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Along a shady path, a young girl in a dark skirt was walking leisurely with her hand crossed on her chest.

Her hair that was tied in looked clean and tidy. She slightly curved the corners of her lips up and put on a lazy expression, looking like a handsome ruffian.

Several people followed her back and talked about her from time to time.

“Is it her?”

“The temperament is a bit different…”

“Shall we catch her first?”

“Are you kidding? She had killed so many people, it’s impossible for the few of us to catch her. I think we should go back and get more people…”

“You’re right. You follow her, I’ll go back to get more people.”

One of them left. When the others wanted to continue to follow her, the person in the dark skirt who was not far away just now had disappeared.

They immediately rushed outside the path and looked around, but they did not even see her silhouette.

They looked at each other. We have so many people here, how could she have disappeared in a blink of an eye?


A clear voice rang from the side. 

Everyone looked up at a large tree beside them at the same time, the tree was leafy and they saw nothing. 

They slowly approached the tree and looked up to it.

The girl in the dark skirt was sitting on the trunk and shaking her legs slightly. The red pattern that was embroidered on the skirt reflected the sunlight occasionally.

“Are you looking for trouble?” Shi Sheng held the trunk, looked down at those people and said with arrogance and confidence.


There was a tacit understanding among themselves. Immediately, they turned and flew to the sky with their swords.

They really have no guts!

Not even leaving a harsh word! 

Shi Sheng jumped down from the tree and was about to leave. Suddenly, those who had just left flew down from the sky and were followed by a large group of people.

Fuck! They went to get more people here.

Do they think I will be beaten so easily?

The large group of people immediately surrounded Shi Sheng with a few people left behind. Looking at their attire, they must be having a much higher identity than the others.

“Uncle Wu Chen.” 

As they landed, the others immediately bowed and greeted in respect.

Shi Sheng looked at the leading guy. He was in a green fluttering robe, his hair was tied with a jade crown, a jade pendant hanging around his waist with three bamboo leaf-shaped tassels hanging under the jade pendant.

He sneered and gazed at Shi Sheng for a moment.

“She is the fox demon who killed many brothers from the Yue Yang Sect?” 

“Yes, Uncle Wu Chen.” The person who previously followed Shi Sheng answered immediately.

“Just catch her.” Wu Chen waved his hand casually.

It seemed to him that Shi Sheng could be easily caught.

Shi Sheng narrowed her eyes slightly and the iron sword suddenly appeared in her hand. The sharp iron sword made the people around her frightened and took a step back.

Everyone was curious and kept looking at the iron sword in Shi Sheng’s hand.

What sword is this? How come it looks so powerful?

“Uncle Wu Chen...she is very powerful.”

No one dared to step forward as Shi Sheng was the fox demon who had killed so many brothers of the Yue Yang Sect. 

“All of you are scared of this little fox demon, it’s a shame for the Wan Shen Sect.” Wu Chen did not raise his tone but his words were full of sarcasm. 

The group of people bowed their heads in shame.

Wu Chen turned to Shi Sheng and said, “Little fox demon, if you go back with me obediently, I won’t hurt you. What do you think?” 

Shi Sheng shook the iron sword and snorted in arrogance, “Are you thinking that you’re the best in the world? Why don't we have a fight?” 

Little fox demon? Fuck! Your whole family is the little fox demon!

“Huh?” Wu Chen was quite surprised and there seemed to be a smile in his eyes, “Little fox demon, you’re so brave!” 

You can’t imagine how brave I am.

Shi Sheng slightly changed her posture and rushed towards Wu Chen. The iron sword passed through the air making a shudder in the air.

Wu Chen reacted very quickly. He moved to the side before the iron sword reached him, “Little fox demon, how can you give me such a sudden attack?”

“Should we have a meal before we fight?” Shi Sheng continued to attack him with the iron sword.

“It’s fine too.” Wu Chen successfully avoided Shi Sheng’s iron sword with his legs in the air.

“Since you’re quite pretty, I can keep you as a maid. What do you think, little fox demon?”

Little fox demon again!

Fuck you! Stop calling me like that!

Shi Sheng said viciously, “Since you’re so ugly, I can send you to hell so that it won’t spoil my eyes.”

“Am I ugly?” Wu Chen touched his face in surprise, “I am the most handsome guy in Wan Shen Sect.” 

“Oh, then the people of Wan Shen Sect are blind.” Shi Sheng sneered, she moved quickly to Wu Chen’s left side and aimed the iron sword at his neck.

Wu Chen seemed to have not kept an eye on it, but when the iron sword was about to reach him, he jumped up and his toes tapped lightly on Shi Sheng’s sword. 

“Little fox demon, I’m getting angry.”

“I am furious.” The iron sword turned to the other side and the blade rose upwards.

A majestic psychic power released from the iron sword. Wu Chen’s face twisted, he faced his palm outward and pushed, in collision with the reiki released by the iron sword.

The invisible airflow spread outward like an ocean wave, making the people surrounding her get knocked off by the sudden airflow.

Wu Chen was pushed to the back for a distance by the airflow.

The blood in his body flowed to his throat, he held the blood back from spitting out.  

That force just now…

He just held it for a few seconds and all his veins were shattered. 

Shi Sheng looked at the iron sword, she was stunned. She obviously did not know that her sword was so powerful.

The man was quite strong after all. She just released a little of her psychic power, but the power was doubled after it went through the iron sword.

My sword is so awesome!

I’m an upgraded iron sword, okay?

“Good job!” Shi Sheng smiled and touched the iron sword.

What an upgraded tool for me to act cool.

“Uncle Wu Chen…”

“Uncle Wu Chen, are you okay?” 

The disciples of Wan Shen Sect got up and rushed to Wu Chen’s side.

Wu Chen held the blood in his throat back, putting on a solemn look, “Let’s do the formation method.” 

After listening to his words, the disciples of Wan Shen Sect immediately moved away and surrounded Shi Sheng with three layers inside and outside of her. 

However, before their formation was activated, the person in the middle had gone.

Idiot! Will I stand there and let you guys do the formation?”

Wu Chen looked up at the girl who was sitting on the iron sword in the air, a strange emotion came out of his eyes.

Just as he was stunned, a purple light fell from the sky.

Wu Chen sensed their danger. 

“Get off!”

Everyone flew to the back at the same time.


The explosion behind them lifted their hair upright. They could feel a terrifying power chasing their back and cold sweat broke out on their back. 

Everyone was trying their best to run away from the place.