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Shi Sheng returned to the system space and unusually, remained standing where she was.

The system was somewhat suspicious. What is the host doing?

“Close all spare channels in the system.”

[Owner?] Why would the owner appear at this time?

The system owner raised her voice, “Hurry up!”

The system immediately responded and shut down all the spare channels.


However, no one responded to it.

As all channels were closed, the owner could not contact it…

The system was panicking.

What was the host doing just now?

Shi Sheng looked at the screen with pity, “The person behind you is quite smart.” 

Thanks for the compliment, my owner is certainly smart.

The system felt a bit difficult to operate. Owner is not here, I’m in such a panic!

Well, let’s get the information first.

Name: Shi Sheng

Morality Points: -2000000 (Broke through the lower limit, congratulations for receiving a big gift)

Health: 25

Contribution Points: 31000

Mission Rank: B

Mission Points: 78

Hidden Quest: Incomplete

Hidden Quest Reward: None

Equipment: ‘Queen’s Crown’, ‘The heart of Ghost King’, ‘Dark Night’

“What do you mean by the big gift?” I can even get a big gift for breaking through the lower limit?

Didn’t you say I will be killed?

The system is a liar!

Wait, I didn’t do anything this time. Why did my morality points get deducted so much?

[Do you know how many couples broke up because of you?] She had flirted with a bunch of little girls.

“Is this my fault?”

[You’ve done PDA too often.]

Well, my fault again.

A gift appeared on the screen with a colourful light. 

Shi Sheng tapped on the screen and the gift automatically opened.

There were only two lines that appeared on the screen.

Luck value decreased by 30%.

50% postponement for the plot.

What the hell is this? System, please explain it to me.

[Host, look at your morality points, do you still expect a big gift?] The system snorted coldly.

[Congratulations, a ‘Battle Mode’ is about to start. Please don’t make any trouble again this time.]

[Host, do you need some time as a buffer?]

What? Battle Mode?

[Host, as your morality points are too low, I can’t tell anything.]

Where’s my sword?

[Initializing transmission…]


“Is she going to die?”

“Be aware of it, monsters are the most cunning.” 

Several young men in uniform robes surrounded a figure who was lying prone on the ground.

It was a lady.

Her clothes were stained with blood and she could not tell what colour it became. 

There were many bodies lying around her, all had died by her hand.

Shi Sheng was suffering from a splitting pain as if her body was being pulled by someone. 

The surrounding air was palpable, as if heavy stones were pressing down against her.

“Quick, let’s do it now.”

The voice came from her front and she could vaguely see some people rushing towards her. 

Their murderous look made her unsheath her sword subconsciously.


The iron sword blocked their weapon, sparks were splashing and making an irritating sound.

“She can still resist. Quick, help us!” They shouted at the people on the other side.

Shi Sheng exerted some force to transfer her spiritual force to the iron sword. The weapon that was originally blocking her iron sword shattered immediately. Then, the iron sword cut the opponent’s shoulder and his arm was cut into two.

Shi Sheng stood up from the ground in a stagger and stabbed the sword into his chest before he could respond. 

He widened his eyes, various emotions passed very quickly. Then, he rolled his eyes and slowly fell to the ground. 

Shi Sheng supported herself with her iron sword to stabilize her body. The others were shocked and dared not to rush towards her. 

This world is full of psychic power, it should be a cultivation world or a fantasy world.

Shi Sheng figured out quickly and looked around the place.

There were three people surrounding her and they were in the same uniform as those lying on the ground.

She was in a grove and it was probably autumn now as the ground was full of leaves. There was a disgusting smell too.

Her body seemed to have reached her limit as she had used up all her remaining psychic power, she was exhausted. 

So this is the battle meant by the system?



“Don’t panic. She was injured just now, she is just solely holding out for now. Let’s wait for a moment.”

Wait for your hell!

The iron sword suddenly became larger and Shi Sheng sat on it. Then, she flew through the air under their surprising look. 

A purple ball fell from the air and reached them before they could catch her.


The grove was bombed out into a big pit, with flashes of electric current flowing inside and the remaining bones turned into ash. 

Shi Sheng gasped on the iron sword, she did not even want to move her fingers.


Shi Sheng did not know when she fainted. When she woke up, the sky had turned dark and she was on a meadow.

Shi Sheng raised her hand and touched her cheek…


What the hell are these white paws?

Shi Sheng looked at her paws. It was furry and fluffy, the palm was pink, it was very cute.

But why am I having these white paws? Why do they grow on my hand?

Where’s my sword?


The sound of her iron sword shaking came from behind. 

Shi Sheng turned her head and saw a figure reflected on the iron sword.

What is this?

Shi Sheng tried to raise her hand. The figure on the iron sword also raised the hand. 

She lifted her feet again. The figure also lifted the feet.

No! It must be my illusion.

Yeap, Illusion.

Shi Sheng closed her eyes and took some deep breaths. Then, she opened her eyes. 

The figure reflected on the iron sword was still a snow-white ball, with a fluffy tail that almost covered its entire body and a pair of green eyes that shone like a gem.

….It’s a fox!

I’ve turned into a fox.


What the hell!

How do I change back into a human?

I’ve been a human all the while.

I want to change back into a human!

Shi Sheng who had never been a beast did not know how to transform.

She lifted her furry claws, scratched her left and right, and even cast some spells for a time, but had no effect at all. 

So, how do I change back into a human?

Please, I need the tutorial and strategy.

Shi Sheng struggled for a long time and found her body did not have any reiki. She thought about it for a moment, Perhaps, it needs reiki to change it back. 

I should absorb the reiki first, or else I will be slaughtered if someone came later.

But...how does a beast absorb reiki?

No, I should get the plot first.

Yes, this is the procedure.

I was shocked by myself turning into a beast until I forgot the normal procedure.

“Just kill them if anyone came.” Shi Sheng ordered the iron sword. 

“As long as it’s a living creature, just kill it,” she added.

The iron sword was speechless.