her last life. 

She only had herself to blame on falling for him in the past life.
Wen Qiao kept a cold face, “Mr Jiang, excuse me.” 

“Wen Qiao.” Jiang Bai Yu blocked Wen Qiao, his face turned serious out of a sudden, “We don’t have to be so distant, right? We’ve acted together, so we should be counted as friends the very least.” 

Wen Qiao passed by Jiang Bai Yu and wanted to leave,  Jiang Bai Yu’s massive body was blocking the elevator, “Wen Qiao, I would like to treat you to a meal.”