Ever since Shi Sheng casted in a mysterious yet relatable game advertisement, Shi Sheng has gotten a new nickname.

The game-addicted Cinderella.

‘The Cinderella who doesn’t forget to game while on set.’

‘The daily acting routine of the game-addicted Cinderella.

Due to Shi Sheng’s celebrity effect, even some of the less popular games from the gaming company became popular suddenly.


The anticipated year end has finally come.

Because Shi Sheng and Gu Chi haven’t announced the wedding date, the fans have been posting about self-claimed suitable dates to get married online. 

It was a very long list.

Shi Sheng and Gu Chi were getting married, the Gu Family and Lan Qing certainly had to start preparing for everything.

Lan Qing was very unwilling to allow his dearest sister to marry Gu Chi.

The dearest baby whom he raised uneasily has finally grown up and is about to get married with this pig without him admiring her enough yet.

Although this pig is a golden pig, he was still extremely unhappy.  

Therefore, Lan Qing made everything difficult for Gu Chi, he requested everything to be different from the norm. 

Gu Chi was probably afraid that Lan Qing wouldn’t let him marry Shi Sheng, he executed every task his brother in law has assigned seriously. 

From choosing the wedding venue, planning the wedding, wedding dress and bridal car, they basically were all done by Gu Chi, and him leading Lin Ze Nan.

The guests to be invited were naturally taken care of by the Gu family and Lan Qing.

There wasn’t any relative from the Lan Family, the guests Lan Qing invited were business partners.

Most of the guests were from the Gu family.

There were also wedding photos before this.

“Ms Lan, you stand on the rock, Mr Gu stand below. Later on, Ms Lan will jump from above, are you able to catch her, Mr Gu?” The photographer instructed Shi Sheng who was wearing her wedding dress to stand on the rock and turned back to ask Gu Chi.

Gu Chi nodded slightly. 

“Okay, let’s get ready.” The photographer uttered to himself by adding another word, “It’s going to be fine even if she falls.” 

Shi Sheng was speechless. My relationship is not for you to break.  

The rock wasn’t very tall, the photographer was probably seizing for the natural moment of the wedding dress flying when Shi Sheng jumped.

Gu Chi looked up slightly, looking at the lady who stood in the backlight, his serenely grey eyes were slowly turning colourful.  

She was the girl he wanted. 

“Three, two, one, jump!” 

Shi Sheng jumped lightly, the chiffon flew in the sea breeze. 

Gu Chi opened both of his arms gently and caught her swiftly. The chiffon fell from above, landed timely on their heads, blurring their figures.

Above the surging waves, sea gulls circled. The sky and sea met, rays of sunlight dazed upon. 

The photographer was lying flat on the floor, clicking the shutter quickly.

“Done.” The photographer got up from the floor, “Ms Lan and Mr Gu, let’s move there.” 

Gu Chi brought Gu Chi over there, lifting the chiffon covered on their head slowly. 

The photographer saw and started taking pictures of them again. 

Both of them were the photographers’ favourite. Any casual move was a masterpiece. 

Shi Sheng was worn out by the time the wedding photo session ended. 
It was more tiring than acting. 

Shi Sheng went straight to bed when she reached home.

Gu Chi noticed that she took a bath before sleeping, thus he silently bathed as well, went to bed afterwards, hugging Shi Sheng.

“We’re getting married.” 



Compared to the wedding photo session, the wedding day itself was even more exhausting. 

Shi Sheng changed more than 5 gowns throughout the journey. 

In the meantime, she had to greet people from everywhere. Without Lan Qing and GH’s help, Gu Chi and Shi Sheng would have never gotten home by night. 

Gu Chi wasn’t willing to move, so the newlywed bedroom was still Gu Chi’s apartment. After being decorated under Gu Family’s orders, the apartment looked brand new and lively. 

Shi Sheng removed her high heels and stepped on the ice-cold floor bare-footedly, feeling at ease.

“It’s chilling.” Gu Chi walked to Shi Sheng’s side, hugging her. 

Shi Sheng wrapped her arms around his neck, and approached for a kiss right away.

Gu Chi was stunned for a second, avoiding eye contact.

“Are you hungry?” He placed Shi Sheng onto the sofa. 

“Starving.” Shi Sheng nodded, her calm eyes seemed to be rippling. 

Gu Chi’s head was facing down, “I’ll make something for you to eat, wait for a bit.” 

Shi Sheng held Gu Chi’s hand, “But, I want to….” 

She was kneeling on the sofa, with her fingers climbing up to Gu Chi’s chest.

Gu Chi’s heartbeat was racing a little, the tips of his ears were burning red. 

Both of Shi Sheng’s hands wrapped around Gu Chi’s shoulders, then jumped onto him from the sofa, her legs wrapped around his waist, “I want you.” 

“Shen Shen…” 

“We’re married.” 

Gu Chi was breathing rapidly, he first started kissing Shi Sheng tenderly, then slowly kissing her deeper, their breath intertwined, the room was full of love birds. 


Gu Chi was hugging Shi Sheng, sitting on a thick blanket by the bay window.

“It’s snowing.” Shi Sheng reached her hand out, placing it on the icy glass.

Goose feather-like snow was pouring down outside. 

Gu Chi hugged Shi Sheng even tighter, he stayed quiet for awhile, his voice was still a little hoarse from last night, “The second winter.” 
The second winter with her by his side.

Gu Chi bit her neck lightly, “I’ll accompany you for the rest of your life, every season.” 

Shi Sheng’s neck trembled a little. Why does he love biting me so much?

Shi Sheng turned around, sitting on Gu Chi’s body, “Can’t sleep, let’s do it again?” 

Gu Chi stared at her for a few seconds, hugged her to tuck her in bed abruptly, “Sleep.”

Shi Sheng was speechless.

What happened to doing it 7 times a night?

“Gu Chi…”

“Manager Gu?”

“Mr Gu?”

Gu Chi held Shi Sheng’s hand which was caressing his body, “Tomorrow.”

It was her first, he didn’t want to hurt her. 

Shi Sheng was actually really tired, she just wanted to mess with Gu Chi for a moment. Gu Chi’s wasn’t into it, she squeezed into his arms and fell asleep not long after.

Gu Chi was energized. He stared at Shi Sheng until daylight then slept.


Shi Sheng didn’t win an oscar statuette at the Oscars, but the international market was open for her. 

International films require not only acting skills, but also fighting skills for action. 

A violent character like Shi Sheng was well suited for international films. 

Although she wasn’t the leading role in her first movie, she received some good reviews from foreign countries.

She acted all of the fighting scenes on her own, a petite lady with such explosive fighting energy added a strong sensation to the scene. 

However, Shi Sheng didn’t get along with people very well. 

She was daring enough to cut the director’s line. In the crew, most of the people were scolded by her. She didn’t care if they had high statuses or great wealth, once she was triggered, she vented immediately.

Most importantly, her attitude towards people varied based on her liking.

Girls who looked cute with a soft character and spoke lovably were usually well taken care of by her. 

Girls with more of a flirtatious look and flattered by men were usually not likable in front of her.

Of course, nothing was going to happen if she wasn’t triggered, she was gaming most of the time.

Even a group of girls from the crew played along with her. 

Therefore, a normal day at the crew was basically like this-

With a girl with better looks leading, a few girls surrounding her, squatting at the filming location with either a tab or phone in each hand, the gaming background music was comparable to noise.