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Wan Shen Sect.

Wu Chen was in a hall and many people were looking at him. 

“Master and fellow brothers.” Wu Chen bowed and greeted them respectfully.

The master was in his seat. He had a slightly pointed face with a goatee and looked mean.

The master put on a sombre face, “Brother Wu Chen, you’re getting unruly these days.”

Wu Chen touched his wrinkled clothes, “Master, I had no choice, I was chased by people.” 

“Ha, how can Brother Wu Chen be chased by people? Don’t you claim to be the best among Wan Shen Sect?” A plump brother mocked. 

Wu Chen refuted him easily, “I’m the best among Wan Shen Sect but not the best in the world.”

The master waved his hand signaling the others to be quiet and asked Wu Chen, “What trouble did you make outside?”  

“Nothing, just a little fox demon. She was attracted by my look and wanted to marry me. I rejected her but she insisted. Master, you know, I am always tender to girls. How can I fight with a lady?”

Wu Chen immediately passed on his fault to Shi Sheng.

He did not know he will be paying for his nonsense in the near future. 

“Demons nowadays are so defiant. Master, they would become more aggressive if they knew Xuan Feng was rescued. Our mission right now is to catch Xuan Feng.”

The topic went serious somehow.

“But we can’t even get the trace of Xuan Feng now. The people of Yue Yang Sect found him once. As they were about to catch him, a demon suddenly appeared and rescued him. Now, nobody knows the whereabouts of Xuan Feng.”

Wu Chen noticed these people no longer focused on him, he immediately went back to his seat.

Wu Chen did not listen to their discussion. He was thinking about the little fox demon who liked to stab with her sword whenever she was angry.



“Uncle Wu Chen, Uncle Wu Chen…”

A disciple puffed up the mountain. 

Wu Chen laid on a rocking chair under some vines and was awakened by the noise.

He opened his eyes slightly and looked at the disciple, “Why do you shout so loud? I can hear you.”

The disciple looked anxious, “Uncle Wu Chen, master asked you to go to the mountain gate.”

Wu Chen was confused, “Going there in this early morning for what?”

“A...a fox demon is looking for you...and she hurt Uncle Wu Hen.”

Fox demon?

The little fox demon? Wu Chen blinked. 

When the disciple went to take a look again, there was only a rocking chair shaking slightly under the vines, the guy had disappeared.

As Wu Chen arrived at the mountain gate, the place was already occupied by the disciples. He squeezed out of the crowd.

The girl in the dark skirt was stepping on a person arrogantly. The person happened to be Uncle Wu Hen, the one who was always against Wu Chen. 

Wu Chen reached the master and looked at Shi Sheng flippantly, “Little fox demon, are you looking for me?”

“Yes, I’m looking for you.” Shi Sheng grinned.

But the smile seemed spooky.

Shi Sheng gritted her teeth, “I heard you said that I want to marry you?”

Wu Chen looked at the master, who turned over to look at Wu Hen.

Wu Hen thought, Is anything wrong? 

Can you guys rescue me first?

“I didn’t say that.” Wu Chen denied.

“Miss Yu Yi, we can talk about it calmly. Please let go of Brother Wu Hen first.”

“We have nothing to talk about. I will let go of him as long as you give him to me.” Shi Sheng pointed at Wu Chen with her chin.


“Master, Brother Wu Chen should pay for his own trouble. How could he get me into trouble?” Wu Hen was angry and reddened his eyes. 

Because of this trouble-maker, I was shamed in front of so many disciples.

The master looked at Wu Chen with embarrassment and negotiated with Shi Sheng in patience, “Miss Yu Yi, may I know how Brother Wu Chen offended you?”

This fox demon was much more difficult to deal with than the demons they met in the past. 

She was so unusual and had great skills. 

Especially her sword…

“He had offended me so much, I can’t explain in a sentence. Give him to me, or else I will kill him. I count in three.”




Shi Sheng exerted a little force on her iron sword and stabbed into Wu Hen’s chest.

Everyone thought she was just threatening them. But as they saw she stabbed the iron sword into Wu Hen’s chest without hesitation, their faces twisted.

“Master, Master!” Wu Hen felt pain. He did not care about his image anymore and shouted at the master for help.

“Master, we have so many people, why should we be afraid of this demon? Let’s kill her.”

“Master, he’s right. Let’s kill her.”

The master did not answer them, he raised his voice at Shi Sheng, “Miss Yu Yi, stop it!”

“Master, don’t be embarrassed. I will go with her to save Brother Wu Hen.” Wu Chen smiled at the master and walked to Shi Sheng’s side. 

“Little fox demon, can you let go of my brother now?”

Shi Sheng reached a porcelain bottle out of her sleeve and handed it to Wu Chen, “Take it.”

“Little fox demon...what’s this?” Wu Chen looked at the porcelain bottle curiously.

“Just take it, stop talking nonsense.” Shi Sheng glared at him fiercely.

If this guy didn’t appear at that time, even if I couldn’t kill the male lead, I could also make him severely crippled.

“Brother Wu Chen…”

Wu Chen took the porcelain bottle, poured out a black pill and swallowed it. 

The pill immediately melted in his mouth. It was a bit cold and flowed along his throat into his oesophagus. 

There was no strange feeling.

Shi Sheng moved her feet away from Wu Hen and pulled her iron sword out. 

Then, she stepped on the iron sword with Wu Chen, flew to the air and disappeared in front of them. 

Wu Hen stood up and held his chest, thankfully Shi Sheng did not stab deeply.

“Master, Brother Wu Chen…”

“It’s his own sin, nothing to do with us.” The embarrassed look on the master’s face had gone and was replaced by a cold face.

Everyone looked at each other.

Wu Chen had made a lot of trouble for the Wan Shen Sect these years, but the master could not find a chance to get rid of him. Now, it was time. 


Wu Chen found that he could not exert the psychic power in his body. It was still there, but could not be exerted.

He sat cross-legged on the iron sword, looking at the shadow passing below leisurely as if having a vacation, “Little fox demon, where are you taking me? Are we eloping?” 

Shi Sheng leered at him, she did not answer.

The scheming system showed a hint for the hidden task and the hint happened to be Wu Chen. 

In other words, the hint was just a prerequisite and the hidden task had not been triggered yet.

Shi Sheng moved her eyes and suddenly approached Wu Chen. She reached for his wrist and a majestic psychic power went into his body.

Immediately, a tingling sensation spread across Wu Chen’s body and he looked to be in pain.

As he was unable to exert his psychic power, he could not resist and had to endure the pain.