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The original owner was called Yu Yi. She was the beloved daughter of the fox clan’s patriarch, and was the most popular fox demon among the clan.

Being pampered by everyone, Yu Yi developed a spoiled and stubborn character.

She turned her nose up at all the guys of her clan, she only wanted to marry a powerful male demon. 

Little by little, the guys of her clan did not come to her anymore. To Yu Yi, they did not even deserve her, so she did not mind it at all. 

Until Yu Yi met the male lead.

The male lead was called Xuan Feng. He was a sealed off devil who killed a lot of people in the past, and was accidentally released by the female lead.

The female lead was a fox demon too, but she cannot transform into a human and was very unpopular among the clan.

However, since the female lead met Xuan Feng, she not only transformed into a human but also became the most beautiful fox demon among the clan. 

For a moment she became the target of the guys of the clan. But as she came together with the male lead, the other guys had no chance. 

Yu Yi was in love with the male lead, so she was certainly unhappy to see he came together with the female lead. She tried many ways to break up the two in order to keep the male lead for herself. 

But the male lead was a devil before he was sealed off, he had killed a lot more humans and monsters than Yu Yi.

As Yu Yi kept making trouble, the male lead was unhappy and attacked Yu Yi several times until she was seriously injured.

Yu Yi was so silly. The male lead treated her so badly but she still loved him deeply. 

When the male lead was being besieged by people, Yu Yi went to rescue him. But he thought the female lead was the one who saved him. He did not know Yu Yi had a serious injury and was being chased by people at the time. 

Yu Yi was hurt badly by their weapons and was unable to recover in a short while. Under the siege, she suddenly remembered a legend she heard before.

Fox demons can eat a human’s heart to become powerful.

In order to survive, Yu Yi began to eat human hearts. One was definitely not enough, so Yu Yi killed many people.

As a result, she was wanted by many sects. When she was being chased, she met the male lead and female lead. They did not save her but instead united with those people and forced her to have nowhere to go. 

Eventually, Yu Yi died under the sword of a brother. After her death, all her fur, inner pill and demon bones were taken away. 

Although the male lead eventually knew Yu Yi was the one who rescued him, he did not give her any response.

Yu Yi hated the male lead for his cruelty. She was the one who saved him but he united with those people and caused her death.

No one can accept this kind of thing. 

Finished? What about the plot? How come there’s only a memory?

[Host, your morality points are too low, the plot cannot be transmitted.]

What the hell?

There’s such a thing as transmission failed...

The system was very smart, it did not give any response.

Regardless of how much Shi Sheng asked the system, the system just kept silent.

Although the plot was not that useful to Shi Sheng, she was very unhappy with the system for withholding her things.

Shi Sheng managed the memory that she just received.

Now, it should be the time where Yu Yi rescued the male lead and was chased by the people but had not eaten the human’s heart yet.


Shi Sheng heaved a sigh.

Shi Sheng opened her eyes and saw the iron sword was cutting something down in the air.

There were already several carcasses on the ground.

Rabbits, birds…

As long as it's a living creature, it cannot escape from being cut by the sword.

Shi Sheng raised her furry claws and was stunned for a moment.

She had  a serious injury right now, it is difficult for her to transform into a human.

Shi Sheng searched through her space and found a few bottles of pills. She took it out with her paws and looked at it for a while. Eventually, she decided.

Just take it!

But these pills were meant for humans. Whether it was effective on a beast or will there be any side effects…

Shi Sheng really had no idea.

But she could not bear with such a weak body anymore.

After taking the pill, Shi Sheng absorbed the reiki using the demon’s way to let the pill become effective in her body.

When the pill became effective, Shi Sheng felt as if her body was being cut with a knife. Indeed, pills that were meant for humans were not the same as that for beasts.

Since she had taken the pill, she had to endure the pain anyhow.

The medicine’s efficacy was completely released. Shi Sheng gritted her teeth, she did not know how long the pain had lasted. 

Then, she felt a warmth in her stomach. It flowed slowly to her limbs, soothed the pains and repaired the broken veins.

The pill was indeed meant for humans as her wound repaired very slowly. Shi Sheng sat for three days.

Three days later.

There were various carcasses surrounding her. Those that were cut down by the iron sword earlier had begun to rot, releasing an unpleasant smell.

All the monsters of the place knew there was a crazy sword that would cut whenever it saw living creatures.

Shi Sheng shook her tail and transformed into a human from a little fox.

Shi Sheng touched her arms several times. After ensuring she did not have the beast’s feature anymore, she was relieved.

But before she could heave a sigh, a few silhouettes suddenly appeared in the sky. They stepped on their flying swords and landed opposite Shi Sheng. Their uniform was exactly the same as those of the other day. 

“Monster, how dare you kill my fellow brothers,” One of them pointed at Shi Sheng with his sword, “I will not let you escape today.”

Shi Sheng glanced at them calmly and sneered, “Well, humans are allowed to kill demons but demons are not allowed to resist?”

“You’re a demon, we have the right to kill you.” He answered in righteousness.

“Then, didn’t I also have the right to resist? Please don’t resist when I kill you.” 

Fuck! Look at this idiot!

It’s right for humans to kill demons, but it’s wrong when demons resist.

Are humans the best in the world? Fuck!

“Don’t talk nonsense with her. Since she was injured, let’s take this advantage to catch her and get revenge for our brothers.” 

“You’re right.”

“Everyone, let’s do it!”

Well, humans are always reasonable, they just attack whenever they fail in a debate.

Shi Sheng shook her hand and her iron sword flew from a distance into her hand.

Although she had not completely recovered yet, she was still able to kill these people.

Those who were observant immediately noticed the difference of the iron sword, the aura was extremely strong.

“Kill her!”

Under the slashes of the sword, their wailing sounds startled the birds in the distance.

The wailing sound did not last long. Shi Sheng pulled out the iron sword from someone’s chest and slowly curled her lips, “Even demons have a better skill than you. Remember, don’t choose to be a human when you are reborn.” 

“You…” The man twitched. He could only speak a word before falling down to the ground.

Shi Sheng circled around the corpses and stopped in front of a corpse that was lying prone on the ground. 

The person who pretended to be dead was so nervous, he dared not to breathe at all and kept holding his breath.

Did she discover me? Am I still able to resist?

Various thoughts flashed through his mind.

Time passed but she still stood beside him. Just as he could not hold his breath anymore, he realized her footsteps getting further.

As he was about to raise his head, something stabbed on his back.

He twitched and died.

The iron sword flew out of him automatically and shook to remove the blood that stained it. Then, it immediately caught up to the figure who had walked far away.