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Not him.

Shi Sheng let go of Wu Chen.

Feng Ci would not have such great resistance to my psychic power.

Then might as well stab him a few times first.

Wu Chen was just about to be relieved, but then saw the girl on the other side holding a long sword and was going to stab him.

“Little fox demon, wait!” Wu Chen quickly shouted. This little fox demon is too violent!

But Shi Sheng did not wait for him to speak, she stabbed the long sword towards him without hesitation.

Wu Chen leaned backwards and fell out of the iron sword’s path towards the ground. 

Underneath the iron sword was a forest, Wu Chen fell directly into the lush canopy and smashed to the ground. 

Wu Chen was dizzy.

He climbed up from the ground in a stagger and saw a pair of dark golden pupils that was as big as fists.

A golden tiger was a step away from him and was looking at him. 

Wu Chen froze. One of his legs was kneeling on the ground, the posture was rather weird. 

“Roar!” The tiger growled suddenly and curved its back slightly. 

It was a signal of attack.

Wu Chen slowly reached out for the jade pendant at his waist.

Just as he touched the jade pendant, the tiger twitched its tail and howled. Then, it jumped to the bushes next to it and disappeared. 

“You can’t even beat a tiger now. Are you sure you want to run?” A voice came from his back.

“You were going to stab me just now. I will die if I don't run.” Wu Chen could not help complaining.

“I won’t stab you to death.” After all, you’re still useful.

Wu Chen thought he was annoying all the while, but today he realized that he was not that annoying actually.

And this is more interesting.

Wu Chen turned his head and looked at the canopy behind, “What do you want?”

Shi Sheng jumped off the tree, walked to Wu Chen and crouched down, “Help me to kill a person...No, a demon.”


Shi Sheng smiled slightly, “Xuan Feng.”

“...Xuan Feng?” Is it the one I knew?”

“Yes, it’s him. After you kill him, the enmity between us can be written off. Deal?” Shi Sheng induced him.

“What happened between us?” 

Wu Chen did not understand. We only fought once and I stopped her from killing someone after that, but how can this become a hatred between us?

She even came to Wan Shen Sect to look for me. Is she falling in love with me?

“Little fox demon, are you falling in love with me?” Wu Chen put on an amused smile, “If you really fall in love with me, I can try to accept you.”

Shi Sheng gave him a slap, “You’re dreaming. You only have two choices, either you die or you help me to kill Xuan Feng.” 

“Hey, keep your hands off me. I’ll kill him. He’s a demon anyhow and killing demons is justified.” 

Wu Chen probably realized his words were inappropriate and added, “Of course, I won’t kill such a pretty demon like you.” 

Shi Sheng curled her lips, “They’re wise to give up on you.” 

Wu Chen knew Shi Sheng was talking about the people of Wan Shen Sect. He stroked his hair nonchalantly, “Gold always shines, they will regret it one day.” 

Shi Sheng satirized, “But gold will end up being melted.”

“Little fox demon, please be nice to me, if not, I won’t help you to kill Xuan Feng.” 

Wu Chen raised his eyebrows, his eyes shone brightly, “Your skills are not bad, it wouldn’t be too difficult to kill Xuan Feng. But you asked for my help...what does this mean?” 

She has the powerful iron sword, how can she be afraid of Xuan Feng?

Shi Sheng narrowed her eyes and waited for Wu Chen to continue his words.

Wu Chen dragged a long note, “This means that….either you can’t kill Xuan Feng or you don’t dare to kill Xuan Feng. Little fox demon, am I right?”


“So, if you need my help, please be nice to me.”

“Be nice to you…”


“...Fuck! How dare you threaten me? How can you be so confident? Am I being nice to you now?”

Wu Chen was beaten up and dared not to threaten Shi Sheng again.

This little fox demon is really different from ordinary people.


“Hey, little fox demon, please give me the antidote so that I can kill Xuan Feng.” Wu Chen walked breathlessly, he was so weak without his psychic power.

The girl who walked at the front stopped. She turned her head back and gave him a smile.

“I will give you by then.”

Wu Chen did not give up, “What if we suddenly meet him? It will be too late, right?”


Wu Chen tried to get the antidote but in vain.

They walked out of the forest and entered a populated road.

“Little fox demon, I’m so thirsty. Let’s take a break.” Wu Chen pointed at a tea shed in front.

He did not care whether Shi Sheng was following and went straight to the place.

Shi Sheng followed him slowly.

Food was sold in the tea shed too. Wu Chen had been eating wild fruits for the past few days, he was extremely hungry.

“Little fox demon…”

Shi Sheng glared at him coldly, Wu Chen immediately corrected, “Xiao Yi.”

Shi Sheng continued to drink her porridge.

Wu Chen glanced at the bowl. Demons also drink porridge?

This is the first time I saw this. 

The demons that he had seen before ate either human or raw meat, he had never seen such a demon who was drinking porridge. 

Wu Chen was curious, “Xiao Yi, why did Yue Yang Sect’s people want to kill you previously?”

“They got rabies.”

What does that mean? Is it related to my question?

“What do you want?”

A girl’s cry came from the side. As it was nearby the city, there were many people on the roads. The cry immediately got the attention of everyone.

Several men were catching a girl.

The girl was the daughter of the store’s owner. The store’s owner stood next to them and was pulling them in fear, it was obviously in vain.

Shi Sheng glanced over there and continued to drink the porridge.

After following her for some time, Wu Chen found that the little fox demon was confident and arrogant in whatever she did.

She was always putting on an arrogant and defiant look.

But she never looked down upon anyone. As long as the person had no conflict with her, when people gave her a smile, she would smile back at them. 

If someone was kind to her, she would treat the person back with ten times of kindness when she was in a good mood.

But sometimes, like now, she was indifferent and cold.

There was no righteousness in her, she had her own rules.

But unfortunately, he did not know her rules.

What a strange little fox demon.

Wu Chen was getting more interested in Shi Sheng.