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Wen Qiao was not an underdog anymore, being unnoticeable.

The video caused an immediate sensation once it came out.

In addition to the photos of Wen Qiao and Su Mu Yuan in bed, when the video was released, Wen Qiao bawled out. 

In the video, Wen Qiao didn’t look like she was being forced, thus it seemed voluntary. 

“She brought criticism upon herself for videotaping this and uploading it online.” 

The video consisted of explicit content, it was soon taken down by many websites. However, no matter how quickly it was deleted, it couldn’t catch up to the speed of fellow netizens right-clicking it to save. 

This video was widely spread privately. 

Compared to the local love action films, this video of Wen Qiao’s was definitely more intriguing. 

After all, it was a prettier face.

Wen Qiao was found unconscious 3 days later. She was sent to the hospital for treatment, tested positive for consuming drugs. 

Su Mu Yuan visited Wen Qiao at the hospital a few times, Wen Qiao looked pale and lived alone in an isolation room.

Su Mu Yuan felt disgusted as he had already watched the video, plus Wen Qiao’s attitude wasn’t nice. Su Mu Yuan stopped visiting after a few trips, only instructing his secretary to visit her from time to time.

Negative news of her was proliferating around the world, Wen Qiao couldn’t bear to check her phone and the television. 

“Xiao Qiao.” Fang Liang came in from the ward, holding a thermos in his hands.

The people who were still by her side then were probably only Fang Liang, this manager of hers.

“Brother Fang.” Wen Qiao’s eyes were wide open, she wouldn’t dare to blink as tears might fall.

Even the nurses who were making round checks on her gave her the look.

“Just cry.” Fang Liang patted Wen Qiao’s shoulder. 

These words of Fang Liang opened up Wen Qiao’s last line of defence deep in her heart. She first sobbed then cried her heart out afterwards. 

She just wished to live a fruitful life this time, to make all the scumbags who bullied her in the past to pay. Yet, how did things end up like this? 

Fang Liang hugged Wen Qiao and consoled, “It will pass.”

Outside the ward, Su Mu Yuan was looking emotionlessly, followed by a secretary who wasn’t even daring enough to make a sound behind him.

After a minute, Su Mu Yuan turned around abruptly, feeling under pressure. 

After Wen Qiao stopped crying, Fang Liang then asked her about the serious matter, “Xiao Qiao, do you still remember what happened on that day?” 

With tears blurring her vision, Wen Qiao sobbed for a bit, full of resentment in her voice, “It was… JBY.” 

It was him.

He ruined my past life and it’s still him this time.

Fang Liang frowned, “Xiao Qiao, are you certain?” 

Wen Qiao nodded firmly.

She had lived with JBY for so many years in her past life, she had already gotten so used to his behaviour and speaking tone. He changed his voice and blindfolded her too. Yet, she knew it was JBY. 

“You sure you don’t want police involvement?” This incident was already a committed crime, but she insisted on not reporting it. 

Wen Qiao’s eyes were filled with hatred, her face slightly twitched, “I will take back what is owed on my own.” 

Fang Liang was shocked by Wen Qiao’s look, so he made an excuse to leave. 

Wen Qiao knew Su Mu Yuan assigned someone to visit her, but she had never seen Su Mu Yuan.

She called Su Mu Yuan on that day, but he didn’t answer her. 

He should have been at the engagement ceremony. After thinking about it, he wouldn’t have come for her anyway. 

Wen Qiao was unconscious when she was being transferred. Therefore, she wouldn’t have known that Su Mu Yuan actually went to save her.

Wen Qiao cooperated with the doctor’s treatment. Because it was only the early stage of drug addiction, it wasn’t hard to quit. But, it took her 3 months to be discharged. 

During her period of stay in the hospital, she was basically quarantined, and didn't receive any news from the outside world.

A ton of information started fueling her mind as soon as she was discharged.

Wen Qiao wanted vengeance, thus she didn’t give up. She was still working hard to reach the top.

However, nobody wanted to hire her anymore. The only movies which were offered to her were either vulgar or intense sex scenes and body-exposing.

Wen Qiao didn’t want to cast any of those, so she declined.

She didn’t know who else to look for. While scrolling through her contacts, she came across Su Mu Yuan’s number. She clenched her teeth for a little, then erased the number ruthlessly.

After going through the contacts again, she found Zhao Yun An’s number.

However, when she called, it was Zhao Yun An’s assistant who picked up the call. The assistant told her that Zhao Yun An was outstation for acting and couldn’t come to the phone.

Wen Qiao sneered and hung up. 

Isn’t it merely because of the fact that I’m miserable now so he’s not willing to pick up?  

She deleted Zhao Yun An’s number without a second thought as well. 

Little did Wen Qiao know that Zhao Yun An was really acting at the time. His assistant told him about Wen Qiao’s phone call and he returned the call immediately. 

Wen Qiao probably had enabled the function to decline phone calls from unknown numbers, he couldn’t reach her at all.

Zhao Yun An couldn’t leave within a short frame of time, he could only please his friends back home to look for Wen Qiao.

Wen Qiao didn’t have a lot of money. She wanted vengeance on JBY, it was impossible for it to happen without money.

Yet, she had no movies to act, where could money possibly come from? 

Due to all kinds of pressure weighing on her, Wen Qiao agreed to act in low-class films at last. 

“The bed scene is up next. All departments get ready.” All departments started moving right after the director shouted. 

Wen Qiao only wore thin clothing on her, laying on a big bed with the male actor half kneeling on top of her. 

They were both covered underneath a thin blanket which covered sensitive body parts. 

The male actor sneaked the time of people not paying attention to pinch Wen Qiao’s waist secretly.

Wen Qiao’s face turned green, she wanted to get up, but the director was starting the shoot.

“Cut, cut, cut. Wen Qiao, what’s the matter with you? What’s with that facial expression of yours, both of you are making love right now, not being raped. Come again.”

The male actor has been taking advantage of Wen Qiao every off-camera opportunity he gets. Wen Qiao certainly couldn’t get into character, she was being cut off by the director over and over again. 

It was uneasy for her to finally get into character. Suddenly, Wen Qiao felt his hands reaching down and pulling her undies briskly. He positioned his body and reached inside of her. 

“Don’t move, there are so many people here, you wouldn’t want them to witness, right?” The guy whispered by her ear.

Wen Qiao’s ears were turning red, she stared brutally at the guy on top of her, her body shaking lightly.

“Cut, cut, cut, cut. Wen Qiao, what are you doing? Is he your enemy? With a glance like yours, are you hoping to kill him? Be aware of your glance. All departments get ready, one more time.”

The guy purposely moved a bit, Wen Qiao’s face complexed a little, biting her lips to prevent herself from moaning.

By the time the crew cued the start, the guy’s movement had zero hold back, and started swaying rapidly inside of her body.

The director only thought Wen Qiao had gotten into character.

The similar past encounters this guy has had were indefinite. When he changed positions, nobody actually noticed. The thin blanket still covered both of them tightly.