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Wu Chen did not plan to be a busybody, but they came to Shi Sheng when the girl was struggling with a group of people.

The men found Shi Sheng to be prettier than the girl and suddenly got malicious.

Although Wu Chen lost his psychic power, he was still able to deal with ordinary people.

After the group of people were forced to flee, the girl wept and thanked Wu Chen.

She even promised to marry him.

Shi Sheng glanced at him sarcastically. Then, she put some sliver on the table, got up, and left.

Wu Chen was near the point of breakdown. 

“I only lifted a finger, you don’t have to thank me. Bye.” Wu Chen pushed the girl away and ran to catch up to Shi Sheng.

The two walked towards the city in silence.

“You…” Just as they were about to enter the city, Wu Chen could not help asking, “How did you know there will be trouble?” 

Before she helped, she seemed to know who would cause trouble and who would not.

Thinking it over, no one bothered her along the way when she helped them.

Shi Sheng looked at the crowd who came to-and-fro, “The more you experience, the more you will know.”

Wu Chen frowned. He had dealt with quite a lot of people, but it was still difficult for him to recognize malicious people with a glance. 

After all, humans were the most fickle.

As a human, I can’t read a human's mind. How can a demon like her read the human mind?

Wu Chen did not know that Shi Sheng was malicious when she encountered a person. She would first speculate about the person, and would then find the person was not the same as she thought. She certainly could read their minds better than him.

“The girl kept looking at you when she was being molested. She saw you had no response and led those people to me.” Shi Sheng patted Wu Chen’s shoulder and said proudly, “Young man, don’t be such a narcissist, read more books!” 

Wu Chen was speechless.


Shi Sheng did not know where Xuan Feng was, she could only follow the plot in the original owner’s memory and waited for him to appear.

This city was the place where Xuan Feng and the female lead united with the people of Yue Yang Sect and forced the original owner to nowhere.

“Xiao Yi…” Wu Chen pushed the door and got in.

Shi Sheng opened her slightly closed eyes and saw Wu Chen was portraying a somewhat dignified look.

He came to her in a few steps, “Have you gone outside recently?”  

Since they entered the city, she had been staying in this inn. She was doing nothing but just sleeping and practising.

Shi Sheng sat up and asked calmly, “What happened?”

Wu Chen glanced at her and said, “Someone in the city removed a human’s heart.”

Fox demons always aim for human hearts.

“Are you suspecting me?” Shi Sheng leered at Wu Chen in calm.

I didn’t do it, but someone did. No, some foxes did it.

In other words, the plot will never change.

Shi Sheng seemed to be placed in a malicious plot.

Unknown duration. Unknown role. Unknown consequences.

What the hell!

“...I’m just asking.” Wu Chen looked away.

Shi Sheng closed her eyes again and laid down, “Your life is in my hands and you can still care about others. You’re so kind.” 

Wu Chen was stunned. She is so arrogant.

On second thought, it should not be her.

The little fox demon had never secretly killed someone, this was not her style.

It was said that the incident was done by a fox demon. The chief of the city sent someone to invite the people of Yue Yang Sect to catch the demon.

After the people of Yue Yang Sect came, no one died anymore. 

But as soon as the people of Yue Yang Sect left, several people died after one another.

Every house in the city closed their door tight at night, everyone was afraid that the fox demon would go to their house.

Shi Sheng leaned against the window, looking at the silent and distant place in a vague smile.

“Little fox demon, do you know who did it?”

“I know.”

“Who?” Wu Chen’s eyes lit up.

“Why should I tell you?” Shi Sheng raised her eyebrow.

We’ve been living together for so long, don’t you have a little love for me?

“I didn’t know you to be a busybody.”

Wu Chen shrugged his shoulders, “In our practice, we are to attain a certain amount of merit in order to avoid being struck by lightning when we die.” 

Shi Sheng curled her lips, “Who told you that?”

No wonder he would help others even though he is unwilling to do so.

Did heaven allow them to do so?

“My master. If I can find the murderer, this will be a great merit.”

“Good luck.” Shi Sheng went back to her room.

Wu Chen followed her, “Little fox demon, please help.”

“Are you asking me to help you to catch fox demons?” Shi Sheng pointed at herself, “Do you think I’m an idiot?”

She was right, Wu Chen had nothing to say.

She was a fox demon too. 

Shi Sheng did not want to help, Wu Chen could only do it by himself. His psychic power was still there so he could sense the whereabouts of demons. But he wandered around the city for days and did not find any demons. 

He could not even sense Shi Sheng.

There were people dying every few days. Even if the people of Yue Yang Sect were here, the fox demon still dared to commit the crime.



There was a crack in the window and a black shadow came in from the window.

The moment it landed, it turned into a man.

He looked around the room for a moment and walked towards the bed.

As he was about to reach the bed, an iron sword was on his neck.

“I thought it was my illusion, I didn’t expect to meet a demon.” The man’s tone was weird and creepy.

“Why didn't you go and remove a human’s heart but instead, came here.”  Shi Sheng sneered, “Are you going to take my heart? Can you afford it?”

If the voice of the man sounded creepy, then Shi Sheng’s voice was spooky and full of malice. 

The man sensed something bad. He was silent for a few seconds and answered in a calm tone.

“We’re both demons anyway. I’m just greeting you, why are you so nervous?”

“Why do you think I’m nervous?”

“If you’re not nervous, why do you threaten me with your sword?”

“Payback for entering my room without my permission.”

“Xiao Yi, who are you talking to?” Wu Chen’s voice suddenly rang outside the door.

The room was in silence.

Wu Chen did not hear any response for a long time and knocked twice, “Xiao Yi, I’m coming in.”


While the door was opened, the man turned into its original figure and quickly rushed out of the window and disappeared in the dark.

Wu Chen could only see a black shadow flashed in front of him and a breeze blew his cheeks and brought him a subtle aura of a demon spirit.

Wu Chen sensed something.

He looked around and saw Shi Sheng stood in the room with her back facing him and was holding the iron sword.

“Xiao Yi, just now...” Why can I sense a demon spirit? Could it be the murderer?

“The murderer that you’re looking for.” Shi Sheng kept her iron sword back to her space and answered lightly. She walked to her bed, “Remember to close the door when you’re out. Thank you.”

The murderer had come to you, how can you be so calm?