“Wen Qiao, shouldn’t you explain yourself?” Su Mu Yuan landed the newspaper heavily in front of Wen Qiao.

In the newspapers, Wen Qiao and JBY were hugging intimately. 

Wen Qiao frowned as she explained, “I was just having a meal with him.”

“You call this having a meal?” Su Mu Yuan pointed at the layout, his raging eyes about to burn Wen Qiao alive. 

“Doesn’t matter if you don’t believe me.” 

“Ha,” Su Mu Yuan chuckled coldly, “Get out.”

Wen Qiao was about to say something, but she didn’t in the end, and walked straight  out of the door.

Suddenly, Wen Qiao and JBY’s scandal was a hot topic.

JBY has always had rumours, yet Wen Qiao was different,  she was a celebrity who was in a relationship with Su Mu Yuan.

Was it even possible to not draw attention to the rumoured romance going on between them?

A period after the incident, JBY and Wen Qiao’s rumoured scandal was spread for a few times.

Even though Wen Qiao avoided JBY, JBY has also been able to find opportunities to link Wen Qiao with him. 

Due to JBY’s interference, Wen Qiao and Su Mu Yuan’s relationship had turned deeply cold.

Su Mu Yuan stopped every resource he had invested on Wen Qiao.

He even excluded Wen Qiao out surreptitiously.

Wen Qiao's movies were either snitched by someone halfway or being rejected by clients right before they came to an agreement.

Wen Qiao was infuriated and she went to meet Su Mu Yuan angrily.

“Ms Wen, you can't go in…”

Wen Qiao had already pushed the office door open when the secretary said it out.

The scene was unobstructed.

A woman was sitting on Su Mu Yuan's lap with half a boob out, caressing Su Mu Yuan's chest.

Su Mu Yuan‘s hand was placed on her waist, he wanted to push her away, but noticing that it was Wen Qiao who came in, he pulled her right back into his arms.

From Wen Qiao's perspective, both of them looked like they were kissing.

“Manager Su, I'm sorry.” The secretary apologized with her head down.

“Brother Su, take me out for a movie tonight, okay?” The woman seized the chance to hug his neck coquettishly.

“Mmm.” Su Mu Yuan replied.

The woman smirked immediately, “Then, I shall not disturb Brother Su now. I'll come over later.”

The woman stood up and was about to leave, but was held back into his arms tightly.

Wen Qiao didn't have a good look on her face.

Su Mu Yuan looked up, his cold-eyed glance landed on the secretary after scanning pass Wen Qiao, “Can't even do such a thing right, go get your salary from the HR department and leave.”

The secretary‘s face turned pale.

“Why aren't you leaving?”

The secretary bit her lips for a bit, took a stare at Wen Qiao with resentment.

It's all because of this woman.

It wasn't easy for her to make it here, now she was being fired without working for one full month.

“She didn't do anything wrong, I barged in, don‘t fire her.” Wen Qiao held the secretary who turned her back and was about to leave.

Su Mu Yuan smirked, “Wen Qiao, who do you think you are?” 

The secretary’s face turned whiter, shook her hand off Wen Qiao’s and left.

“Su Mu Yuan, you-”
“Address me by Manager Su at work.” Su Mu Yuan was playing with the woman’s curly hair as he interrupted Wen Qiao.

The woman leaned on Su Mu Yuan’s shoulder, looking at Wen Qiao investigatively.

Wen Qiao took a deep breath in, “Manager Su, why did you replace me with another celebrity?” 

“Are you questioning me?” Su Mu Yuan’s tone was colder than before.

Wen Qiao tried not to look at the woman in Su Mu Yuan’s arms, “I just want to know why.”

“The reason why?” Su Mu Yuan mumbled, rubbing the woman’s ear lobe with his finger tips, “Because your acting is terrible, I’m not sure if Ms Wen is satisfied with this answer?” 

Terrible acting…
My recent acts have improved tremendously, way better than those newbies.

He actually thinks my acting is terrible.  

Wen Qiao would have wasted 200 years of living if she didn’t know Su Mu Yuan was saying it on purpose at this moment. 

Wen Qiao did not get an answer from Su Mu Yuan, yet her head was filled with jealousy from watching Su Mu Yuan and that woman. 

Wen Qiao’s eyes were turning red when she left the office. After being reborn for so long, this was the first time she felt like tearing up. 

“Wen Qiao.” Wen Qiao’s manager, Fang Liang came her way. 

“Brother Fang.” Wen Qiao turned her back, wiped her eyes for a bit, “Sorry for troubling you.” 

FL patted her on the shoulder, “I got you a movie, try it out.” 

“Thank you, Brother Fang.” 

“Let’s go.” FL let out a sigh. He has been busy getting a film for her to act recently. It wasn’t easy to get this one. 


While Wen Qiao’s career was hitting rock bottom, Shi Sheng and Gu Chi still publicly displayed affection every day as usual. 

It was almost too easy to make it in the headlines. 

The movies she was acting were mostly prone towards being cool and handsome, she just had to be herself, she had no pressure acting at all. 

“Sister Lan, why are you playing games again? How much endorsement fee did the gaming company pay you?” Xiao Bao, the assistant looked at the movie queen who was also a gaming addict worriedly. Please take care of your image.

Look at the busy people around you, only you are just lazing around here, playing games like a village girl.

Shi Sheng slayed the final boss, flipped the slightly heated phone of hers, “It's not even not time for filming yet? Why are you being so pushy?”

“Because it’s time to do your makeup, Ms Lan.” Xiao Bao was speechless. 

Look at all the other actors who already have makeup on, you haven’t even changed your clothes.  

Then, Shi Sheng got up slowly, took her phone and walked towards the dressing room. 

While the makeup artist was doing her makeup, her sight never left her phone. 

The makeup artist took a picture of her secretly, adding a caption ---

The gaming-obsessed Cinderella. 

This post was soon discovered by the fans, and was made a hot topic in light-speed. 

Netizen A: Cinderella is losing it again, please tell me which server she is in?” 

Netizen B: I downloaded this game the last time I saw Cinderella play. But I have stiff fingers, I don’t expect to level up anymore, I only wish to encounter Cinderella someday.”

Netizen C: According to the analysis of the photo, Cinderella’s ID is most likely ‘Sending You to Heaven’ but I’m not sure about the server.” 

Netizen D: Should be ‘Emotive Water’. I know the person beside her. 
After being analysed by the fans, the server ‘Emotive Water’ had troops of gamers signing in suddenly, lagging the map and progress, some of them even got disconnected. 

The customer service was instantly criticised by the players. 

Shi Sheng did not switch off the friend requests settings. Therefore, by the time she was done acting and went online, she already had 99+ friend requests sitting in.
I was just acting, why do I have so many friends requests now?

After a while, Shi Sheng understood abruptly. 

Her fans actually followed her to this extent. 

It was unreasonable if the gaming company didn’t offer her any endorsement fee.

What she did not expect was, the gaming company did come to her the next day, offering her a contract to sign for her to endorse the upcoming hero and an advertisement. 

Shi Sheng didn’t take the offer for the hero endorsement, only took the advertisement offer. 

The advertising team heard about the weird stuff Shi Sheng used to do while playing games at work, and took this statement to its own.

They twisted it to be a motivativing drama about the journey of a gaming addicted teenage girl working hard to get into the entertainment industry. 

Pros are truly everywhere.