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Once the bed scene was over, the crew noticed the marks on the bed while cleaning up. Their facial expressions turned subtle instantly. 

However, nobody said a word. For such a revealing movie, a lot of celebrities had been taken advantage of. But since they have already taken up the job, they didn’t mind.  

Wen Qiao really didn’t want to act, but she had no money to bear the damages for breaching a contract. Thus, she did it forcefully. 

There was another sex scene after that. This time, it was in a bathtub.

The bathtub was filled with milk and flower petals, the camera couldn’t possibly film any action that was going on in there, more positions were usable compared to being on the bed. 

Once the shoot was over, Wen Qiao left the crew immediately. 

She wandered around aimlessly. The street that was merry only gave her chills.

She thought God gave her a chance to live again for her revenge, she never thought that things were going to end up like this.

“Ahh, hurry up, it has already started.”

Wen Qiao was pushed a few times in a row, a group of girls were running hastily towards somewhere.

Wen Qiao looked over. It was a plaza with a stage attached.

Wen Qiao followed the crowd, reaching the periphery of the stage.

She saw the girl who was shining on stage. 

Lan Shen’s Fan Meeting.

Lan Shen…

The person she swore to surpass.

She is standing on an international stage at this very moment, being an international superstar with all eyes on her everywhere she goes.

And what about me?

Acting in the filthy kind of films.

How did things become like this?  

She looked at the person on the stage as she wept secretly. But, there was not a sense of regret in her tears, only unwillingness.

There were constant noises surrounding her ears from everywhere. 

“Cinderella, cinderella! Love has no end, I’ll be with you forever.” 

“Cinderella, cinderella. I love you.” 

“Ahh! Cinderella saw me, Cinderella is so gentle, looking so beautiful when she smiles.” 

The fan meeting ended, Shi Sheng went back to the backstage light-headedly.

Gu Chi was waiting backstage, settling her down the first thing he saw her.

Shi Sheng felt at ease as she rested her whole body weight on Gu Chi, “It’s really good to have you.” 

She didn’t have to walk by herself at all. 

Gu Chi patted her on the back, opened up slowly, “Actually, I’m the luckiest one to have you.”

The backstage crew witnessed them showing affection and wished they could blind themselves. 

Consider our feelings for us single people, please?


Shi Sheng waited for CY and the crew members to finish liaising, then walked outside along with Gu Chi. 

There were only a few reporters, even if they waited here, they would have only captured some jealousy-inducing photos and nothing else.

Therefore, smart reporters left the moment the event was over.

The reporters who stayed were either boring or a fan of Shi Sheng’s.

Some fans waited outside too.

“She’s here, she’s here. Hurry up.”

“Don’t let the fans be in front.” 

As long as the fans were present, most of the reporters were invisible.

Even though the fans have always been much greater in number compared to the reporters, they were still excluded, making it impossible to squeeze in. 

The reporters were devastated.

“Isn’t that Wen Qiao?” A sharp-eyed reporter noticed Wen Qiao who was standing far away, “Come on, let’s check it out.” 

Wen Qiao saw people coming over, turned around and ran. 


‘Lovely actress from yesterday is now an X-rated film actress.’

This news made it to the headlines. 

A reporter found out about the movie she acted in.

Her background since debut was analysed as well.

“Manager Su…” The secretary looked at Su Mu Yuan cautiously.

Su Mu Yuan was biting his lips, his pair of eyes looking as cold as ice.

The secretary swallowed for a bit, “After checking, turns out that it was Jiang Bai Yu and Ms Li behind this…” 

“Prep the car.” 


Su Mu Yuan was looking at a decaying building in front of him from a distance with unpredictable feelings.

The secretary in front of him was all tensed up, she couldn’t figure out what her superior had in mind. 

After some time, Su Mu Yuan finally opened the door, and walked upstairs of the building. 

Third floor, room 205. 

The door wasn’t shut completely, there was a faint sound coming from inside.

Su Mu Yuan’s hand which was pushing the door was stunned right there. He listened for a moment with a straight face on, to make  sure of what he was hearing and smirked bitterly.

The secretary was in greater doubt as she looked at Su Mu Yuan who came downstairs within 5 minutes.

What did the chairman do in such a short time?

“Return to the company. Don’t have to keep an eye on her from now on.” Su Mu Yuan gave orders to the secretary, shut his eyes and kept quiet.

The secretary hurried the driver to drive, bent over to take a glimpse at the building above, then shook her head slightly.

After 3 days, someone found Wen Qiao and Jiang Bai Yu’s corpses. 

There were traces of fighting at the scene, the specific cause of death was still under further investigation. 

Su Mu Yuan zoned out when he heard the news.

What if he went in that day, would things turn out differently? 

But, the thought only lasted for a moment, they had too much history. 


Shi Sheng lived longer in this world. Other than showing affection publicly every single day, acting in some pretentious movies occasionally and gaining a new swarm of fans, she probably had nothing to do,

The only thing that made her worry was Gu Chi’s messed up lifestyle. 

“Stop reading.” Shi Sheng took the phone away from his hand, “Sleep.”

Gu Chi rubbed in while hugging Shi Sheng, his lips shifted from her neck to her lips slowly.

He bit lightly, “Shen Shen…” 

Shi Sheng was feeling weak all over after his biting, “Wait for a moment, wait.” 


“Um about that… Haha, I can’t make it today.” Shi Sheng was embarrassed.

Gu Chi took a glance at her, with sorrow in his eyes, he cuddled lightly with Shi Sheng.

Although she was not available, Shi Sheng was still touched all over. Gu Chi was more daring than ever. 

But when Shi Sheng flattered him, he was still shy. 

“Are you comfortable?” Shi Sheng leaned in Gu Chi’s arms, asking him while grinning.

Gu Chi’s face was a little red, his desires were getting intense and he whispered, “Shen Shen, can you go quicker, please?” 

“But, my hand is tired.” Shi Sheng stopped and grunted. 

Gu Chi’s breathing was getting heaving, he buried his face on Shi Sheng’s neck, “Well… nevermind then.”

Shi Sheng chuckled for a while. 

My FC should be like this.

Adorably shy.

*Ring* The doorbell rang.

Gu Chi hugged Shi Sheng tightly, “Leave it.”

Shi Sheng felt hilarious, kissed him on his face, “Stop it.”

Gu Chi turned around and wrapped the blanket around himself.

Shi Sheng was speechless.

Shi Sheng opened the door after she was done getting ready in the bathroom.

“Happy new year, my dear.” Lan Qing was holding a big bouquet of flowers, then stepped in with full smiles on his face.

A long queue of the Gu relatives followed up.

Shi Sheng was speechless. 
Gu Chi didn’t like going back home to the Gu family. Thus, the Gu family brought the war zone here.

Every new year, this troop of ‘zombies’ would come over to disturb Gu Chi and her.

Shi Sheng sighed, then let them in, “Grandpa, dad, happy new year…”

“And me?” Lan Qing was dissatisfied, he was the first to wish his dearest.

“Brother, happy new year.” Shi Sheng hugged Lan Qing, Lan Qing then skipped happily towards the kitchen for preparation.

Shi Sheng went to the bedroom to get Gu Chi, making him shower before coming out.

Members of such a big family sat on the sofa and floor casually. 

It was the winter season. There was a wool rug on the living floor, with the heater on. Hence, it wouldn’t be cold even if sitting on the floor.

However, if the outsiders knew that such influential people would sit on the floor unconcerned, they’d probably be dropping their jaws in shock.