While Shi Sheng was exploring overseas, Wen Qiao wasn’t doing well. 

Jiang Bai Yu couldn’t stop tangling onto her by using all kinds of ways to spread rumours about them. 

Jiang Bai Yu even started chasing after her fearlessly. 

Jiang Bai Yu’s loyal fans definitely planned ways to defame her. 

Some extreme fans have also sent her dead mice and blades.

“Let’s meet up. “ Wen Qiao called Jiang Bai Yu, she wanted to put an end to this with Jiang Bai Yu.

“Sure, where?” Jiang Bai Yu’s voice was very gentle. 

Wen Qiao was about to state the address, then remembered immediately that it was full of paparazzi outside. If she was to meet Jiang Bai Yu outside, she wouldn’t dare to imagine how the reporters were going to interpret it. 

After thinking for a while, Wen Qiao changed the venue to her house. 

She changed the venue not long ago. Nobody knew except her manager.

Jiang Bai Yu came swiftly. 

“Xiao Qiao, need anything?” Jiang Bai Yu was acting like Romeo, full of concern between his line of words.

Wen Qiao took a deep breath, and went straight to the point, “Mr Jiang, what are you trying to do actually?” 

“Xiao Qiao, I just want to like you. I know I’ve brought some trouble upon you recently. I'm really sorry, I’ll talk to my fans when I get back.” 

Jiang Bai Yu was very sincere.

Wen Qiao was deceived in her past life by this look of his. She wasn’t going to trust Jiang Bai Yu for certain. 

“I don’t like you, it’s not possible between us too. Mr Jiang, can you please stop disturbing me from now on?” 

Jiang Bai Yu was looking down, a ray of light dashed underneath his eyes, he looked up with a sincere look on his face again, “Xiao Qiao, even if you don’t like me, you can’t stop me from liking you.”

“What do you really want?” Wen Qiao started getting a little agitated.

Her previous life was completely ruined by this scum bag, it wasn’t going to happen again in this life. 

Jiang Bai Yu spoke wholeheartedly, “Xiao Qiao, it’s my freedom to go after whoever I like. You can’t take away my rights to chase you.”

Jiang Bai Yu got up, “I’m leaving, Xiao Qiao, I’m not giving up.” 

Wen Qiao watched as Jiang Bai Yu left angrily, kicked the sofa in the leg,injuring her toe in the process, and cried in pain for a bit.

Wen Qiao hadn’t thought of a way to get rid of the scumbag, meanwhile, the rumour about Jiang Bai Yu meeting up at her house spread.

Some news even stated that they were moving in together. No matter how much Wen Qiao explained, it always seemed like a pointless argument to the others.

At this moment, some fan websites posted that other than the scandal with Wen Qiao, Jiang Bai Yu hasn’t been having any scandal with anyone other celebrities recently. 

This had people guessing if it was true love between them. 

Wen Qiao started panicking deep down. 

Why is it all so similar to my past?

Does it mean that I won’t be able to get rid of this scum even after being reborn?


By the time Shi Sheng returned home, she heard about the news of Su Mu Yuan getting engaged soon. 

Every male lead will definitely have a predestined fiancee. 

Su Mu Yuan was no other. 

On the engagement day, the male lead went missing bizarrely, leaving the fiancee all alone by herself.

Where did he go? 

He was blocked on the way, not to attend the wedding for sure, but to save the female lead.

Before the wedding started, Wen Qiao called Su Mu Yuan for help. 

It was right at the peak hour of people getting off work, there was traffic jam on almost every road.

Su Mu Yuan started pressing the honk anxiously, the line in front had no movement at all.

He couldn’t stop looking at the time, hitting the steering wheel with his fingers irritatedly, he left his car at last. 


“Be careful.” Gu Chi stood underneath a short wall with his arms open, reminding the person standing up there as he frowned. 

Shi Sheng jumped off the wall, “How is it possible for me to get hurt so easily?” 

“I don’t want you to be hurt even by a little.” Gu Chi patted the dust off from her, he sounded serious. 

Shi Sheng raised both her hands up as a sign of surrender. 

Stop teasing me.

A few people behind her jumped as well, all kinds of colours were swaying around, one of them came to Shi Sheng pleasingly, “Sister-in-law, everything’s ready, they are already transferring people.”

Shi Sheng nodded, took some cash out of her pocket, “Keep it first, take the rest from Lin Ze Nan.”

“Don’t be formal, sister-in-law. It’s our pleasure to work for you.” Although he said so, he wasn’t slow when he took the money at all.

“So, Master Gu, sister-in-law, we will make a move first.”

Shi Sheng nodded. 

After they left, Gu Chi then hugged Shi Sheng, opening up slowly, “Anything you wish, just instruct Lin Ze Nan and he will do it.” 

“I’m worried.” With such a mighty aura, these nobodies were only going to screw things up if they were in charge.

Su Mu Yuan being engaged, Wen Qiao being kidnapped, these scenes were in the script. 

She only reminded Wen Qiao’s kidnappers that someone was approaching and ordered them to change locations, nothing further. 

“Let’s go home.” Gu Chi patted Shi Sheng’s head, asking not even a single word regarding what she had done. 

As if he was able to be calm even if she killed somebody. 

“Carry me on your back.” Shi Sheng stood behind Gu Chi, wrapping her hands around his neck. 

Gu Chi squatted down lightly, Shi Sheng got on to his back instantly, rubbed her face against his neck for a bit. 

They walked out of the alley leisurely. Not long after they left, a silhouette appeared from the other end. 

He leaned on the wall beside him, gasped for two breaths, scanned around him quickly, then decided on a direction.


“Met Cinderella and Prince Charming Gu by coincidence, I was forced to be jealous, but this jealousy feels good.”

“The model couple is out to get single people again.”

“Shouldn’t you guys be focusing on Cinderella returning home?”

“Public displays of affection at the very moment she returned. Cinderella, you’ve changed, you don’t love us anymore.”

The photo of Gu Chi giving Shi Sheng a piggyback was uploaded online, thus the fans online were dealing with it in a love-hate attitude.

Yet, Shi Sheng shared a photo posted by the drama crew recently.

“Ahhh, Cinderella has a new drama, I’ve anticipated this for a very long time, when is it premiering?” 

“May 20, it’s a wonderful date, anyone up for dates in G City?”

“Contributing to the box office for Cinderella. Cinderella, I love you always, I will be by your side for my whole life.” 

Shi Sheng tossed her phone away, went straight to Gu Chi and started undressing him.

Gu Chi put down the book in his hand, “Aren’t you tired from a long flight you had today?” 

Shi Sheng couldn’t help but roll her eyes, then reached out to caress his downwards region, “Mr Gu, your body is pretty honest.” 

The tips of Gu Chi’s ears turned red, his body trembled a little due to Shi Sheng’s touch, “Shen Shen, don’t…”

“Don’t do what?” Shi Sheng came up close to him on purpose, blowing by his ears. 

“... don’t be like this.” Gu Chi’s face was slightly heated, he wanted to put her hands away. 

Shi Sheng covered him under the blanket, Gu Chi was then not as tense as before, but his body was still stiff.

He moved uncomfortably for a bit, “Shen Shen…”

Shi Sheng jerked twice, then retrieved her hand, walked towards the bathroom, “I’m going to shower.” 

Gu Chi was speechless.

He glanced at the blanket, put out a sigh lightly. 

Only care enough to light up the match, but not to put out the fire.