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Everyone slumped to the ground after they moved to a safer place.

Looking at the area of the dusty explosion, they could see lightning inside as thick as a finger, which moved like a tiny snake. 

They had only seen such powerful energy when someone overcame a catastrophe. The power was so great that it could ruin the world and no one could resist.

As the dust cleared away, they saw a huge pit in front of them.

The lightning was still inside the pit and the group could feel a terrible power inside them when they approached it.

“What’s this?”

Nobody answered. 

As no one could answer. 

Wu Chen stared at the big pit with a thoughtful look. Then, he raised his head slightly and saw the iron sword high up in the air and could vaguely see a figure above the iron sword.

Amusement could no longer be seen in Wu Chen’s eyes and was replaced by a solemn look.  

This little fox demon is quite interesting.

“The explosion came from here…”

“Wan Shen Sect! What are these idiots doing?”

A group of people rushed towards them. Obviously, they were those who wanted to kill Shi Sheng previously, the people of Yue Yang Sect.

Wan Shen Sect and Yue Yang Sect were enemies, they fought whenever they met.

But this time, no one from Wan Shen Sect responded to Yue Yang Sect. Everyone was looking strangely at the big pit that was in the distance. 

The disciples of Yue Yang Sect looked at the big pit. There was nothing inside but just lightning flashing from time to time.

We thought someone discovered a treasure as everyone felt the extremely powerful energy just now, and it’s actually just a big pit?

“Is it possible that the Wan Shen Sect…” Took the treasure away?

Such powerful energy, it must be someone who discovered a treasure.

The disciples of Yue Yang Sect gave the people of Wan Shen Sect an unkind look.

The two sects were enemies to one another. As they knew their enemy the best, the disciples of Wan Shen Sect immediately understood what the people of Yue Yang Sect were thinking.

“The pit was made by her.” The disciples of Wan Shen Sect pointed at Shi Sheng who was above them.

They did not want to fight with Yue Yang Sect for such an inexplicable reason.

“It’s the fox demon.” The disciples of Yue Yang Sect looked up and their faces suddenly twisted.

The fox demon who had killed many of our brothers.

“No matter how powerful she is, there’s no way for her to exert such powerful energy. Don’t try to fool us, what did you get?”

Certainly, the people of Yue Yang Sect cared more about the treasure that the Wan Shen Sect received.

The skills of the two sects were almost on a par. If the Wan Shen Sect really got a treasure, then they might become more powerful than the Yue Yang Sect.

She had killed so many disciples of the Yue Yang Sect but you still don’t believe it.

A bunch of idiots!

“Stop the nonsense, just fight for it.”

“Fuck! They’re really foolish!”

Both sides fought one another, no one cared about Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng supported her body with her sword. While looking at those people fighting below, she figured out the information about this world in her mind. 

In this world, humans and demons are enemies.

Humans are more numerous than demons in nature. Even though demons are more powerful individually, demons will still lose due to the vast number of humans.

Once they fight against a huge number of humans, they will definitely lose.

Yu Yi was a demon, both the female lead and male lead are demons too.

So, the protagonist of this world is a demon. Humans are just characters who look for trouble and are eventually killed.

The original owner died halfway, I don’t know who the villain is of this world. Perhaps, it’s difficult to find Feng Ci again.

The guy who’s named Wu Chen, I didn’t find a familiar breath on him.

He should not be Feng Ci.


When the two sects finished their fight, the sky had turned dark.

It ended with the defeat of the Yue Yang Sect.

“Where’s the little fox demon?” Wu Chen looked around.

The disciples of Wan Shen Sect did not see her. Everyone was busy fighting just now, none of them kept an eye on the little fox demon.

“Uncle Wu Chen, what did the fox demon throw just now?” Someone remembered the reason they fought with Yue Yang Sect and could not help asking.

Wu Chen glanced at the big pit, the lightning inside had disappeared. 

“I don’t know.” 

He did not see clearly what exactly she threw. 

The disciples of Wan Shen Sect were surprised. Even Uncle Wu Chen had no idea about it...

“You guys go back first.”

“Where are you going, Uncle Wu Chen?”

“I’ll go for a walk.”

Didn’t you just come back from a walk? Why are you going again?

Are you still coming back?

Forget it…

Perhaps nobody wants him back.

Wu Chen’s silhouette disappeared in the dark.

He walked instinctively and did not expect to meet the little fox demon again.

Shi Sheng squatted by the stream, someone was lying there. The person probably fainted and half of his body was in the water.

She stretched out her hand slowly, twisted her fingers and struck towards the person’s neck. 

Wu Chen moved his fingers slightly, a small stone shot out of his palm.

The girl immediately stopped, she turned her head and looked at Wu Chen’s side. 

The shimmer of moonlight on the stream reflected in her eyes into a crushed thin diamond.

However, there were no waves in her eyes. The sparkling light seemed to be frozen in her eyes.

Wu Chen walked out of the darkness, stepped over the stream and stopped somewhere near her. 

He looked at the person she was about to kill just now. His face was blocked by his hair, he could not see clearly. 

“Why did you kill him?”

“I like it, I don't need a reason.” Shi Sheng sneered.

Then, she took up the iron sword beside her and stabbed at Wu Chen. 


The iron sword was blocked by a long sword glowing with blue light. Wu Chen moved her sword away and said, “Little fox demon, there’s no way for you to kill someone in front of me.”

Shi Sheng was furious, “Are you blind? Is he human?” 


I’m mad as hell!

I got to kill him.

The iron sword turned and stabbed at Wu Chen when he was still thinking about her words. 

Without any signal.

Wu Chen just escaped the sword and did not resist, he had no strength to resist indeed.

After Shi Sheng stabbed at him twice, she suddenly stopped and rushed back to the stream.

The person who was lying by the stream just now disappeared.

Fuck! Idiot!

Wu Chen was confused and followed her back to the stream, “Little fox demon…”

The next second, the iron sword was out of control and kept stabbing him.  

Wu Chen was a little overwhelmed. How come this little fox demon is so violent?

Wu Chen decided to leave first.

He quickly reached out a transmit spell. Then, a white light flashed and Shi Sheng’s sword fell off. 


What? So powerful?

You escaped this time, but this won’t happen next time.

Shi Sheng propped up her sword and looked at the stream.

Just a moment ago, she could kill the male lead.

Yes, the unconscious guy was the male lead. He was lying there when she found him.

He was about to die.

She just had to clutch his neck with a little strength and he would die.

But Wu Chen came at that time and the male lead ran away eventually.

Shi Sheng was mad as hell. 

Wu Chen and Wan Shen Sect, let’s wait and see!