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It was noisy outside, Gu Chi spent a long time in the bathroom. 

He stared into the mirror, trying to smile. 

However, that smile was uglier than a crying face. 

Gu Chi pinched his own face for a bit, his eyes were a little inattentive.

Since young, he had realised that he was different from other kids.

Other kids would laugh, cry and get upset, but not him.

He didn’t understand what made them cry, or what made them laugh.

The world he saw was one of solitude and obscurity. 

Sometimes, he’d even have thoughts about getting rid of them.

His family brought him to many doctors, but every doctor more or less said the same thing.

It wasn’t effective for him. 

Then he met her. She was the first splash of colour he had in his life. 

But, it wasn’t her as well. 

The Lan Shen he had in his eyes previously was so different from the Lan Shen who was currently with him.

He still remembered the first time he met her in person. 

She was sitting in a car, looking taunting yet calm. 

When he saw her car in the garage, a childish thought came across his mind.

He vandalised her car. 

The second time they met, she was in his house all of a sudden.

She asked about the reason behind the vandalism of her car.

Gu Chi didn’t understand it himself, he acted upon his sudden thought. 

He stuttered a few words to entertain her. 

He could probably understand that it was because he wanted to get her attention now.

“Gu Chi, are you giving birth inside?” The bathroom door was knocked on heavily for a few times.

Gu Chi put down the towel in his hand and pulled the door open.

She was covered in a shaggy shawl, staring at him with an annoyed face. 

Gu Chi held her face and kissed her, habitually licking and biting her lips.

“Stop kissing, get out now.” 

“I won’t if you don’t kiss me.” Gu Chi voiced out suddenly.

He was stunned after he said that, then looked at Shi Sheng calmly. 

He loved it when she kissed him, also when she... touched him.

And loved it more when she… called out his name underneath him.

“Why are you so troublesome?” Shi Sheng hooked onto his neck, pecked roughly on his face once, then dragged him outside without another word.

Gu Chi was very dissatisfied, he didn’t want a kiss on his face.

Hence when they were about to leave the room, Gu Chi held Shi Sheng and pressed her against the wall smoothly. His pretty face was greatly enhanced in Shi Sheng’s eyes.

It was already 10 minutes after by the time both of them came out of the room.

The family looked at them with dubious eyes, Lan Qing then separated Gu Chi and his dearest sister promptly.

Gu Chi looked at the merry living room, his sight landed on Shi Sheng who was speaking to his father.

She looked very obedient at that moment, with a bashful smile on her face, her eyelashes slightly droopy, right in place to block her eyes.

It made her true emotions underneath those eyes indecipherable.

But, he knew.
She was emotionless.

The only emotion he had ever seen was during the time she looked at herself, like ripples delicately rippling open. Very light, subtle and soft. 

Yet, she swayed into the lake of his heart tenderly. 

He had a different place in her heart.

A very satisfying one.

Shi Sheng probably noticed Gu Chi staring at her, and she looked up slightly with their eyes meeting one another.

Shi Sheng turned and said something to Gu Chi’s father, he sneered, then waved.

He saw her walking towards his direction. 

“What’s going on?” 

Gu Chi moved a little to the side, hugged her waist, “I miss you.”

“I’m already here, there’s no need to think of me.” 

Gu Chi was stunned for a moment, “I’m always missing you, every minute, every second.” 

He wanted her to be by his side at all times.

Even if it meant doing nothing in the same space.

Shi Sheng leaned in to bite his ear, “There’s no use even you tease me like this, I can’t make it today.” 

Gu Chis’ ears turned red instantly, he had no other meaning. 

Why is my wife so flirty?

“Aren’t you guys tired of being together all the time? Let go of my baby.” Lan Qing came by and pushed Gu Chi away. 

Gu Chi had respect for this brother-in-law, he only took a glance at his brother-in-law as he laid his hands on Gu Chi’s shoulder. Then, he shifted his sight away slowly.

“Dear, listen, stop pampering him. Look at what he has become after being pampered by you.” Lan Qing started nagging like how he would every year.
“I’m willing to pamper him.”

“Dear, why are you like this? You’ve always been the pampered one in the family!” Loving brother Lan Qing protested, his baby should be pampered instead.

“Well, he pampers me a lot too.” Shi Sheng smiled as she nodded.

Gu Chi never let her do any chores at home, never forced her to do anything too.

Even in bed when she asked him to stop, Gu Chi would hold it and stop immediately. 

Lan Qing gave her a ‘there’s-no-cure-for-you’ look on his face.

Shi Sheng patted Lan Qing on the shoulder, “Brother, you should look for a partner.” 

Lan Qing was speechless. What’s wrong with being single? I’m a single royal. Hmph.

The gala started to count down.




The new year bell rang. 

“Happy new year.”

“Gu Chi, happy new year.” Shi Sheng leaned in, then kissed him on the cheek.

Gu Chi was thinking. 

What if I never met her.

What would I be doing right now?  

Being alone in a lonely room, playing a game with few players, looking at the endless sparkling fireworks by the window.

He was afraid, afraid to return to that lifestyle.

He liked the warmth she brought him.

He could now sleep at night.
But, he didn’t want to.

He was afraid that she’d be gone in the morning. 

“Ah, Gu Chi, get me my clothes.” The voice from the bathroom interrupted his line of thoughts.

The party was already over, leaving a pile of mess behind by the time he zoned back in.

He walked into the bathroom slowly, holding Shi Sheng’s clothes for her.

It was foggy inside the bathroom, which made her figure blurry. Although Gu Chi had seen it many times, his face couldn’t help but heat up. 

He passed the clothes over to Shi Sheng.

When Shi Sheng retrieved them, her fingers slid over the back of his hands. Gu Chi retracted his hands at the speed of light, leaving the bathroom quickly. 

He heard her laughing lightly behind.

Gu Chi climbed into bed, tucking himself under the sheets.

The lights went off in the room, the room was pitch-black, leaving only the fireworks outside to glow from time to time.

The bed sunk a little, she came from behind, kissing him on his neck and downwards deliberately. 

Her fingers unbuttoned his pyjamas nimbly, her hands that were still slightly wet caressed his chest.

“Shen Shen…”

“Yeah?” Shi Sheng held him close, “Don’t feel like it?” 

“I thought you… were unavailable?” 

“I lied.” 

Gu Chi reacted all of a sudden. Her menstruation is still a few days away.

Gu Chi turned over and locked Shi Sheng down beneath him, kissing her carefully as if he was treating a fragile gem. 

She was the gem in his heart, irreplaceable.

I’m willing to climb mountains and cross oceans for you, to crown you Queen.

Gu Chi.